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How to write a business plan

The roadmap that guides you towards the success of your business is your business plan! There are a number of comprehensive questions that weigh the possibilities of different ideas that you want to incorporate into your business, and a place where they are all summed up together is your business plan. The location, revenue, expectations and needs of a business are carefully incorporated while crafting a business plan.

You business plan should provide you enough of informative and comprehensive resources that you need to give your business a kick-start. Here are a few points that must be kept in mind while formulating a business plan.

1.Analysis of the Industry
Start with the description of your business and its target industry. Give a brief introduction of the industry in which you are about to set your feet. The present scenario of the industry, as well as the future outlook, should be a part of your plan. Every industry has a number of markets flourishing under it; your target markets should be segregated within your business plan.

2.Product Analysis
Incorporate an efficient and clear explanation of the products or services that you would offer in your business. Introspect the future prospects of those products/services and think of ways in which you can develop them in the future.

3.Competitive Analysis
A good entrepreneur knows the strengths and weaknesses of his enterprise. There can be a lot of competition in the market you are entering so making a proper strategy will give you an upper hand. You can exploit the weaknesses of the market for your own good. There can be some areas in which you can gain competitive advantage over your competitors.

4.Analysing your Customers
All the aspects of you success are dependent upon one major factor that influences every business; the customers. Your customer is your God and you need to understand their needs and wants. Understand your target customer base and get to know their psychographic and demographic profiles.

Your business plan must include all your finances that you need to set up your company. Your expected funding and revenues must occupy the top place in your business chart. All the assets that you must acquire plus the area where your funds have to be invested should all be clearly mentioned in your business plan. Without proper finances your plan will ultimately fall out. Since finance is the ultimate backbone of a business plan, it should be given keen attention.

The way that your product is going to reach its customers is extremely vital to be incorporated in your business plan. Marketing is one hell of a job. Good marketing can take you miles ahead of your competitors. All the promotional tactics and marketing modes you opt for shape the brand value of your product. Your product might be exceptionally good, but it will suffer great deal for the lack of good marketing techniques. Marketing is the key to land your products and services at the doorsteps of your customers.

7.Management Plan
All the operations, tasks and responsibilities underlined under a business plan are performed by a management team which works on a continuous basis. You should get to know your team that will work onboard and make a proper management plan. Even if there are just a few people involved, everyone should be aware of their responsibilities.

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Top DU colleges for Economics

Economics is a wide field that offers a plethora of career options for its graduates. There are varied opportunities both at the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate level. An economics degree topped with an MBA is the most sought after career combination these days. Commerce students greatly opt for courses in economics since its disciplines are greatly in demand and can be furthered with a number of post graduate courses in future.

The corporate world has emerged out to be the top-recruiter of economics graduates in the recent times, and with the advancement of policies and management techniques, there has been a significant improvement in the recruitment pool for economics graduates.

The Delhi University enjoys the indisputable dominance in being the most sought after destination for studying economics for students all across the country. Once you have a decent intermediate percentage in your goodie bag and have made through the scorching cut-off lists of some good DU colleges, you should start researching about the best colleges offering your desired courses. There are countless colleges running under the Delhi University, thus naturally you should not rely on what people feel or what neighbours suggest, instead get your facts clear yourself!

Here is a list of the top Delhi University colleges offering a course in Economics-

“· St. Stephen’s College-
St. Stephens offers a wide range of courses in all disciplines. All the courses are highly coveted and sought after, making the cut-off list of this college soar to a 99% at times. Established in the year 1881, St. Stephens is the oldest college of Delhi and undoubtedly the most sought after college for commerce students.

“· Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)-
This DU college is dedicated solely for Commerce and Economics courses which makes it one of the best in these disciplines. The college boasts of some of the finest placements in the fields of banking and finance, general management, civil services and academics. The college is greatly reputed both in India and abroad.

“· Delhi School of Economics (DSE)-
Another college under the University of Delhi, Delhi School of Economics is regarded as one of the finest institutes for commerce in India. Post graduate courses of DSE are greatly sought after by students both in India and abroad.

“· Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)-
This institute was established in the year 1956 for promoting the higher education of women across the country. LSR offers courses in many disciplines and its economics courses are one of the top ones in the country.

“· Hindu College-
Dating back to 1899, from the time of its establishment, Hindu College has been churning out the finest economics graduates.  The college has always been reputed for providing its students a very lively and liberal atmosphere for competitive learning.

“· Hans Raj College-
The faculty of Hans Raj College has been successful in making significant contributions in terms of academics and teaching to the country. The college also excels in extra co-curricular activities as well.

“· Miranda House-
Miranda House College for Women is another all-girls college started under the vision of empowering women in the field of education. The college now stands for its name in the same direction. It offers a number of courses in commerce and economics.

“· Ramjas College-
Ramjas College is famous for providing degrees in the fields of liberal arts and commerce. Apart from the undergraduate programs, its post graduate courses are also greatly sought after.

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5 Qualities an Employer will look for while hiring You

An intellectual person is inspired by the desire to achieve new feats, not by the desire to beat others. People with strong determination and goals always succeed and reach their zenith because they exactly know where they are heading to. The loyalty and faithfulness of an employee begins with the support and allegiance of the employer. The foremost responsibility between an employer and employee should be to build mutual trust to establish a strong foundation that will endure for all time. There are several qualities that an organization looks for while hiring an employee. Some of the most vital qualities are:


The most important element of success for every organization is effective communication be it verbal or written communication. The ability to express ideas clearly and confidently is one of the basic traits an employer looks for.  An essential part of contemporary working environment, good communication emphasizes on optimal ways to solve complex problems. The ease to put forward the ideas and thoughts in an efficient way is what managers mostly seek. There are plenty of positions where technical skills are essential but insufficient and hence the employers value the ones who can figure out and communicate their thoughts to others.


Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the rate of success. It is a well-known fact that together everyone achieves more and better. Teamwork plays a significant role in accomplishing numerous tasks in a company. An employer mostly looks for people who can work in a team. The strength of an organization mostly depends how united the employers are. There are a handful of challenges each day in a workplace, it is the job of every individual to work as a team and derive solutions.

Planning and Organizing

Proper planning and organizing prevents poor performance. Companies look for individuals who can plan and scheme things and carry them out effectively. The efficiency and performance of an organization also depends on how optimally time is mostly managed. Managers and employers seek for employees who can logically organize their work and establish realistic plans. An individual that can devise productive mechanisms is always an asset for the company.

Multitasking and Leadership

People are rarely hired to perform a single task or a function. In the present scenario companies seek for employees who can come out of their comfort zone and undertake responsibilities and major roles. Leadership transforms potential into reality. For any organization leaders are a key resource. The ability to initiate action and provide guidance to the workers is a trait of a good leader.

Business Awareness and Self-Motivation

Employers across different sectors seek for individuals with commercial and business awareness. The basic understanding of the business plays a huge role for a person to be hired. Organizations look for people with sound business knowledge and for individuals who are good analysts. Self-motivation is a personality trait that helps an individual to cross every hurdle no matter how complex the path is.

A successful organization looks for individuals who can spread positivity in the workplace. An employer would only hire a person if he finds him/her capable enough to undertake numerous responsibilities and work outside his/her comfort zone. Companies not only look for people that are proficient in a particular function but also the one with the right personality. An individual who has a certain degree of flexibility and can work under pressure would always be hired.

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How to use LinkedIn to grab a Job

LinkedIn is an indispensable tool for carving out an outstanding career more than searching for a job. For every job seeker and aspiring student, LinkedIn has provided a significant platform to grab profile-centric jobs. The colossal amount of records in the massive LinkedIn database helps in the job search planning and strategy.

There are several ways to use LinkedIn for an effective job search.

“·Making the Headline Count

It has been correctly quoted that first impression is the last impression. The LinkedIn headline along with the name of the job seeker is the only clue that any manager can see before deciding whether to go through the profile or not. The headline is just like an online brand. Therefore, the headline should be of prime importance and be eye-catchy.

“·Effective and Attractive Profile

Having a profile with essential ingredients has more than 70% weightage. A profile photo with a professional look plays a significant role. The profile should clearly highlight the projects undertaken and the years of experience if any. The profile should also reveal the person’s involvement in developing projects.

“·Make it Easy for the Recruiter to Find You

Recruiters make a straightforward search based on their requirements to find the most impeccable individuals matching their criteria. Therefore, it is required to make it effortless for them. There should not be any redundant or extraneous details in an individual’s profile.

“·Mentioning and Handpicking the Key Skills

One should clearly mention the right skills and be specific about them. The skills should clearly endorse the person’s credibility for the job. The key skills include person’s dexterity in a particular domain. The individual can also mention about his/her experience in certain fields.

“·Recommendations of Executives and Managers

A reference from a manager or executive of a top company does wonders to the profile of the job seeker. A recommendation for a particular profile reinforces the suitability and deservedness of the job.

“·Pursuit for Dream Companies

Everybody wants to pursue his/her ambition to associate themselves with their dream companies. There are millions of organization pages on LinkedIn. One should be well-versed with the profile of the company he/she aspires to be related with.

“·Building Networks

The LinkedIn profile of any potential individual should have hundreds of people from the same genre of work. If building an effective profile has 70% weightage, networks contribute to 25% additional benefits. A network should have the top executives of the previous company, renowned personalities and acquaintances etc.

“·Bank on Opportunities

One of the supreme features of LinkedIn is Groups. They complete the remaining 5% to a LinkedIn profile. It is advised to join various technical and job search groups. Groups help the individuals to get answers to their queries, participate in several discussions and share interesting articles that can enhance the career goals.

LinkedIn is a hub of business knowledge and information. The LinkedIn profile should not be exaggerating or flattering. Companies make a clear mention and search for an ideal candidate based on their requirements. It is recommended to update the profile at regular intervals. Candidates are advised to drop an email to the concerned HR if they see a matching job offer. For building an exceptional profile, it is advocated to browse through the profile of professionals who have achieved rare feats and reached certain milestones.

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Do’s and Don’ts of a Job Interview

If you are seeking a job and are all set to appear for an interview, here is some piece of advice worth lending an ear to. There are a number of factors which might lend you a hand in making your interview a success. Most of the interviewers try to extract more or less the same elements out of the candidates; the most important being sincerity and genuineness.

Here are some Do’s for a job interview that must be kept in mind before proceeding:

“·First and the most basic element that must be kept in mind before appearing for a job interview is your appearance. Dressing up properly for the interview leaves a pleasant impression on the committee. Your dressing should reflect how seriously you are taking the interview. Personal grooming and cleanliness leave a very nice impact on the panel which will be interviewing you.

  • Arriving on time for the interview is greatly important. Setting early from your location will allow you to avoid chances of getting late.
  • Do a proper research about the post for which you are applying as well as about the kind of work you will be expected to do. There are certain questions that are common for all job interviews. Such questions should be practiced well; but shouldn’t be mugged up to give the impression of foolery!
  • Maintain a proper eye-contact during the interview. Make it sure to maintain your body language so as to reflect positivity and as an assurance of being chosen as a good choice for the post. A good handshake affirms a cordial behaviour.
  • Always carry all your required documents and paper-work. Completely avoid forgetting important papers and verification documents. Such a thing would count as a blunder!
  • Be confident. Elucidate your achievements and talents in a manner that it appears genuine and trustworthy. Take your time to answer the questions that are asked. Answer the questions honestly but smartly!

Dont’s for a job interview:
“·Make it a point not to arrive stressed for the interview. If it is an important interview, completely avoid getting involved in heated discussions at your home or falling trap to over-thinking. Try relaxing yourself and stay positive.

  • Do not practice your answers to the extent of making them appear mugged up!
  • Do not fidget, yawn or sit in a slouched manner while you are giving the interview. Your body language clearly represents your attitude. Do not tap your fingers on the desk or lean too much.
  • Do not try to present yourself as perfect! It is not wise to appear too insinuating in front of the panel which is interviewing you.
  • Do not give out any negative information about yourself in order to appear as very humble and grounded until and unless asked so.
  • Do not try to project yourself as extremely desperate for the job. Act as if you are interested but not to the extent of dying for the job!

Summing up together all the Do’s and Don’ts it is essential to keep in mind that the best way to proceed with a job interview is to keep your profile genuine and to speak with an air of confidence around you!

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First day in office? Here’s how to win over everyone

First day at office might scare the hell out of a number of freshers; but regardless of all the fuss about ‘the-first-day’ it is the best way to make a good impression at work. Starting off at the correct wavelength will give you an edge over all your peer and superiors. First impression is what lets people form that initial image of yours which is carried all the way through the latter days of your worklife. It is better not to freak out because of excitement or nervousness, remain calm. It can be a little confusing as to where to start from but with confidence all your shortcomings will be won over.

In order to tackle this nerve-racking fist day when you are anxious to meet new people and get your hands on works, do a few preparations beforehand-

“·Swear to be on time- Make it a point to be on time, come what may. Getting late to work on the first day is the worst that can happen. Everybody is expected to be on time and freshers are particularly marked on this criterion. It reflects your sense on discipline and punctuality. Set out before the expected time and arrive a little early than anticipated.

“·    Dress up properly- Dressing up too formally and making it appear that you are greatly serious about the job will look awkward. Make it a point to dress up neatly and just appropriately. If you are confused then ask your manager beforehand about the kind of attire that is acceptable at the office.

“·Keep everything prepared beforehand- Keep your important documents and other vital papers ready a day before your first day at office. Do avoid forgetting any important detail which you might need at work.

After you have got yourself adequately prepared for the first day at work, here are some tips that will guide you through the real action at work-

“·        Be professional and wear a smile- do not be overexcited about your joining, but do show that you are happy to be at work. Maintain a friendly demeanour and greet everyone when you reach office. Being polite and frank will get you noticed amongst your peers. Do not overdo frankness by being unprofessional and too personal on the first day.

“·Introduce yourself with confidence- Do not hesitate in introducing yourself to your team.  This will leave a very good impression if you convey your thoughts easily and freely to your co-workers. Everyone will get to know you better if you introduce yourself with confidence and self-belief.

“·Prepare yourself about some questions- Do study about the company which you are about to join as there might be seniors who can ask you questions about your work. Do a little research about the organisation which you are about to join. Plus, keep your ears open when others are talking. People might ask you to explain something they just said!

Be confident and trust yourself. Everybody has the first day at work, so it is not a very big deal to be anxious or nervous. Your work will ultimately speak for itself anyway!

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10 jobs that require you to be physically fit

Apart from nine to five office jobs that test your patience and mental fitness, there is a plethora of jobs that need you to be physically fit as well! Physical fitness gives you the power to tackle stress, handle work and to keep your energy levels high. There are careers that test the power of your muscles and expect you to come into the outdoor arena. For jobs that need you to be physically fit you’ll have to get your hands dirty and increase your performance at work. Thus it is essential to maintain good health in order to be efficient in the work you choose to do. There are some very prominent jobs that need you to be physically fit and healthy. Such careers will expose you to a range of outdoor conditions and will require you to possess great amount of stamina, strength and vigour.

Some of these careers are given below-

1.Sports- Sports require you to undertake a rigorous daily schedule that involves lots of practice, workouts and physical toil. If you choose to opt for a career that is related to sports, your diet pattern and daily schedule must be in sync with complete fitness. A career in sports will make you sweat and pant in addition to exposing you to all kinds of harsh conditions and round-the-clock practice. Being a novice, you’ll need to completely push yourself into the sport

2.Travel Guide- Being a travel guide will involve a lot of travel on your part. This career involves going to various new places every day and meet new people across the world. Someone who is physically sound and fit can only take such a job that requires you to be on the go at every moment. Most of the tourist guides are self employed and manage their tours on their own.

3.Physical guide- Trainers guide and help others in getting fit. If you want to be someone who guides others to be physically fit and healthy, first you’ll need to be fit yourself. As a fitness guide you’ll need to don a strict healthy lifestyle.

4.Military- Military services require you to be perfectly fit and to have great levels of coordination and balance. Military personals are required to undergo fitness tests on a periodic basis to ensure complete fitness.

5.Fire Fighter- Fire Fighters have to work under massive pressure and have to deal with situations where physical stamina is greatly required. Gruelling tasks of rescue need aerobic fitness and an agile body.

6.Dance Teacher- Dance requires skill as well as strength. Dance is an art that needs full coordination of the body and mind to present a gracious move. Cardiovascular endurance is tested while dancing.

7.Construction Work- If you are involved in building work, you’ll need great stamina and strength to do on-field work. Construction related jobs need employees to be ready for all sorts of situations at all times.

8.Sales Associates- People who are involved in this trade have to walk and talk for long durations. Brokers and sales agents have jobs that require them to be on the go at all times. They have to be active, enthusiastic and should also have excellent communication skills.

9.Gym Trainer- Gyms are a place where you really need to put off your lazyness and work hard. Gym trainers are themselves expected to be enthusiastic and fit so that they inspire others to work out without lag.

Travel Show Host- If you have been fortunate enough to land the job of a travel show guide, you’ll really need to maintain good health. Since a lot of new places need to be discovered and a strict schedule has to be followed, travel show hosts

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How to negotiate your salary?

When it comes to negotiating your salary, it can be a tough deal on the part of an employee. Salary negotiation must be carried out in a balanced and skilled manner so that it doesn’t give out a negative vibe from your side. Negotiation in itself is challenging and when it comes to the professional arena, pinning on a decent salary might get tricky. It is a little edgy to make a strong case for yourself so that the odds fall in your favour. Proper negotiation can land you in a good spot with enhanced salary and better facilities. Especially for young job seekers, the main policies driving the negotiation should be friendly, timely, factual and professional. Speak up your mind in the subtlest manner possible and you can make the table turn!

Here are some tips that will help you negotiate your salary-

“·Be timely- Being prompt in matters related to money will always give you an edge over others. While negotiating your salary don’t leave the matter dangling between two loose ends that leave you and the panel both dissatisfied. Be optimistic and timely in your talks. Put your best foot ahead and respond quickly. Keep yourself properly updated and well researched for any type of question that might pop up at the meeting. Make it a point to respond without hesitation and in a short time. Your needs and demands appear genuine with your spontaneity.

“·Be thoughtful of what you demand- Be optimistic, ambitious and open about your needs but keep your feet grounded at the same time. Do not ask for something which is completely out of question. Be realistic about what you are asking for and always provide valid reasons and data for your demands and needs. Do not base your opinions on second-hand information. Rather, be thoughtful and understand your demands before you put them on the table.

“·Show Clarity- At a point in the negotiation show your acceptance or disapproval to the panel. Do not leave the matters in an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes people get confused and ask for time which makes it worse. Be clear about what you want and if you feel you are not satisfied then gracefully bow out of the offer. This will completely prevent your image from being marred. Those who are confused about accepting or declining the offer tend to lose it. Either express your acceptance and gratefulness or tell them that it’s not going to work out for you.

“·Cover all the details- Do not leave questions unanswered in your head due to hesitation or formality. There is nothing which you cannot ask, unless it concerns you and your salary. It is perfectly OK to ask about all the allowances, vacation time, and bonuses. Get to know the important details and negotiate these into your offer. Moving bonuses are also worth asking for if you are shifting cities.

“·Provide validations- Do not just ask for more money! Make your offer sound better and well reached by adding factual details and incorporating explanations for what you want. Get to know about the offers made by other companies similar to yours. You should be able to justify your rationale for the salary that you demand.

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Top DU colleges for Science

The best thing about pursuing a degree in science is that science is never out of trend. There are new technological advancements, researches and theories that come out every day to amaze the world and make it realise the importance of science. Although choosing a good college and a course accordingly can be a slightly confusing task. The main focus of all intermediate students is how to secure an admission in a good college. There are countless colleges associated with the Delhi University but the best ones have had a monopoly in being the best for a long time. DU has some of the most prestigious and sought after colleges of India and lakhs of students apply for the courses every year. Because of the handful of seats that are available, there is a great competition leading to high cut-offs.

If you seek to take admission in one of the best colleges of DU for pursuing a course in science, you must research well beforehand about the colleges as well as the courses offered by the top DU colleges.

Here is a list of the top DU colleges for Science-

“·St. Stephen’s College- This College remains as one of the best colleges under the Delhi University. St. Stephen’s has so far enjoyed the reputation of being the finest DU College for pursuing a course in science. This Christian minority College is located in the North Campus of DU. St. Stephen’s has churned out some of the most successful and celebrated alumni of DU.

“·Hindu College- Hindu College is one of the oldest colleges established under the banner of the Delhi University. In addition to being a high scorer in the field of academics, Hindu College also provides a very good platform for extra c-curricular activities.

“·Hansraj College- Located in the North campus of DU, Hansraj College is another leading college for pursuing a course in science. It houses students from all over the country who seek to pursue its fine science courses.

“·Miranda House- This all-girls College was set up for promoting the imparting of knowledge among women. Today, Miranda House has risen up to the reputation of being one of the finest colleges for science under DU.

“·Gargi College- This College boats of high academic record as well as fine infrastructural facilities. Gargi College is another women only college that has produced some of the best science graduates in the recent past.

“·Sri Venkateswara College- Established in 1961, this college has been churning out fine science graduates for a long time. It offers fine courses in science and many other academic fields as well.

“·Ramjas College- This college has some famous undergraduate courses that offer a degree in various fields of science. Ramjas College was one of the first three colleges set up under the Delhi University.

“·Kirori Mal College- Although famous for being the Alma Mater of Amitabh Bachchan, this college is one of the largest and finest colleges under DU. Kirori Mal also provides great opportunities to its students to hone their extracurricular activities as well.

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Last minute tips for the NEET exam

With the NEET UG All India test round the corner, it is a crucial time for all MBBS aspirants. Candidates who will be taking the test in a few days must be greatly anxious about the exam. NEET needs a good and thorough study of your core subjects and in addition some handy tips might work out to be great for you to remember points in the last few days!

“·BIOLOGY – Biology in itself is a vast subject and it makes up for almost 50% of the NEET paper, so it is obviously essential to stay focussed on this particular subject.
Focus well on Morphology, Kingdoms and Anatomy as these are the important topics.
Do not sit in front of your books for endless spans of time making you restless and frustrated. Study in a manner that keeps you rejuvenated and on the go. Even when you are memorising points, make key notes and keep highlighting stuff that you feel is important.

“·Keep Practicing- Once you’re done with a particular topic do not move ahead until you’ve practiced well on it. This step will assure that all that you’ve just grasped stays retained for long. You can easily strengthen up your topics as well as check your performance at the same time.

“·Revision is the key- It can happen that if you don’t revise a particular topic it might faint over time. Revision helps you in recalling quickly what you’ve previously studied. Revision takes a very short time since it’s a repetitive study of the same topic which you’ve already prepared but leaves it strongly solidated in your mind.

“·Smart Studying ““ Better devise a smart plan of studying for yourself. Smartly divide the subjects and allot them time slots according to your own needs. This way you won’t get bored studying the same subject all day long! The key is to study smart than to study hard!
Focus more on important topics. Learn the easy and more graspable ones first so that you’re done with an easy part and have enough time to devote to difficult topics.

“·Keep a separate handy notebook for formulae- When its just one week left for the exam, you’ll start to feel that you’re forgetting a lot of stuff. The best way to conquer this nervousness is to keep all your important formulae enlisted in a separate notebook. Keep revising them every now and then to keep them fresh in your mind so that you can recall them whenever you need them.

“·      Manage your time well- During exams, there is nothing more important that managing your time well. Keep properly divided time slots for studying, revising and giving mock tests.

“·Take mock tests- Once you’re done with a particular subject or feel that you’ve covered a substantial amount of the syllabus, do take mock tests. Practicing will let you know the areas where you’re still weak and need to work upon. Take a number of mock tests so that you’re thoroughly prepared to go!

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