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CoffeeCoin: Increasing Coffee Trade Efficiency

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in human society. It is also an important economic crop. It is the second highest global futures trade quota (the highest is oil). While 70% of the world’s coffee beans are grown in smaller farms, buyers are masters of large companies and several large coffee companies and have overwhelmingly controlled prices. Most of the coffee bean production is repeated with fallow one year and a good harvest for one year. The fruit must be picked by artificial hands. Therefore, it is difficult to maintain a stable price in the market. The buyer, in order to avoid losses due to changes in the market, will depress the purchase of the farm. Because of the price, the farms had to hire workers at low wages.

What is CoffeeCoin?

CoffeeCoin (CFC) is a digital token on the Waves Platform blockchain that can be used as

both a cryptocurrency for near instant person-to-person global coffee payments and also

as a digital utility token to transmit and preserve coffee trade data in an immutable

(unchangeable) form on the Waves network’s distributed blockchain ledger.

Coffeecoin founder

James has been involved in the worlds of coffee and blockchain tech since 2013 – when he launched the Roast Station Project on Bali Island, Indonesia.

As the first person to sell source-roasted coffee for bitcoin to enthusiasts around the world, James has been learning from and training with experts in both industries ever since.

With CoffeeCoin he aims to bring coffee and blockchain together again to launch a first of its kind specialty coffee trading platform benefiting the entire chain from farm to cup.

Coffeecoin specifications

The first year interest rate is 10%, after which the annual interest rate is * 0.95

Algorithm: Scrypt 100% POS

Block time: 20 seconds

Total number of coins: 100,000,000 CFC

Block Confirmation: 40

Confirmation of the transaction: 3

Minimum dividend days: 3 days

How To Use Our CoffeeChain.io Platform To Transmit And Preserve

Coffee Trade Data On The Blockchain Using CoffeeCoin

One of the main features of the blockchain is that it works as a decentralized ledger to

preserve and verify many types of data. Since the specialty coffee supply chain can benefit

from more transparency and better ways to preserve coffee trade data, blockchain is the

perfect technology to help with this.

To this end, we have already built and launched our first blockchain coffee trade data

platform powered by CoffeeCoin at https://CoffeeChain.io. With this platform, you can use

CoffeeCoin and your CoffeeCoin wallet to transmit and preserve all sorts of coffee trade

data on the blockchain and customers and clients can view and verify it on the website.

Maximum dividend days: 9 days

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