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money with on line survey waste of time for me

on line surveys I know you see ads like
I do that say do surveys and get $25.00 well I can tell you I have not found a survey that pay $25.00 Most likely from .10 cent to .50 cent if you get .50 cent that getting luckily with a survey . I all so will not pay $50.00 to do a survey that say they pay like $5.00 a survey.Now I can say the swagbuck survey do not pay a lot but they do help me get the points I need to get the swagabuck points pay pal cash card that is $25.00. Most of the paid to click sites are only 1 cent or less yes less no joke . but on the other hand a lot of us here use to do farmville on face book for fake money so the paid to click sites and surveys even they do pay low will bring us some cash in.
then wasting time on farmville I wish farm ville work like a real Paid to click site the game is fun but now my time need to bring money in even it very little. This why I am doing my writing sites, and the survey sites and the paid to clicks sites to get that cash I need to pay credit card bills and help my food cart business get off the ground. My main goal for on line money and I am behind on this is to make photo buttons how it works people email me their photos I down loaded and make it to a button I be charging around $5.00 a photo button I just have to find the time to do it . My normal job is in retail but I can tell you as a customer today most of the time I can not find out what I am looking for so I have to order on line . This is tell me store retail sales are down why on line retail sales are up soI knew sooner or later my hours will cut because of this. OK this it for this one now

    1. Dina said on May 12, 2017

      Survey sites are so boring. I tried Neobux before. After I got paid, i quit and came to myLot.

      At myLot, I enjoyed it a lot, because we really interact with one another, as if we are face to face with one another.

      Writing sites are better than survey sites. You get to share your experiences, ideas, beliefs, culture and a lot more. You gain a lot of friends from here and abroad.

      In fact, I already met a myLot member already. 🙂

    2. Hi I am on my lot to that how I found out about Literacy base
      and what I like about my lot no ask for pay out if some there
      they just pay it and I just got paid agian

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