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How to use LinkedIn to grab a Job

LinkedIn is an indispensable tool for carving out an outstanding career more than searching for a job. For every job seeker and aspiring student, LinkedIn has provided a significant platform to grab profile-centric jobs. The colossal amount of records in the massive LinkedIn database helps in the job search planning and strategy.

There are several ways to use LinkedIn for an effective job search.

“·Making the Headline Count

It has been correctly quoted that first impression is the last impression. The LinkedIn headline along with the name of the job seeker is the only clue that any manager can see before deciding whether to go through the profile or not. The headline is just like an online brand. Therefore, the headline should be of prime importance and be eye-catchy.

“·Effective and Attractive Profile

Having a profile with essential ingredients has more than 70% weightage. A profile photo with a professional look plays a significant role. The profile should clearly highlight the projects undertaken and the years of experience if any. The profile should also reveal the person’s involvement in developing projects.

“·Make it Easy for the Recruiter to Find You

Recruiters make a straightforward search based on their requirements to find the most impeccable individuals matching their criteria. Therefore, it is required to make it effortless for them. There should not be any redundant or extraneous details in an individual’s profile.

“·Mentioning and Handpicking the Key Skills

One should clearly mention the right skills and be specific about them. The skills should clearly endorse the person’s credibility for the job. The key skills include person’s dexterity in a particular domain. The individual can also mention about his/her experience in certain fields.

“·Recommendations of Executives and Managers

A reference from a manager or executive of a top company does wonders to the profile of the job seeker. A recommendation for a particular profile reinforces the suitability and deservedness of the job.

“·Pursuit for Dream Companies

Everybody wants to pursue his/her ambition to associate themselves with their dream companies. There are millions of organization pages on LinkedIn. One should be well-versed with the profile of the company he/she aspires to be related with.

“·Building Networks

The LinkedIn profile of any potential individual should have hundreds of people from the same genre of work. If building an effective profile has 70% weightage, networks contribute to 25% additional benefits. A network should have the top executives of the previous company, renowned personalities and acquaintances etc.

“·Bank on Opportunities

One of the supreme features of LinkedIn is Groups. They complete the remaining 5% to a LinkedIn profile. It is advised to join various technical and job search groups. Groups help the individuals to get answers to their queries, participate in several discussions and share interesting articles that can enhance the career goals.

LinkedIn is a hub of business knowledge and information. The LinkedIn profile should not be exaggerating or flattering. Companies make a clear mention and search for an ideal candidate based on their requirements. It is recommended to update the profile at regular intervals. Candidates are advised to drop an email to the concerned HR if they see a matching job offer. For building an exceptional profile, it is advocated to browse through the profile of professionals who have achieved rare feats and reached certain milestones.

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