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Daily NBA results (Oklahoma vs Rockets)
April 24, 2017

Daily NBA results and fixtures

Okay already two teams that qualified for the 1/4 finals are known. Those teams are the leaders of the Eastern and Western Conference. Ladies and gentlemen, Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers both pulled out a remarkable result with devastating 4:0 in games against their opponents (GSW 4:0 Portland Trail Brazers) and Cleveland 4:0 Indiana Pacers. They won all 4 games with little, to not at all effort.

Anyways today I believe I already posted about the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs game, which finished as a victory for the Grizzlies in the extra time, so I will skip that as re-posting is not allowed.

The great rivalry match today that just finished some minutes ago, Game 4 between Houston Rockets and Oklahoma Thunder City, finished with an extra-time victory for the away team – Houston Rockets. This game today was exceptionally good and was no close to the other games because two strong teams faced each other, and this was very hard match for both of these teams. Plus let’s admit it, both of the candidates for MVP award this year faced each other, so every NBA fan went out of their minds.

Unfortunately for Oklahoma City Thunders, the Rockets just had little more luck this time as they won in the extra time, which was little sad for the Thunders that fought hard in the regular time, the past 4 quarters. But honestly the Thunders are too dependent on Russell Westbrook, I am saying my opinion again. It’s clear that without Westbrook they would not even win one game, because in every goddamn game, Westbrook takes over 50 shots which proves that they really are one man standing team. I really believe that if there were at least 2 more guys like Westbrook in the team, their success would have no boundaries and they could be a serious threat for the other teams in the TITLE race.

By the way, Russel Westbrook scored 32 points today, which is interesting because James Harden scored only 16 points today, fewer points than Westbrook by double.

However the Houstons still managed to win and in this Game 4 they are leading 3:1, only one match obstacle is on their way ahead and if they manage to win the next match they will qualify for the 1/4 finals.

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