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Conducting Business and Succeeding on the Right Path

One of the most annoying things is when interacting with certain groups of people in order to make further progress and there’s a lot of chaos. It’s pretty difficult to get very much done when dealing with unruly individuals. Hard “to manage” a business when there’s little to no cooperation. Some may not consider the future of their business. No matter what business one is in, there should be proper practices projected, no person should have to deal with destructive individuals in business or in other areas.

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Some may not consider how their actions could cause the individuals to be omitted from business ventures. Some may cause businesses to lose money because they’re refusing to cooperate. Businesses continue to fail because of the actions not only from the individuals within the business but the owners as well. The owner of a business should be concerned about how their “business is being conducted.” If not then they’ll run the risk of losing their business and their good connections.

Building the right connections is very important. Knowing just when to relieve individuals who add no value to the business is also important. Some may allow their business to fail because they’ve allowed family members, friends, and etc to take control of their business and make “decisions” when the individuals were and are not in any position to do so. There are some who will continue to try and sabotage a business because of envy. Mainly  competitors will try to destroy a business and the reputation of the business owner.

The competition is high and perhaps that’s why so many behave so oddly. whatever their reasons are for doing so. No person should allow their business to go under, especially from their family or friends, it’s pretty sad when the very ones who are suppose to “show care” are the ones who are inside and outside trying to sabotage. That’s why so many have a difficult time allowing family or friends in on business ventures.

Business is tough no matter what type of business one is running. There are some who are in business and understand very little about business and that’s why they’re acting out as well. Any person who plans to be success in business must no when  to say no to any persons who aren’t beneficial to the business. If they’ve displayed they’re willing to sabotage the “business” and other areas then they’re not right to do business with and allow in period. No ifs, and’s, or buts.

Any business owner has a right to not allow certain individuals in. If they’ve displayed that they’ll take over the business in which they’re not connected to then they’re “right” to be allowed in. Some may take risks on individuals who have displayed such actions but I’m certainly not recommending that any person does. If they’re deceptive then more than likely they’ll continue the behavior.

Seek out the best and refrain from doing business with individuals who are out to only gain. If they’re not willing to put in work without compensated at anytime then there may be some greed which isn’t a good characteristic. Move ahead and continue with the “developments.” Don’t allow others to try and talk their way in when they’ve displayed that they’re not loyal at all. The ones who take claim and try to force their way in aren’t to be trusted and will destroy the business.

“My Business is my Business and I’m not Willing to Allow any Person to Destroy What I’m Continuing to Work for.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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