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November 14, 2017

145. Here we go with another one of those “impossible to feel beautiful” topics. Yeast infections. Yuck! You know, this nasty little fungus lives in the vagina 365 days a year generally giving us no trouble at all. While the medical community is somewhat at odds about what triggers a “wake up call” for this little devil but the majority do agree that it could be caused when you have to take an antibiotic medication for some other malady. They are also pretty much in agreement that it can be triggered by something as simple as hormonal changes prompted by your menstrual cycle. No matter the cause, when this nasty critter wakes up it’s enough to drive a woman crazy! You can call your doctor and get a prescription for that ugly cream and get rid of it fairly quickly. But, if you’d like to try a more natural approach, here are a few tips. Fermented foods and sugar cause an increase in the growth of yeast in your intestinal tract which, no surprises here, will result in yeast infections. Eliminate refined sugar, baked goods, alcohol, caffeine and vinegar. Bummer, maybe that cream is
the best answer after all! You can also try eating yogurt, if it contains acidophilus. Acidophilus are friendly bacteria who fight off the nasty yeast guys. Another tip is to be absolutely careful about cleanliness after urinating or having a bowel movement. Gosh, it’s tough being beautiful isn’t it?

146. If beauty can sometimes be a bummer, sometimes love can really, really hurt. There’s nothing beautiful about genital herpes. There’s no mystery about how it is spread. Have sexual intercourse with someone who is infected and you’ll end up with the disease and a lifetime of heartache.

147. Have you ever been stung by a bee and gotten a huge red bump because of it? Hopefully, you aren’t allergic to bee stings. If you are, you know what to do. Dab a little bit of meat tenderizer on it to reduce the swelling and minimize the pain. Or, you can try dabbing it with the Calendula flower or garlic. Yep, you can eat it or create a poultice that will break it down quickly. Onions work as well.

148. Insomnia is not part of a beneficial beauty routine. If you have trouble sleeping, try lemon balm tea. There are other herbal teas that also work well, but none have the same reputation as lemon balm for a bedtime herb.

149. How beautiful do you feel when you’re pregnant? All that stuff about how beautiful a pregnant woman is was obviously written by men! Take all the beauty treatments and tips in this guide, multiply them by three and maybe, just maybe we might feel a little bit better about how we look and feel. All kidding aside, probably one of the worse side effects of pregnancy is “morning sickness” no matter what time of day it hits you personally. You have to be careful about what you ingest. Try Peppermint or any of the other “mints.” Brew a mild tea and sip it slowly. Believe it or not one of the old home remedies for nausea is raw or cooked cabbage. Sauerkraut is reported to be of particular benefit, soothing the intestines.

150. If you have avoided our recommendations and have gotten sunburn, you certainly aren’t feeling very beautiful! Try breaking a stem off an aloe plant and rubbing on the affected areas. Another tip is to apply cooled black tea to the burn areas. And, while we don’t recommend this often because it is a very strong astringent, witch hazel will work wonders on sunburn.

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