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It Can’t Happen To Me!
March 20, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

Of all the famous ‘last words’ the title of this article is probably in the top three.   The idea that certain things can’t happen to you is putting out a welcome mat for those very things.

Intelligent people, those with common sense, never utter those words.   They know that they can not control the possibilities so see something happen and take the warning.

Right now, there are a number of what I call ‘Trumpies’.   These are NOT white American men.  If they were, they could utter these words with certainty.  If you are a white man, if you are a Christian, if you were born in America, you can sit back and watch deportations and immigration restrictions, and police excesses, and various hate crimes, and eat your pop corn, (or chew your tobacco) and say; “It Can’t Happen to Me!”

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If you are not a white American Man, then don’t say it.

I have a friend, a Black Jamaican, who is in America on a Work Visa.   Maybe he’ll try to take citizenship.  Maybe he won’t.   But right now,  for him to think those words, proves he is not very intelligent.

Firstly, he is taking a job that a white American man can fill.  Maybe the white American man is not as stellar, but if he’s good enough, why should America give the job to a foreigner?

Secondly, he is Black, meaning that with racists in the Administration of the White House, Black Lives Don’t matter.  If he is shot and killed, mistaken for a bank robber, it won’t make headlines.  No longer do the murders of Black men, unarmed black men, by white police, armed white police, make headlines.   You’d have to do a search and only find that 219 have been killed since January 2017.    Many do not have their race admitted.

Thirdly, if he’s lynched by some unknown people because he is black, there won’t be much of an investigation.

Yet, he like the loud mouthed Syrian woman who was and probably still is a Trump supporter, (this is the woman whose relatives were returned to Syria under the immigration ban) he will not think that what happened to her, can happen to him.   That if he returns to Jamaica for any reason, he might not be allowed back into America.

Too many people don’t see the encroaching dangers.  They don’t realise that right now, if they are not White Male Americans they are at risk.

Yet, I suppose, it will not be until my friend feels the Trumping that he’ll realise it Can Happen To Him.

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