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First day in office? Here’s how to win over everyone

First day at office might scare the hell out of a number of freshers; but regardless of all the fuss about ‘the-first-day’ it is the best way to make a good impression at work. Starting off at the correct wavelength will give you an edge over all your peer and superiors. First impression is what lets people form that initial image of yours which is carried all the way through the latter days of your worklife. It is better not to freak out because of excitement or nervousness, remain calm. It can be a little confusing as to where to start from but with confidence all your shortcomings will be won over.

In order to tackle this nerve-racking fist day when you are anxious to meet new people and get your hands on works, do a few preparations beforehand-

“·Swear to be on time- Make it a point to be on time, come what may. Getting late to work on the first day is the worst that can happen. Everybody is expected to be on time and freshers are particularly marked on this criterion. It reflects your sense on discipline and punctuality. Set out before the expected time and arrive a little early than anticipated.

“·    Dress up properly- Dressing up too formally and making it appear that you are greatly serious about the job will look awkward. Make it a point to dress up neatly and just appropriately. If you are confused then ask your manager beforehand about the kind of attire that is acceptable at the office.

“·Keep everything prepared beforehand- Keep your important documents and other vital papers ready a day before your first day at office. Do avoid forgetting any important detail which you might need at work.

After you have got yourself adequately prepared for the first day at work, here are some tips that will guide you through the real action at work-

“·        Be professional and wear a smile- do not be overexcited about your joining, but do show that you are happy to be at work. Maintain a friendly demeanour and greet everyone when you reach office. Being polite and frank will get you noticed amongst your peers. Do not overdo frankness by being unprofessional and too personal on the first day.

“·Introduce yourself with confidence- Do not hesitate in introducing yourself to your team.  This will leave a very good impression if you convey your thoughts easily and freely to your co-workers. Everyone will get to know you better if you introduce yourself with confidence and self-belief.

“·Prepare yourself about some questions- Do study about the company which you are about to join as there might be seniors who can ask you questions about your work. Do a little research about the organisation which you are about to join. Plus, keep your ears open when others are talking. People might ask you to explain something they just said!

Be confident and trust yourself. Everybody has the first day at work, so it is not a very big deal to be anxious or nervous. Your work will ultimately speak for itself anyway!

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