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Faight and Look at the Other Guy
March 6, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

In America the word Faight is spelled ‘Fart’.   It means the passage of gas from your nether regions.

When you are a little kid and don’t have much control, sometimes it just ‘happens’.   If it happens with other kids around, you get embarrassed.

You learn, pretty quickly, that if you should pass gas in class, immediately turn to look at the person next to you.  Everyone who turns around to see ‘who did it’ will look at the ‘other guy’, not at you.

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There are other names for this kind of diversion.  That is to remove pressure from yourself and cast it on to someone else.

Donald Trump has had a pretty good grasp of this.  He knows how to blame others.

He usually picks the weakest link, and claims that this is the reason.  That there is no proof, no reason, sometimes no connection, doesn’t matter.

Just like the kid looking at the kid next to her, as the stink of the fart wafts through the classroom, the ‘assumption’ is that there is the culprit.

Trump, whom we all know, (via his ‘team’)  was in contact with the Russians before the election, has, to muddy the waters, claimed that Barack Obama tapped his phone.

Why do that?

Barack Obama is not President.  He’s gone where he’s gone.    But Trump, coward and liar that he is, wants to make it seem that the F.B.I. should turn its attentions to a time in 2016, when the world is very worried about 2017.

How much effect did Russia have on the Elections?

Was it just friendship, or was it more than that?  Did Russia interfere in the American Elections, or were people just naturally stupid?

Fortunately, not everyone has jettisoned their brains and become a Trump toe cleaner, so the F.B.I has declined to investigate this unsubstantiated claim.

It is not that Trump can prove anything that falls out of his big mouth.  He just says what comes to mind and figures everyone has to believe it.

I am sure when he was at school he farted every day and looked at the kid next to him.

    1. Trump has always been true to his character even before he became US president. His flaws was always there to see for anyone who bothered to pay attention. For Trump it was “ME,ME,ME First!” During the presidential campaign he use “bait and switch” tactics promising the electorate things he had no intention to fulfill. Unfortunately for him the general public is getting tired of his childish antics and Trump’s credibility continues to erode. He’s like the boy who cried “wolf”.

      • He is a spoiled brat who cares for no one but his pocket. The people who voted for him still try to support him, despite his childishness, and stupidity.

    2. I think, Trump has really been like that indeed since he was a child. And being rich, he doesn’t accept that he commits mistakes, but others committed it.

      It’s sad that America has chosen a president who only knows how to make some escapes for the failures he is now making in his governance of the country.

      But I hope, the people will unite and he will have a change of heart and hear what the majority wants to improve the country and work together for the good of the country.

      • No, I think those people who supported him are so stupid they will follow him off the cliff. I don’t see anything positive coming out of his presidency.

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