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Looking for a job in social media? Here’s how to work towards it
May 25, 2017

Social Media is a mammoth recruiter when it comes to jobs. With countless start-ups and media companies blooming under the aura of today’s IT sector, there are great opportunities for employment. If you are looking for a job in social media you need to brush up some of your technical as well as communication skills to gain finesse.

“·Have a striking Resume- The foremost prerequisite for gaining an upper hand over others is to have an impressive resume in your kitty. Your resume should reflect creativity and management skills as the social media industry needs fresh talent and a strategic workforce.

“·Learn to work as a team- Technical and creative skills are important but the spirit of working as a team is equally important. Social Media requires a good amount of interactive skills that you’ll need to exercise every now and then to get your projects completed.

“·Hone your Vocal skills- Managing a company’s social media space requires a good hold on English language. You need to be in both written as well as verbal arenas to be able to communicate efficiently.

“·Technical Knowledge- More than rudimentary knowledge of social media and media tools, you need to have a thorough knowledge of media techniques and technical tools used in media systems. Analytic, monitoring, engagement and reporting tools are the essentials of a media system. Your skills should be vibrant and you must have practical knowledge of implementing these tools. There are a number of softwares in rage in the media industry these days. Make sure that you are well versed with the basic ones.
Take a little time to become skilled at the top social media tools and leading practices being used in modern business.

“·Build up measurable results- If you are looking for a social media job you will need to show how useful and productive you have been in the past. You should have some influential media strategies in mind whether or not you have previously worked upon them. It will considerably increase your chances of bagging the job if you have some successful results to show. If you have worked with websites, driven users from one social media platform to an e-commerce site, have been successful in motivating traffic towards a blog or a site, you’ll surely be having higher chances of getting recruited.
Results do matter and every executive running a media company wants analytics who can drive home quantifiable results.

“·Build a good online value for yourself- It is essential to have a noticeable online marketing strategy for yourself. Make sure that good things pop up when you are searched online! Build up a positive personal brand so that you get a good feedback on your presence on the web. Keep your social media profiles updated and be more professional with your virtual personality.

For all those who want a career in Social Media, there is a long road ahead. Marketing knowledge, creativity and a competitive spirit will take you a long way!

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    1. It us good to keep up with the times. Now, today’s job are more demanding and a knowledge of technology is a plus. I heard that there are many openings in the cyber security field. Some can start as much as $50.00 per hour. Social Media is another field that can reap some rewards. This article was very well written and informative. Five stars in my opinion. ***** Keep up the good work.


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