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Do’s and Don’ts of a Job Interview

If you are seeking a job and are all set to appear for an interview, here is some piece of advice worth lending an ear to. There are a number of factors which might lend you a hand in making your interview a success. Most of the interviewers try to extract more or less the same elements out of the candidates; the most important being sincerity and genuineness.

Here are some Do’s for a job interview that must be kept in mind before proceeding:

“·First and the most basic element that must be kept in mind before appearing for a job interview is your appearance. Dressing up properly for the interview leaves a pleasant impression on the committee. Your dressing should reflect how seriously you are taking the interview. Personal grooming and cleanliness leave a very nice impact on the panel which will be interviewing you.

  • Arriving on time for the interview is greatly important. Setting early from your location will allow you to avoid chances of getting late.
  • Do a proper research about the post for which you are applying as well as about the kind of work you will be expected to do. There are certain questions that are common for all job interviews. Such questions should be practiced well; but shouldn’t be mugged up to give the impression of foolery!
  • Maintain a proper eye-contact during the interview. Make it sure to maintain your body language so as to reflect positivity and as an assurance of being chosen as a good choice for the post. A good handshake affirms a cordial behaviour.
  • Always carry all your required documents and paper-work. Completely avoid forgetting important papers and verification documents. Such a thing would count as a blunder!
  • Be confident. Elucidate your achievements and talents in a manner that it appears genuine and trustworthy. Take your time to answer the questions that are asked. Answer the questions honestly but smartly!

Dont’s for a job interview:
“·Make it a point not to arrive stressed for the interview. If it is an important interview, completely avoid getting involved in heated discussions at your home or falling trap to over-thinking. Try relaxing yourself and stay positive.

  • Do not practice your answers to the extent of making them appear mugged up!
  • Do not fidget, yawn or sit in a slouched manner while you are giving the interview. Your body language clearly represents your attitude. Do not tap your fingers on the desk or lean too much.
  • Do not try to present yourself as perfect! It is not wise to appear too insinuating in front of the panel which is interviewing you.
  • Do not give out any negative information about yourself in order to appear as very humble and grounded until and unless asked so.
  • Do not try to project yourself as extremely desperate for the job. Act as if you are interested but not to the extent of dying for the job!

Summing up together all the Do’s and Don’ts it is essential to keep in mind that the best way to proceed with a job interview is to keep your profile genuine and to speak with an air of confidence around you!

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