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10 jobs that require you to be physically fit

Apart from nine to five office jobs that test your patience and mental fitness, there is a plethora of jobs that need you to be physically fit as well! Physical fitness gives you the power to tackle stress, handle work and to keep your energy levels high. There are careers that test the power of your muscles and expect you to come into the outdoor arena. For jobs that need you to be physically fit you’ll have to get your hands dirty and increase your performance at work. Thus it is essential to maintain good health in order to be efficient in the work you choose to do. There are some very prominent jobs that need you to be physically fit and healthy. Such careers will expose you to a range of outdoor conditions and will require you to possess great amount of stamina, strength and vigour.

Some of these careers are given below-

1.Sports- Sports require you to undertake a rigorous daily schedule that involves lots of practice, workouts and physical toil. If you choose to opt for a career that is related to sports, your diet pattern and daily schedule must be in sync with complete fitness. A career in sports will make you sweat and pant in addition to exposing you to all kinds of harsh conditions and round-the-clock practice. Being a novice, you’ll need to completely push yourself into the sport

2.Travel Guide- Being a travel guide will involve a lot of travel on your part. This career involves going to various new places every day and meet new people across the world. Someone who is physically sound and fit can only take such a job that requires you to be on the go at every moment. Most of the tourist guides are self employed and manage their tours on their own.

3.Physical guide- Trainers guide and help others in getting fit. If you want to be someone who guides others to be physically fit and healthy, first you’ll need to be fit yourself. As a fitness guide you’ll need to don a strict healthy lifestyle.

4.Military- Military services require you to be perfectly fit and to have great levels of coordination and balance. Military personals are required to undergo fitness tests on a periodic basis to ensure complete fitness.

5.Fire Fighter- Fire Fighters have to work under massive pressure and have to deal with situations where physical stamina is greatly required. Gruelling tasks of rescue need aerobic fitness and an agile body.

6.Dance Teacher- Dance requires skill as well as strength. Dance is an art that needs full coordination of the body and mind to present a gracious move. Cardiovascular endurance is tested while dancing.

7.Construction Work- If you are involved in building work, you’ll need great stamina and strength to do on-field work. Construction related jobs need employees to be ready for all sorts of situations at all times.

8.Sales Associates- People who are involved in this trade have to walk and talk for long durations. Brokers and sales agents have jobs that require them to be on the go at all times. They have to be active, enthusiastic and should also have excellent communication skills.

9.Gym Trainer- Gyms are a place where you really need to put off your lazyness and work hard. Gym trainers are themselves expected to be enthusiastic and fit so that they inspire others to work out without lag.

Travel Show Host- If you have been fortunate enough to land the job of a travel show guide, you’ll really need to maintain good health. Since a lot of new places need to be discovered and a strict schedule has to be followed, travel show hosts

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