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Best Thing To Do This Rainy Day

It’s been raining since this morning. This has been the weather for the past three days. Just last week we are having problem about the long drought causing  scarcity of water—water level in the well getting deep and the city ration of water among the houses were limited or  given schedule. This problem is solved now because of the non-stop raining.

photo is mine

photo is mine

The advantage of rain was already felt—and so with the disadvantage now. When it’s raining your outdoor activity is limited: the children cannot play outside, becoming muddy in the area, flood in some areas and so on.

As I have said, the children cannot go out and so with us. The TV has been busy since this morning. We wanted to eat and eat. We wanted some indoor activity to keep our day going in this day of raining.

What have we done in this day when we can’t go out.

  1. Watching TV. I think this is the best thing to do? Play some movies or watch some cable channels and that is already a good bonding in the family. The kids watch Cartoon Network, wife watches her Sunday series and I watched the game 3 of western conference finals of National Basketball Association.
  2. Cook some food. I made some popcorn so we can have some picking while watching. Macaroni soup is also in the list and then some pastries to munch in.
  3. Playing indoor games. We have scrabble board, sungka for children, and even some mobile apps game.
  4. Playing under the rain. The kids love it. While I’m picking some mango fruits to ripen, the kids are running, playing and having fun under the rain. I was like them when I was a kid. It’s their turn now.

It’s a family bonding for us. We are all here. Sometimes it’s a riot because our children are six but it’s always a big happy family for me. Rain or shine we are keeping together. This is how we spend the day when it’s raining.###

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    1. Rob said on May 22, 2017

      Great article

    2. cely said on May 22, 2017

      I prefer to stay at home during rainy days and watch Tv.

      • At least you can make some popcorn or fry some potato fries so you have something to eat while watching your favorite TV show. Or maybe you can just buy some cornik or squash seeds to munch in.

    3. Dina said on May 23, 2017

      I also prefer to be just at home when it’s raining.

      I remember us, 5 siblings by your mention of your 6 children at home. It’s really a happy day when it’s raining. We would bathe in the rain and run here and there at our lawn.

      Then, after that we would be at home eating snacks. We also watch TV together with our parents.

      The rain always keeps us cozy and happy at home whenever it rains.

      Most of all, the rain keeps the surrounding cool. It’s best to sleep after lunch and at night when it’s raining.

    4. Nice article. Rain is good but too much can be a problem. Over in Virginia, my area tends to have mosquitoes and they can be a problem after the rain. When it is raining, I tend to take a nap. I like to hear the sound of rain hitting my roof and side of the house. It’s like a symphony to me. Although,there have been times in which I was, not, taking a nap. During those times, I would take my android and watch some comedy videos. A good laugh is a plus to help you cope with the weather. It is, also, a healthy habit to do. Finally, thank you for sharing your tips. It was helpful and very insightful.


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