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Spice-Rack Staple Sharpens Your Brain Through: Rosemary Herb
January 5, 2017

This time more and more old people are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and dementia. One clear indication why they have loss memory and volatile behavior is they display symptoms like confusion. Old age is considered the age when many sicknesses make a show down. Why is this so because during your younger years. You never care to protect and care your body. You had plenty of abuses to your health system. You have violated the golden rules how to be all the time healthy and disease- free.

I may not blame you for what you feel during your youthful life, for you were having your good health, happiness. You may be a happy go lucky person during the past years of your life. Now, that you reach the old age is and the now age, that you realize the ill effects of your abuses and the lack of concern to eat the right foods good for the health. Being in good health means you supply your body with the right foods. The foods must not also be overeaten because the rule of food nutrients might also be violated or neglected.

But there’s a good chance it may be a false diagnosis, especially if the patient is taking a cocktail of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. If you are taking over the counter medicine for AD, you have to remember that there are times that there is, the so called the wrong mix of medications that can cause side effects that look like AD. And here’s where the situation gets worse, if your doctor misdiagnoses AD. It is likely he will prescribe an antipsychotic drug to manage your moods. These drugs have been linked to chronic disease and even death.

There are multiple studies about deaths of the old people sick with AD because of the overtaking of the medicine called antipsychotic that may increase the mortality rate of seniors. It was learned that those who take the over the counter medicine were more likely found to die from cancer and cardiac arrest instead of dying through their sickness which is AD.

Their drugs cause symptoms that look like AD. And their treatment plan is to put you on drugs that can kill you. It is a terrifying scenario especially when you consider, that developing dementia or AD is the thing many patients fear most.

It should be better for the patient of AD to be taught about natural ways to keep their brains sharp. Mother Nature has so many brain-boosters in her arsenal. Some are exotic, while others are staples in every cook’s kitchen.

Today, there is somewhat a remedy to your sickness, for there is an incredible finding about an incredible herb that is popular in the kitchen. I do not know if you can find it there in your city. I also do not know if I can find this herb in the city where I live. I do not know how potent this is for the protection of your brain. Our brain is very important, so we must always investigate, as to how potent the food is every time we eat. We have to investigate through the experts, nutritionists and scientists on line or in the actual.rosemary-1710978_960_720

The herb that is best for you if sick of AD and dementia is called Rosemary. This is an ancient herb that has been linked to memory for hundreds of years. Rosemary is high in antioxidants. These oxidants protect the brain cells from free radicals and improve the cognitive and the slow brain aging. In the past, the old generation herbalists used rosemary to heal their muscle pains. This herb is also an effective cure of people sick of rheumatoid arthritis.


Rosemary also helps fight cancer. Apply it to meat or fish when cooking and it will neutralize cancer-causing carcinogens. Rosemary  herb may even help save your eyesight. It contains carnosic acid. This compound triggers cells in the retina to produce antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes lower damage from free radicals. They help protect against macular degeneration that can lead to blindness.

You may try to plant rosemary in our garden or in a pot. This is a very hardy plant. We can buy this in our supermarket. Try placing whole fresh parts of rosemary inside a roasting chicken or a pot of chicken soup.

rosemary 1 twig


Here is a simple recipe for a marinade with rosemary herb:

Rosemary Lemon Marinade

  1. 1/ 2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  2. Juice of two lemons
  3. Tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary
  4. Garlic cloves, minced
  5. 1/2 teaspoon unrefined sea salt
  6. Freshly ground pepper to taste

Mix everything together in a big container. Add your meat and let marinate in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes or overnight. It’s great for chicken, beef or the meat there in your country like lamb and turkey.

Image credit by Pixabay

Reference: Dr. Al Sears

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    1. I hope I helped you if you have any of the sicknesses mentioned here and such could be cure through rosemary herb. I will buy this her tomorrow for my sisters having arthritis. I ahte to see them walking in pain. They are taking medicine , but the sickness always will always come and go. I hate arthritis for my father died and in his death arthritis never left him, he died due to cancer of the large intestine. I am so lucky for I discover many medicinal plants very potential to cure even the worst sicknesses.
      I am so thankful to our Lord and LB site.

    2. I hope I can try this. It is a good thing that my memory is crystal clear.lol If aging process strikes, then I would have your secret recipe to maintain the brain function. Some people believed that nuts can fuel the brain to work smart. But then, the effect is having zits. Thank you for sharing this article and there is an alternative to refrain from memory gaps.

    3. @Shavkat, heheheehe, actually until this time, I cannot find this herb in Cagayan de Oro city, but one time in Rustans’ Cebu, I sa rosemary, but I do not have idea about this.let us eat this veggie to protect our brain from harm. Let us not wait old age and be too late to protect our memory,LOL. Prevention is better than cure. medicines this time soar like a kite that reaches the sky. Thank you my dear for dropping here and share your nice thoughts which I very much appreciate.Yes nuts but not peanuts.There are nuts high of nutritional value like cashew nuts and nuts , they are big , but sorry I forgot the name hahaha.I saw those nuts in Pack and Save mall in Auckland.

    4. Wow i have read a lot of stuff about herbs and their benefits on our health. I use to hear people talk about herbs when i was younger,and i wonder why would someone want to go out in the bush to get bitter herbs to heal their bodies when we can go to hoapital and just get treated. That was the little naive me who had no clue of what was going on, but as i grew older i started reading and seeing practically how this herbs are used and administered and how beneficial they are to our bodies. Once you get to experience the goodness you will never look back its amazing.
      I have rosemary in my garden and i actually use it in my kitchen to prepare meals. Now that i know it can give relief to athritis patients i will take some and go and plant it for my mum so that she can have access to it whenever she needs to. That will save her the time to go out and look for it.

      • Hi friend? How have you been? Long time no hear from each other. yes, you are right, we have to discover something beneficial for our health.Miss you.

        • Hey hi gal nice to hear from you too. I must admit i have been away for some time but am well thank you. Missed you and your posts you better start writing some more.


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