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Last minute tips for the NEET exam

With the NEET UG All India test round the corner, it is a crucial time for all MBBS aspirants. Candidates who will be taking the test in a few days must be greatly anxious about the exam. NEET needs a good and thorough study of your core subjects and in addition some handy tips might work out to be great for you to remember points in the last few days!

“·BIOLOGY – Biology in itself is a vast subject and it makes up for almost 50% of the NEET paper, so it is obviously essential to stay focussed on this particular subject.
Focus well on Morphology, Kingdoms and Anatomy as these are the important topics.
Do not sit in front of your books for endless spans of time making you restless and frustrated. Study in a manner that keeps you rejuvenated and on the go. Even when you are memorising points, make key notes and keep highlighting stuff that you feel is important.

“·Keep Practicing- Once you’re done with a particular topic do not move ahead until you’ve practiced well on it. This step will assure that all that you’ve just grasped stays retained for long. You can easily strengthen up your topics as well as check your performance at the same time.

“·Revision is the key- It can happen that if you don’t revise a particular topic it might faint over time. Revision helps you in recalling quickly what you’ve previously studied. Revision takes a very short time since it’s a repetitive study of the same topic which you’ve already prepared but leaves it strongly solidated in your mind.

“·Smart Studying ““ Better devise a smart plan of studying for yourself. Smartly divide the subjects and allot them time slots according to your own needs. This way you won’t get bored studying the same subject all day long! The key is to study smart than to study hard!
Focus more on important topics. Learn the easy and more graspable ones first so that you’re done with an easy part and have enough time to devote to difficult topics.

“·Keep a separate handy notebook for formulae- When its just one week left for the exam, you’ll start to feel that you’re forgetting a lot of stuff. The best way to conquer this nervousness is to keep all your important formulae enlisted in a separate notebook. Keep revising them every now and then to keep them fresh in your mind so that you can recall them whenever you need them.

“·      Manage your time well- During exams, there is nothing more important that managing your time well. Keep properly divided time slots for studying, revising and giving mock tests.

“·Take mock tests- Once you’re done with a particular subject or feel that you’ve covered a substantial amount of the syllabus, do take mock tests. Practicing will let you know the areas where you’re still weak and need to work upon. Take a number of mock tests so that you’re thoroughly prepared to go!

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