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All you need to know about UPSC Engineering Services Examination

Once you have reached the final year of your engineering studies it is advisable to look out for employment options. The public sector is an ideal area for a search on employment opportunities as it provides both endurance and job security. There are various exams conducted by government bodies all across India to fill up posts available in the specified sectors.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts exams round the year to select candidates suitable for delivering services for the government.  The Engineering Services Examination is exclusively conducted for engineering graduates who wish to take up the posts of public engineers.

The UPSC issues a notification for the Engineering Services Examination in all leading dailies and official sites around the months of January and February. The exam is generally conducted in the months of June/July.

The exam is conducted for selecting engineers for Government of India’s engineering organizations, such as Indian Railway Service of Engineers (IRSE), Central Engineering Service (CES), Military Engineering Services (MES), etc.

Preferably for engineering graduates from the fields of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering the recruitments are made through an examination in which the candidates are required to be of 21-30 years of age on the 1st of August of the year of the examination. Certain candidates who are eligible for age relaxation are thereby informed through Employment News/ Rozgar Samachar.

The basic educational qualifications required for the Engineering Services Examination are:

“·A degree in Engineering from a recognised university or equivalent.

“·For certain services/posts an M.Sc degree or its equivalent with Wireless Communications, Electronics, Radio Physics or Radio Engineering as special subjects is also acceptable.

“·For candidates who are appearing at their engineering degree (final year engineering students ) or an equivalent examination they must provide the proof of passing the requisite examination along with their detailed application form that will be filled up at a later stage after they have qualified the written part of the examination.

The exam is conducted in two parts as written and a personality test conducted afterwards.

The written round consists of five papers of 200 marks each.

“·Paper I is objective in nature and has questions based on General Ability. It is subdivided into two parts A and B based on General English and General Studies respectively.

“·Paper II and Paper III are again objective with questions from the fields of Civil Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering. Both these papers wrap the entire syllabus of the relevant engineering disciplines.

“·Paper IV and V are conventional in nature and are also based on questions based on Civil Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering.

Once you are able to clarify the written examination a personality test is conducted for the final selection.

“·       PERSONALITY TEST- This is a thorough round of introspection of the candidate’s technical expertise, abilities and soft skills. This test amounts to 200 marks.

For candidates who wish to give the exam in the year 2017, a new exam pattern will come into force that will be published on the official UPSC site.

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News Interview Institutes Events Jobs Study Abroad Study Materials Ask an Ans Results Image Logo of Brainbuxa Educational Portal Are you Member? Login / Register {{ receivedData.data.fullname }} Home Blogs How to get over a disappointing boards result How to get over a disappointing boards result

With boards results being the hottest trend in the world of academia these days it is quite challenging for students to cope up with the expectations of family, friends and teachers!

Getting a disappointing boards result is not the end of the world!

In the words of J. K. Rowling; “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default”.

Failure and disappointments are a part of the canvas of life, which not only has bright and jovial colours but dark and eerie sides too. Do not let a disappointing board result drive you to a distant corner of your room soaked in hopelessness and apathy. Young minds are capable of moving mountains and everyone’s area of excellence is not the academic arena!

So get out, fill up your lungs with some fresh air and soak in some inspiration from the world outside. Here are some tips that will guide you how to get over a disappointing (but not hopeless so as to stop trying) boards result! ““


Learn from your mistakes

If you lost 5 marks to a careless mistake in the mathematics paper or forgot to write the unit at the end of an answer in physics, this is the time to learn. Sometimes it is good to get a setback because it teaches us to perform well and makes us realise the real value of victory.

“·Look upon bigger things in life

Have you ever thought about how fortunate you are being compared to the kid who sells candies outside the mall. The gift of life, the warmth of a soft bed and the support of family are the best things in life that we need to be thankful about. So stop bragging about your disappointments and instead be thankful for all that you have.

“·Make new goals

Even if you suffered a backslash in a particular attempt, you need not worry as there will be ample of new opportunities for you to prove yourself. Set a new goal and start preparing for it rightaway!

“·        Stay motivated

There is a long road lying ahead of you that needs efforts and dedication. There is no need to be disheartened by a stumbling block as there will be new mountains to hoist the flag of your victory. Stay motivated and happy. The key to success is hard work and motivation. Stay focussed henceforth.

“·Take a break

For now that exams as well as the anticipation for its results are over, move out for a vacation or get together. If your family is not so encouraging about this idea (as in most cases it is very likely) take pleasure in the simple delicacies of life. Enjoy late morning naps, long TV hours, movies and outings.

A board result is just a friendly reminder of what you are currently doing with your academic life. If you’ve screwed it up very much then it is an alarming bell. Either ways, there is still ample time to get things back on the track. So stop panicking and take a chill pill!

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How to start preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam?

Starting preparations for your UPSC Civil Services exam might seem to be a tedious and confusing task. When the course you need to cover is vast, there can be a lot of perplexity about ‘where to start from’ or ‘what to focus more upon’!

Starting preparations for the UPSC exam comes right from the innermost feeling that needs to keep you motivated through and through. If you really want to achieve something, you should be true and loyal to your commitments. UPSC requires grit, so one must decide to work hard.

When it comes to commencing preparations, one must start from scratch so that you end up covering all the aspects of the examination. It is best to study from NCERTs of the 11th and 12th level to strengthen your basics. Get to read a lot of text books to apprise you with the primary knowledge essential for your exam. Delve deeper into the core of your subjects to understand them well.

As we all know, the UPSC Civil Services exam needs a thorough knowledge of vast aspects including current affairs, so start reading the newspaper; twice!
Make note of all the important newspapers that you should cover ranging from International Relations (Middle East and Asia), International Relations (Americas and remaining world), Government Policies and schemes, Personalities and Awards and Sports, International Organisations, Social Issues, Economic Policies, Defence. The general studies section that you need to cover is vast, so should be your resources.

Go through a number of informative sites on the internet including blogs, online portals and edifying video portals. There is a wide web of information not available so handy in books, keeping in mind that the internet automatically throws light on important information. Moreover searching and segregating data according to your need is a lot easier on the web.

Make it a habit to follow important magazines like Frontline, Civil Services Chronicle, Economic and Political Weekly, Kurukshetra, The Economist, Yojana and India Today to keep you updated with the latest trends going on in the national as well as global scenario.

Your level of determination should not falter juxtaposed to the amount of efforts you need to put in. Being someone who is preparing for the UPSC Exam, you might miss a meal but not a daily edition of The Hindu.

Moving on from resources to implementation, you should keep a tight schedule for your daily studies. Attaining a balance between all the subjects is necessary. It is essential to set a weekly or monthly benchmark for your study. Try as hard as possible to meet deadlines. Try to understand every aspect of the question paper and the areas you really need to work hard upon. Your journey towards the goal of cracking the UPSC exam will take you a lot more further from where you currently stand. Holding an office after clearing the UPSC Civil Services exam amounts not only to having worked real hard for glory, but also for the purpose of serving your country.

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Are you digitally mature or not?
May 28, 2017

One of the most clichéd statements of today’s time is ‘Everything is just a click away!’ And it is hard to deny it too! Right from online shopping to transfer of funds, all it needs is a digitally sound mind which is free of any stigma. The once ‘visit and stand in a queue for your turn’ Banking exercise has also taken the digital route with customers choosing how and when do they want to interact with their Bank. While the consumers are all set to embrace the digital world and make their Banking experience hassle free, it is worth asking how prepared are the financial institutions and the other businesses to bring in this change?


“I was talking a stroll in the market when I got a text which had a 30% discount coupon of a restaurant that was just a block away! Although I didn’t have any plans to visit the restaurant, but I ended up eating at the restaurant due to that coupon!”


In an age where dining out and shopping destinations are decided as much by online discount coupons as they are by quality, the businesses can ignore the need for a digital presence only at their own peril. For the businesses, catching the eye of the customer is the first step towards establishing a customer ““ brand relation. With people spending a major chunk of their time online on social media and on their mobile phones, these have become a new marketing medium with an ocean of scope. While some organizations have put their best step forward to cash in on the new interests of the X-Gen, it would be fair to say that by and large, the businesses are yet to discover the potential of digital marketing.

Since we all agree to the significance of digital marketing and there are no contradictions, wouldn’t you expect the businesses to jump into it overnight and cash in before the pie has too many takers? Surprisingly, there are a number of limitations that the companies face while contemplating to venture into the digital marketing scene.

  • ü While some firms may site technical shortcomings as the major stumbling block, a number of other well financed companies seem to have issues in bringing their entire top leadership on board for these reforms and replace the age old tried and trusted marketing strategies. Lack of far sightedness is hurting the businesses majorly.
  • ü Firms have not been able to tap the potential of mobile channels as far. No dedicated team to look into digital marketing has brought about the downfall of a number of marketing strategies. Digital marketing is a tricky preposition. It has the potential to turn around your business in an unparalleled manner. The firms must understand and treat this accordingly.


Where do I begin?

Agreeing to the need and scope of digital marketing is probably the easiest step in the chain. The major challenge lying ahead is ‘How to begin?’ Without going into much detail, we would like to mention certain basic points that would help you get off the mark.

  • ü Ensure you are playing to your strengths. Ask yourself ““ What is your finest offering? And what do the customers want? Try and combine both the answers and you would reach the perfect beginning point.
  • ü Concentrate on the People. More than the process, the technology and the strategy – what is important is the people. Make sure your marketing strategies are people oriented. Do not wait for the customer to reach you. Instead, be present where the customer looks.
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Is engineering the right field for you?

Engineering is a great career option for all those you love to delve deeper into the functionality of things and processes on the earth!

Engineering provides a profound base for many different environments in which you can work, bringing out the most creative side of your innovation. For anybody who loves to solve problems, work with maths and science or computers and puts forth a new perspective of dealing with gears, engineering is an ideal field.

The best way to analyse whether or not engineering is an apt field for you is to do a check upon your interests. For people who love doing calculations and have a good hold upon aptitude in maths and science, engineering turns out to be a really good career option. Engineers are greatly in demand; they are valued and paid off really well in terms of money and reverence. But it shouldn’t be the reward that attracts you; the most innate inspiration comes from within. If your inner self likes experimenting with tools, softwares and formulas, engineering is your calling!

Before choosing a career one must reaffirm his abilities and short-comings. Engineering in itself is a vast ocean of fields, so choosing the best one for you might take some real self-assessment. Engineering is a mentally challenging career that needs you to be inclined towards the major in which you choose to graduate. There are numerous greatly demanded fields of engineering like aeronautical, chemical, mechanical, civil etc; computer science being the most preferred and sought after. The choice of the stream you’d go for during your course depends majorly upon the area in which you desire to learn and experiment.

Choosing engineering as a field might require some wisdom from those who are actually in the field. It wouldn’t be wrong to consider talking to an actual engineer in person before you opt for your career in the same. If you find yourself thoroughly engaged in your conversation with an engineer on a forum or in person and feel quite enlightened by the answers you get, you’re probably in! It is very easy to contact engineering societies and real people from the industry. There are forums, career advisors and websites that are willing to offer good advice for students confused about making career choices.

Engineering studies can be combined with a number of other fields later on. It is wrong to say that choosing engineering will shut all your doors towards learning medicine, forestry, genetics etc. There are interesting combinations that can open doors to meaningful research and scientific commitments. For students who will do research in a field, engineering provides a solid background needed for enhancing the scientific fervour.

Another great match for engineering comes in the form of management. A combination of engineering and management would work absolutely perfect for someone who is passionate about sciences but wants to land up in the management industry. Work experience, wisdom and practice will contribute greatly towards improving your commercial and financial position.

Frome planes to microscopes, DNA mapping to cloud computing, mining to food technology; engineering is spread across the globe like a giant web of people working together for enhancing technologies and resources; if you want to be one of them, get aboard!

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Rising Trends of Startup Culture and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is all about one’s readiness to take risks, create structure and handle a business in a competitive world that is dynamic. It is believed that to establish a startup, one should stop sketching and start building. Once the building of a startup successfully ends no one can be a barrier and the entrepreneurs become irrepressible. Entrepreneurship and start-up activities in India have grown greatly in numbers.

The current startup culture

As seen nowadays, there is a huge advancement in technology and ease in finding source for finance, more people specially the youth is showing major interest towards the new startup culture that is in trend. In this culture there is always a way and scope of innovation and because of this scope it has the ability to change the world. Startups by offering a better way to everything are challenging companies that have stood for 100 years. Startups work in a transparent environment and aim at improving the way one serves the customers. Startup companies hunt for new ideas and they jump on it to find fresh and enhanced ways to use the idea and to come up with improved quality. 

There are numerous reasons that are boosting up the startup culture for the millennium generation. Current is the generation that has a whole lot of innovative ideas, greatest of the minds but cannot work under the conventional work environment.

This is where startups play their role and gives the way to those who want to be their own boss. Also, one more thing that is attracting people towards this startup culture is that government offers a lot of benefits to startups and is trying best to build the desired ecosystem. So, the government with its encouragement is adding oodles to the ongoing entrepreneurial culture.

Might be a bit late but the startup culture has taken a swift boost, thanks to the budding enthusiasm of entrepreneurship. One of the freshest trends is that educational organizations in India have started to play a crucial role in creating entrepreneurial and startup opportunities comprising entrepreneurship as one of the main courses in business education.

From the past couple of years, college campuses also have started encouraging the startup culture relating to different fields. Considering the example of one of the most famous social media site Facebook which was also born at a college campus, the education institutes have to be optimistic, because we never know where the next big entrepreneurial giant may take place.

What can the colleges do?

In colleges, strong teams can be built with fellow students where there is a constant flow of ideas because of the dynamics involved with the young generation. Colleges can develop entrepreneurship cells which should channelize the flow of idea in order to achieve aim at growth and flow of ideas. If students are provided with the specific training on how to control a business, they can achieve heights. Many well established colleges in India do promote this culture by establishing entrepreneurial ecosystem. If more colleges will promote the idea of entrepreneurship, we can have a bigger room full of ideas. Big entrepreneurs need talented people who are willing to work for them.

Entrepreneurship and the dynamics

Entrepreneurship is the latest activity that is creating an atmosphere of excitement in the world.  However, to begin with the idea of a startup and working efficiently for it, one feels necessity for strong devotion, a firm decision, confidence and determination. The one difficult test that start ups have to give is of finding a person with willingness to work in a startup. A person starting a startup should stay motivated and also should create an atmosphere of motivation that will help others also in the team. Hiring people for operations like marketing and sales is easy, but finding technical talent is quite a difficult task.

Young people usually don’t know what to expect. People often evaluate a company by its elegant office which actually should not be given much preference when joining an organization. Working from home is cheaper, much satisfying and low pressured. But in India, many employees think that having a proper office means more success.

People have become habitual of MNC or Call Center kind of jobs, where they can get job security, high pay with much lesser skills and work. There is a need of people who also have Entrepreneurship in vision and are convinced to the thinking that a Start up can give them a great growth where one gets to learn and add oodles to their experience.

One attribute that startups look for is the intelligence to do the role in terms of skill and experience. Some startups have assessment tests. A considered employee should be self-motivated and should show team player abilities. Also, they need to have some complementary skills, knowledge of industry and network. And they should fit into startup culture.

One should have the knowledge of the industry in which he/she will enter and should be willing to learn fast, without this, it becomes difficult to survive in this culture. Deep confidence in yourself and in your abilities helps you fight the fear of failure. One has to be hard working, determinant and should be able to do multiple tasks. Last but not the least these are the following delicacies that should be in an Entrepreneur and this is considered the main goal of Entrepreneurship.

1. They need to differentiate between markets where they can explore their strength and potential.

2. Secondly they should know about their potential consumers who are actually willing to buy their services.

3. The budding Entrepreneurs must have knowledge about their Unique Selling Preposition so that can attract consumers through their value added services.

Education can play a vital role in the Entrepreneurship because if a child is unable to get good marks, somehow he/she give up hope that they can do something in life. In such a situation, only teachers can increase their self-confidence. We are in 21st century where people are into digitization hence we can enhance our inner qualities with the help of technology only we need to have will determination that we can do it at any cost.

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Learn English at your cell on ease

English is one of the most spoken languages on the planet. In fact, to say that the language is lingua franca is not an exaggeration. Can you think of one place where English is not required? You need Standard English to communicate in academics, corporate and even in government communications. Even your chances of employment (especially for the students) depend on your ability to communicate verbally in English. Like any other language, English is also composed of words and building a great vocabulary is a key to effective communication.

More students are fluent with the vocabulary; the stronger, focused, and clearer they will be able to deliver the message. One way of building vocabulary is listening and understanding the meaning of the word from the context but, this can be possible if students already have a good stack of vocabulary with them. A Rich vocabulary is the path to great English as it makes tasks of reading, writing, listening and hearing easier to perform.

Though there are various apps available in the market. But we have come up with “U-Dictionary app” As it is award winning dictionary app with unique features, and has high-quality definitions— very useful tool for users.

Here’s how U-Dictionary can be helpful for Students, One of the most vital goals for each and every student should be to become a self-learner, who can continue learning and improving through out’s whole life.

Students need to be able to do so much more than reel off lists of English vocabulary. They need to be able to assimilate the language so that it can support their communication needs.

Here are some tips from U-Dictionary to help students to go master in Vocabulary,

●    Get a dictionary app and start practicing new words – Spend at least 10mins a day

●    Improve vocabulary daily, learn 20 words along with the sample sentences and pronunciation

●    Read articles and note down the new words

●    Understand the meaning and practice the new words to have great conversation with your friends and family

But hang on a minute! What if your friend sends you a message in Whats App and you don’t know the meaning and so you would have to scamper through the dictionary and respond them back. During the time you go off, your friend might guess you didn’t know the meaning. But U-Dictionary app has an interesting feature to solve the problem of understanding any word at ease without spending too much time.

Here is an example of that Tap to Translate feature

You can download U-app from Play Store Download Here

Yes, this looks cool isn’t it? We can now translate and get meaning on any words or sentences in WhatsApp and also while reading an article in any browser. Other features of U-Dictionary include Offline Dictionary, Daily Learning and Sample sentences which make Students and Professionals work easier and efficient.

English language learning could be fun; all we need is to spend few minutes of our busy time to learn something at the right place. And that right place could be U-Dictionary.

U Dictionary won as one of the “Best Apps of 2016” by Google Play Store India. Please share the good news with your loved ones, friends & family & invite them to download U Dictionary.

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Why is Hotel Management a rewarding career?
May 25, 2017

The ‘hospitality bug’ is fancy enough to bite any student interested in taking up a career in the field of hotel management and supervision. Hotel Management has emerged out to be one of the most sought after careers by Indian students. Good following and managing temperament, ability to work as a team and having a keen aesthetic and unique touch in your perspective are the ingredients of a potential Hotel Management aspirant.

Hotel Management is a highly rewarding career since the global picture of an urban city has emerged out to be soaked in the hues of modernisation and the extension of the impact of the private sector on health and lifestyle of people. Multi-cuisine restaurants, five-star hotels, luxurious bars and a lot many places have become a part of the routine for people all over the world. Whether it might be official meetings, public gatherings or functions, apposite management is indispensable; and here is when Hotel Management comes to play.

Eating and drinking never go out of fashion so it is obvious that the Hotel Management industry just keeps on getting bigger and better. Making people pleased with your services will give you immense pleasure and also a good pay package. The hospitality industry is a vast web of people linked together with a social thread. Entering this web of hospitable people making people happy and comfortable will surely appeal to those who have a will to serve others.

Indian cities too have become a honey-pot for restaurants and hotels, following which the need for supervisors and managers is increasing at every level. This sector is bound to grow exponentially with the influx of technology and cultural advancement. It is reckoned to be a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and have cross-cultural contacts on your list! The diversity and aura of this career greatly appeals to all hotel management aspirants planning to pursue it as their full-time career.

Once you have gained a graduate degree in hotel management, novel graduates often go through on-the-job training programs before taking up much responsibility. Ultimately, they can move ahead to a pinnacle management position in a large chain operation.

There has been a great emphasis on the leisure activities in our society in the past decades, reason being why fine places for dining and meeting people have become such a rage amongst people. Once considered over-fashionable and a recluse form of managing work at places of gatherings, today hotel management has crossed the barriers of being kept separately from other mainstream careers.  After being experienced, training and initiatives are united to create your ability to escort employees and manage business. Large number of companies and hotel-chains hire interns who perform well during their internships and give them full-time offers.

The hotel management industry is a multi-billion industry sparkling with the colours of value, pleasantness and service. Hotel management has rung bells both inside as well as abroad for being a fun and socially-interactive career. This greatly rewarding career is one of those few choice-oriented careers that offer a lot to those who offer it the same!

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Best on and off campus jobs for those studying abroad

For all college students studying abroad; money is always something to worry about. Living in a foreign land in itself is exciting as well as challenging but managing your expenses and making money is surely the challenging part. There are a number of on and off campus jobs that are available for students studying abroad in order to help them meet their expenses in a self-reliant manner. Mostly, students studying abroad also try to unburden their parents from the load of sending money again and again, thus the number of jobs hiring students are ample.

In addition, if you are an international student, working on the campus will be a great way to start having an interaction with people and make new friends.

Here are some of the best on and off college jobs for those studying abroad:

“·CAFETERIA: Working at the cafeteria in your college is a good option for a start. You get to know new faces and also feel safe around people of the same institute at the same time. You can work at the cash counter or can also help serving food to others. Just be sure that you’re not draining yourself too much and manage your studies alongside without compromising on them.

“·COLLEGE/PUBLIC LIBRARY: A very peaceful way of making money is working at the library. Here you’ll be away from the noises of people chit-chatting and spoons cluttering; instead your main responsibility will be to take care of the books in the library. It will also be required of you o help people search for the kind of book they want. If you like books and a quite work-place, this is an ideal off campus job for you.

“·CALL CENTRE: Good communication skills and fluency in language is required for this job. Call centre jobs can pay off well and you can make enough money out of it for your overhead expenses. This off campus job is very similar to a real job that pays you for attending work on a regular basis. The only thing to watch out for is to be assured that you do not lose on upon your time valuable for academic purposes.

“·FREELANCING: A number of college students take up freelancing as a way of earning a good number of bucks. The amount of money you can earn through freelancing solely depends upon your skills. Freelancing is so far the best way to earn money from your college dorm only. There are a number of branches that fall under the field of freelancing.

“·   WORKING AT A STORE: Working in stores can be fun. You get to choose from a number of options- clothes store, jewellery shops, saloons, bars and shoe stores. It would be the best to land up working in a store that houses some articles of your interest like if you like music you can end up working in a music store! Stores are always beaming with customers and will also give you a chance to interact with a number of new people in addition to earning some bucks.

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Looking for a job in social media? Here’s how to work towards it
May 25, 2017

Social Media is a mammoth recruiter when it comes to jobs. With countless start-ups and media companies blooming under the aura of today’s IT sector, there are great opportunities for employment. If you are looking for a job in social media you need to brush up some of your technical as well as communication skills to gain finesse.

“·Have a striking Resume- The foremost prerequisite for gaining an upper hand over others is to have an impressive resume in your kitty. Your resume should reflect creativity and management skills as the social media industry needs fresh talent and a strategic workforce.

“·Learn to work as a team- Technical and creative skills are important but the spirit of working as a team is equally important. Social Media requires a good amount of interactive skills that you’ll need to exercise every now and then to get your projects completed.

“·Hone your Vocal skills- Managing a company’s social media space requires a good hold on English language. You need to be in both written as well as verbal arenas to be able to communicate efficiently.

“·Technical Knowledge- More than rudimentary knowledge of social media and media tools, you need to have a thorough knowledge of media techniques and technical tools used in media systems. Analytic, monitoring, engagement and reporting tools are the essentials of a media system. Your skills should be vibrant and you must have practical knowledge of implementing these tools. There are a number of softwares in rage in the media industry these days. Make sure that you are well versed with the basic ones.
Take a little time to become skilled at the top social media tools and leading practices being used in modern business.

“·Build up measurable results- If you are looking for a social media job you will need to show how useful and productive you have been in the past. You should have some influential media strategies in mind whether or not you have previously worked upon them. It will considerably increase your chances of bagging the job if you have some successful results to show. If you have worked with websites, driven users from one social media platform to an e-commerce site, have been successful in motivating traffic towards a blog or a site, you’ll surely be having higher chances of getting recruited.
Results do matter and every executive running a media company wants analytics who can drive home quantifiable results.

“·Build a good online value for yourself- It is essential to have a noticeable online marketing strategy for yourself. Make sure that good things pop up when you are searched online! Build up a positive personal brand so that you get a good feedback on your presence on the web. Keep your social media profiles updated and be more professional with your virtual personality.

For all those who want a career in Social Media, there is a long road ahead. Marketing knowledge, creativity and a competitive spirit will take you a long way!

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