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Cookie time! M&S Salted Egg and Belgian Milk Chocolate Cookie review
January 5, 2017

M&S cookies are one of my guilty pleasures when snacking. I generally follow a sort of “healthy” lifestyle but let’s admit, there are times we want to taste something different, right?
Last Christmas season, M&S released their seasonal cookie range. I don’t visit M&S stores very often since they are a bit pricey in comparison to Tesco so I am not sure whether this flavor is indeed a limited edition. But I decided to try it out even if it was not on sale.
My husband loves salted caramel chocolate. So when I saw M&S had these American Style Giant salted caramel cookies with Belgian milk chocolate, I knew I had to try it!
Let’s start by talking about the packaging. The packaging is really good and high-quality. In particular, I love that it is made from a resealable foil that helps to keep the leftovers fresh for longer. Especially since these are bigger cookies (and it is better not to eat one piece in one sitting, if you can resist it), it is inevitable that you will just eat a chunk from one piece.
I also appreciate that M&S stays true to their word – these are really big cookies! I think one piece is almost the same size as my palm! And just like the other M&S cookie variants I tried in the past, the toppings were generous! Every bite has a lot of salted caramel pieces and Belgian chocolate chunks, too!
However, I find the salted caramel aspect a bit lacking. The caramel pieces were predominantly sweet so I guess I was trying to find a saltier taste to balance the sweetness coming from the Belgian milk chocolates.
Overall, I am really pleased buying these cookies. It was so hard to resist not to eat one piece in one sitting since they are so good and chewy! If you can resist, I find that these cookies will stay fresh (as if you just opened it!) so long as you reseal properly for about 2 weeks after opening.

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    1. What perosn on earth dislikes a good cookie . Cookies are the number one snack perfect with milk as always.

      • HAHA, yeah – cookies are definitely everybody’s favorite snack! I can’t think of anyone who can honestly say they HATE cookies!


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