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No Time for Dramatics On or Offline

I’m afraid a lot of people will be disappointed because I’m not partaking in the antics. Oh no. “No time to be indulged in childish game playing.” The little children adults with the name calling and blame games isn’t on my agenda. If any person expects to prosper in anyway then they’ll have to stay clear of what can cause a decline. It’s better to be surrounded by visionaries and individuals who want to be apart of growth. Troublemakers will continue to do what they feel is necessary. Here’s a phrase. People Will Become Angry When Love is Displayed Towards The People.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

I’ve noticed that most people do not like when others are trying to get ahead. Some are so dysfunctional that they actually believe that they’re in better positions because they have wealth. The money can not be supplied to God nor Jesus in order to enter into Heaven. The forces which continue to try to drive others away from their drams, goals, and aspirations will soon discover how :ridiculous” their actions are. No time to be bothered with foolish ways. Fools will continue to think foolishly but it is the wisdom of the anointed which will allow prosperity to occur.

The ones who are seeking to challenge the anointed at all times aren’t happy people. There are some who may appear to be happy on the outside but are actually miserable. Any person who continues to agitate another isn’t mentally healthy. “Not all persons are in the position to be good company.” There are some so destructive that they’ll continue to cause destruction within their lives. For some no matter what occurs or has occurred they’ll to behave foolishly and think on a foolish level.

If there is to be any progress then ¬†there should be some blocking out. The communications which fools supply isn’t worth embedding within the mind. “It’s better” to focus on better living and trying to be in a better position then to be concerned with the antics which stem from foolish ways. No need to go back and fourth with the individuals because fools will only hear what they want and will only believe what they want to believe. Any person can become a fool.

All one has to do is observe which is which. For some every word which comes from their mouth stems from foolishness. The thoughts of some are so distorted that they’ll have a difficult time thinking positively. Just look at how they’re interacting with others. The worldly beings will continue to try to be destructive because some are so envious of others and are afraid of their “excelling “that they’ll continue to try and cause grief for the persons.

A lot are so damaged and aren’t repairable because they may not want to be repaired. There are some who want to hold on to their pain. Some may not be in “a position” to reason with. No matter how they’re approached there are some who will continue to go up against certain individuals because of their gifts. Not all will be pleased to witness an ¬†elevation and some will become angry when seeing certain persons rise up! No matter how many tomes a person is challenged there are ways to get through the troubles and keeping the faith is one the ways.

“(Tanikka Paulk) is Still Blessed and Here for a Reason.”

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