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Daily Do: Lil Online Earners (Part 3)
April 19, 2018


This one is fun. It’s not your normal survey site. Not at all. There are lots of surveys that you don’t have to qualify for!

Take Surveys

You get to click through user created surveys and get paid 5, 10, 15 and more points just for answering the surveys. No qualifying!

Create Surveys

That’s right. You get to make surveys too. You earn 20 points for putting together a survey that other users take. Plus, you don’t pay out points for users to take your survey. Once you’ve earned it you keep it. A great way to survey for business projects or just general interest.


Okay, this site doesn’t pay out through PayPal, but it does offer a number of gift cards you can exchange points for. You can also exchange 13,000 points for a $25 Visa Gift Card.



Please use code NMKF0GC when signing up

This site was ZoomBucks when I started using it. Like SwagBucks (almost identical to SwagBucks) you can earn points by filling out offers, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and search.


Like before, sign up for the ones that work for you and skip past the ones that don’t really benefit you.


Like most sites you have to qualify for these surveys. It can be time consuming to go through all the surveys just a find one or two that you qualify for, but they do offer a nice payout.


You get points for playing games. I always love this feature. It’s a great way to kill a little time in between jobs and it’s very stress relieving.


Watch so many videos and you’ll earn so many points. GrabPoints has a large selection of videos you can watch to earn points. Points range from as little as 5 up to 10 points for watching 9 videos.


You can earn points for downloading apps. Often these apps are worth hundreds of points. It’s a great way to discover new games, shopping outlets and what not.

The downside is you may end up installing and uninstalling apps pretty often. This can take a toll on your device.


GrabPoints have codes that offer a range of points. These code pop up in videos, on Facebook and a few other places. (Even I haven’t found them all!) A daily check on Facebook and the Notifications can provide a few handful of points a day.


There are a lot of gift cards you can chose to cash out with. They also offer PayPal. Through PayPal 5000 points = $5 and 10000 = $10 and finally 20000 = $20.




Please use code: WHRFU2

(you get extra points when signing up with an invitation code)

This is a site I just started using a few months ago and I’ve already gotten a payout. The site is nearly identical to GrabPoints in it’s layout and like most other sites it offers much the same things.


Short and sweet. Take what benefits and leave behind what doesn’t.


Like all surveys that you have to qualify for these surveys can take time to go through, but also like others you’ll enjoy a boost in points when a survey is completed.


There are two video watching options. One opens up a second window and times how long you watch. After 30 seconds you can skip to the next video and after 10 videos you get 10 points. The other has you watch the complete video and points rewarded vary.


Again, I love the games. You get to play something fun and you get to kill a bit of time. There is a nice selection of games here that make earning points really fun.


Most sites have them, but iRazoo is the master. There is a daily code you can find on their Facebook page and a weekly code sent to your email. The daily code is 15 points and the weekly is 60 points. I love ‘em!


iRazoo has a number of gift cards available and a PayPal payout. 3000 points = $5 and they pay within 30 days of cash out.


Money Making Tips

Alright, now we’re heading into the real meat of what you want to know.


How to make the money.

Making money with these little earners may seem like a waste of time and for some people it very well may be. If you just don’t have the extra time in the day to visit the sites then you just don’t have the time. If you’ve got a project that pays out sooner and more that you could and should be doing it.

But if you do have a bit of free time each day then you’ll want to know a few tricks and tips on how to make the most of it. After years of coffee time spent surfing these sites and others I’ve learned a few things and I want you to learn them too.

  • Referrals
  • Making Time Count
  • Patience



All of these sites reward you for getting other people to sign up. That’s right. I love you and I want you to make money, but this eBook could help me make some too.

Now, the sites all differ on how you get referrals and how many points/bucks/credits you get per referral. Some sites offer a onetime bonus per person that signs up and other offer a percentage of what the person earns on their site. At least one of these sites has a cap on how much you can even earn from referrals.

Getting referrals doesn’t have to take up all your time. Share a link on Facebook, Twitter or whichever social media site you use and let your friends know about one of the sites. This method is always best done spread out over time and only after you’ve gotten yourself use to the site. Friends and family may ask you questions and you should be able to help answer those questions. You may also want to wait until you’ve gotten a payout to say “Hay, I just got $X from –enter site name here-!”

If you really want to invest time into getting referrals you can start a blog or website. You don’t have to get fancy with a paid hosting service if you don’t want to. Blogger and WordPress both let you setup a blog without paying and you can link to whatever you want.

You can write a post or each site you use and have a link back. Or you could just list all the sites in one swoop and be done with it. How you set it up is totally up to you. If you already have a personal blog consider adding a banner towards the bottom or on the side bar. Every little bit helps.

eBooks are a nice way to get the word out about little earners. In fact it’s what I’m doing with this eBook. It takes a bit of knowhow, but anyone can do it. Really, you can with a little research and time. It does take time. I’ve spent days on this eBook alone. You can upload an eBook to your blog or onto free ebook sites. The key is to offer the book for free. No one wants to pay for information they can find for free online.


Make Time Count

Don’t invest more time than the payout is worth. I can’t say this enough. Make time count for you. Work the sites that payout the best for you. That means looking at how long you spend on the site and how much you earn during that time.

This doesn’t mean cross the other sites off your list completely. It just means prioritizing the sites that payout the best for you. Make a list and go from top to bottom.


  • iRazoo – 65 points in 10 mins.
  • MintVine – 5 points in 1 min. ( just the poll if you don’t have time for surveys)
  • TellWut – 30 points in 10 mins. (50 if you create a survey that day)
  • PaidViewPoint – 20 cents in 5 mins.
  • GrabPoints – 20 points in 15 mins.
  • SwagBucks – 10 points in 15 mins.


Using this example I would first go to iRazoo and then MintVine and continue down the list, ending with SwagBucks. This lets you hit the more profitable sites first. That way if you run out of time for the Daily Do then you won’t be losing as much profit.

This process takes time but is well worth doing. You’ll see your payouts more often once you’ve gotten your list worked out. I promise.



They tried to teach it to us when we were kids and we in turn try to teach it to our children. Patience is a big factor in little online earners. You may not see a payout for a while with some of these sites. That’s okay. It’s just side money, not bill or food money.

If you don’t have patience then the Daily Do isn’t for you.

However if you can look at these sites and the earnings as a reward then you may be able to hold up to the test of time. Look at the building of points/bucks/credits as a savings account. It’s there and it’s going to be money in your virtual hand once you reach that payout.

Don’t put an important purpose to this money. That’s just going to drive you crazy. This is extra money and takes time to build up.

Good Luck!

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