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My predictions for UEFA Champions league
April 16, 2017

As I’m male and don’t have anything else to write here, I’ll pester you about my incoming future sports predictions.



On Tuesday, we have the big rematch of the semi-final, where two gigantic teams Bayern Munich and Real Madrid will encounter and measure forces. Those that follow soccer, know that the first match at Allianz Arena finished with 1-2 for the away team (Real Madrid.) I’ll be brief, the missed penalty from Vidal and the red card Bayern got was key factor determining the final result of the match. Bayern played the whole half time with 10 players, and Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidan perfectly used that to grab an advantage with 2 away goals.

Now on Tuesday, it’ll sure be interesting to watch since  Bayern Munich has Lewandowski back, their key striker that has most scored goals in Bundesliga this season and also for his team itself. My prediction is that the match will finish 2:2 (AG: 4:3) which will lead Real Madrid to the next stage of the UEFA Champions League.

And on Wednesday we have Leicester city (the foxes) facing Atletico Madrid on the rematch of the 1/4 final of the UEFA Champions league. The first game finished 1-0 for the Atletis on Vicente Calderon stadium which was a steady game with well performances for the both teams.

Now this will be a hard prediction, since Atl.Madrid has a slight advantage with only 1 leading goal, and they are playing away at this time, I would say this match will be slightly better than the first match, with more explosiveness, winning spirit, atmosphere and motivation for both teams. My prediction says final result would finish 1:1 (AG: 1-2) and open the gates for Atl. Madrid to the semi-final of UEFA Champions league.




And of course, the time has finally come for the most interesting and intriguing NBA play-offs and finals.

It is still the beginning phase and the first play-off match in the east conference has  been already played between Cleveland Cavaliers (109-108) and Indiana Pacers which finished which sadly luck was the determining factor between these two teams.

The top scorer for Cleveland Cavaliers was the great LeBron James with 29 points, and for the opposing team Paul George.

This was yet game 1,  and left us wanders and many new open possibilities, since there are 6 more games so stay tuned and grab some popcorn, beer and bacon, and gladly watch the rest of the play offs.

My predictions are that Cleveland will proceed into the next phase of the playoffs with winning 4:2 in total and shutting down Indiana Pacers after the 6th game.




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