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Is coaching the only way to crack the IIT JEE?

IIT JEE remains the most competitive and esteemed examination sought by students in the country. Whether or not you’re joining a coaching institute, self determination and dedication are the very basic ingredients for cracking the exam. There are absolutely no shortcuts for this exam; all that will lead you towards success will be hard work. Most of the leading coaching institutes in India such a Akash Institute, Allen Career Institutes and countless number of names boast of mass selections from their nation-wide centres, still there remains a question whether or not a coaching institute is the only way to crack the IIT JEE? It is not wrong to say that a coaching institute adds discipline, practice and timely study to a student’s schedule. Working with a competitive group in a competitive environment goes a long way in the successful preparation for IIT JEE. Coaching institutes teach learning methods to face this highly raged exam. A good coaching institute provides relevant topic-wise modules for every topic in PCM. Usually while self studying it is difficult to separate topics on the basis of the syllabus.

It would not be correct to say that a coaching institute is the only way to crack the exam, but surely; a coaching institute greatly embellishes the efforts of a student which helps him/her prepare well. Many students preparing for the exam find it tricky to make them sit down for studies in a timely manner due to a number of distractions. It is wise to join an institute which tightens up your schedule so that you do not have spare time to waste. The year of preparation for JEE requires great discipline and alienation from distractions. Going for self-studies might lead to loss of time if you are not good at controlling yourself.

Further, when one sits in a group of people all working for the same purpose, working becomes easier and motivation is also constantly instilled. Preparing single-handedly might make you stressed and over-pressurised but if you have been a good student throughout and really feel that you could pull yourself through, then you can go on for self studies too.

Having a tutor at home is another way of preparing which a number of students opt. If you wish to go in for this option then make sure that you follow a crisp and adequate time-table strictly which allots time for each of the three subjects wisely. Further it will be vital to wisely select your tutors because good JEE teachers are quite scarcely available for personal tuitions.

There are a number of methods to prepare for the exam but the basic elements for cracking the same are just hard-work and dedication. Every time you feel drained think about your goal; whatever it might be- money, a foreign job, a lavish house, or a world tour whatever!

One should keep his head focused on the preparation because regardless of the fact whether you have attended a coaching institute or prepared with self-studies, at the end your destination is all that matters!

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Is coaching necessary to get good marks?

The right attitude to attain perfection is the excellence and striving to get better. Coaching classes and private tuitions are merely like a lubricant in a vehicle. They just help in smooth running of the vehicle. The individual is that vehicle. He/she has to work. But, coaching classes are not the only lubricant available for this purpose. There are several other lubricants that are available near you for the smooth functioning. The student’s urge to study, his will power to reach the zenith of success, his outlook how his parents eyes and face would be full of unexpressed emotions, the beautiful dreams that they have weaved for him and certainly the zeal and determination to achieve the impossible.

Whatever the student thinks of achieving as a result of coaching can surely be attained with devoted and dedicated self-study. A student who is sincere with his studies does not require a coaching to secure good marks. They know that how much time is wasted in travelling to the coaching institutes. These students utilize this time in revising or performing other vital stuffs. Nothing can substitute self-study. Even if the child faces problems with some topics, there are teachers at schools, friends and for few students their parents to help them understand the topic effectively. This can be the best medium and certainly better than any coaching class.Success to secure good marks requires a skill to understand the exam pattern, a time table to master the necessary skill and a rigorous resolve to follow the same.

The only way coaching classes can help is to guide you sometimes. Few students who find it difficult to remain glued with studies everyday are advised to take tuitions and coaching such that it maintains decorum in their life. To make it simple average students should join them. However what is seen nowadays is that students see tuitions and coaching as a tradition and readily join them. They come back from their schools and without even giving their bodies rest pack their bags to move to their respective coaching. When they return back the toil on their bodies does not allow them to do self-study which proves fatal in the later stages. No coaching institute can fully prepare anyone for 90 plus category marks until the student himself is geared for the task. Coaching may help, but they are not absolutely essential.

The major and the most significant thing is the student’s motive to crack his exams and secure good marks. Various surveys have revealed that coaching institutes turn out to be a chit chat place for the child and his/her friends. There can be numerous distractions at home, but the child should remain focused towards his duties. Students should have a clear focus and a plan because many start self-study but do not sail through as they lose hope very quickly. Practice and sheer hard work can make anyone perfect. Paying attention to what is taught in the school and sincere dedication towards studies can help anyone secure the top notch position in any exam.

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Top 5 Offbeat Careers in the world

There is a mighty power in employing the fire in one’s belly towards his/her passions. Once determined and assiduous efforts are applied towards a specific goal, the person obtains an invincible power. This power grows to glory, a life lasting and an eternal possession.

But in order to rejoice this everlasting bliss, the first step is to pick the right career. A career that gives you the strength to use your interests and potentials to the highest level.

One crucial decision that all of us have to face after school is: Which course, College, university, state or country should be chosen for further education?

Listed below are 5 offbeat careers that are different from the conventional weary jobs. For the people who do not want to confine to fixed timings and want advancement, these might prove magnificently striking.

1. Advertisement Creator

For all the creative fellows with a marketing bent of frame of mind who sit back and ponder what can be experimented with the astonishing creations of The Almighty, examine your talent. If you think you already possess the skills or can develop it with experience, time or training feel positive and start right away.

2. Business Development Manager

Sitting back after graduation and waiting for destiny to shape up life for you can never be a solution. If you are a social person and moving people with your personality and talks is not a problem for you, Business Development Manager is a very bright option. Though different companies may lay their own rules for appointing them, many appoint normal graduates. Imagining building contacts with the most influential businessmen in the city. Gaining experience is very important for all professions. Just take a start and once you build a contact and keep your work intact and you have no worries for years.

  3. Lyricist

Music is not limited to possessing great vocal cords or playing a musical instrument. What can be sung until the lyrics are written? Wonder writing up lyrics and soon hearing the song with your lyrics being sung. Such a pleasure can satisfy the entire existence of being born in the world. There can be never a time in this world when music stops appealing to the humankind.

4. Photography

For an employment, technical skills and creativity are more important than a degree. With the growth of internet activities and websites marketing the brands and other products, photography is an inevitable part of the business. Formal degree programs in photography also have been started catering to the quality and excellence. In the present times as well as in the times to come this sector has a guaranteed bloom.

5. Graphic Designer

With the globalisation, all the companies are today identified with the Visual ‘Brand’. And hence designs are required for websites, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity.

If the new technologies in media interest you like the design programs such as keeping abreast of emerging technologies in new media, particularly design programs such as; In Design, QuarkXPress, FreeHand, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Acrobat, Director, Dreamweaver and Flash this lately emerged concept can earn you a great deal of money. Self-employment in this field or working free lance gives you the space to deal with the ideas effectively.

Got any other great ideas? Why don’t you share them in the comments below?

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Top B-Schools in the US

Finding an MBA programs that enhances your knowledge, skills and career is important for business students all over the world. Getting admission in the top B Schools is a fantasy for many commerce students and business professionals all over the world. There are several aspects that have to be looked upon while applying in these Schools. Discussed below are the programs, eligibility criteria, fee estimates and the financial aid of the Top 10 B-Schools of US.



The Business school attracts students from more than 50 countries and benefits with its collaborative educational process. It offers a Full Time MBA program to transform the brightest and most passionate people in the world.

The MSx program is a full time one year program for the mid-career professionals with atleast eight years of work experience who crave to develop their skills in management, innovation leadership.

The PhD program is a doctoral program in academic research and education focused on management.

For securing admission the international aspirants must have an equivalent of a US bachelors degree, GMAT or GRE score(no minimum is required),a minimum score of 100 on IBT in TOEFL or a minimum of 7 in IELTS or a minimum of 68 in PTE with academic transcripts, a resume, 2 essays and 2 letters of Reference.

The institution jointly with Harvard Business School offers some Executive Education programs. Coordinating with the MIT Sloan School of Management and the London School of Business it offers one of the three Sloan Fellows programs.

For the nine month academic year of a first year MBA student the total expense is approximately $104,046 including a tuition fee of $61,875 and other expenses like living allowance, books and supplies, Instructional Materials, Transportation, Medical Insurance and Health Fee.



For applying in this B-School, a number of materials are to be furnished to HBS online like transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate programs, the GMAT/GRE scores and a minimum score of 109 in IBT TOEFL/minimum score of 7.5 or a minimum score of 75 in PTE, one essay, a resume, a non refundable fee of $250 and a signed acceptance of HBS Admissions Policies.

In 2015 out of the 9,315 applications 12 % were admitted.

The total expenses amount for one year amount to $95,100 including a tuition fee of $58,875 and other expenses like program support fee, room and utilities, HUPSHIP student health insurance plan.

To provide private educational loans to international students with no co-signer, the University has collaborated with Harvard university Employees Credit Union (HUECU).There are other private other loans for the students and the school encourages the students to get such details from their home country and/or country-of-residence for other options. About 65% of the MBA students get financial assistance

There is a legal obligation of paying the principal and the interest under a defined repayment schedule in case loans are taken.



With 5000 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA and doctoral students, the school creates a social and economic value around the world.

The university uses a course unit (CU) system to list the weight of their courses. The undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 37 course units and meet the circular requirements described on the site and in the handbook

The total expenses for one year are $97,542 including a tuition fee of $ 68,210 and other expenses like Health Insurance, Room and Boarding, Books and Supplies etc. The students can get acknowledged about the loan programs through Student Financial Services

Federal, private loans and other financial assistance in form of scholarships or sponsorships are available. The international students can borrow through an international loan program.




The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business is the second oldest business school in the US, also being the first school to offer an Executive MBA and to initiate a PhD program in business

The students must have completed an undergraduate program at an accredited U.S college or university or its equivalent in another country. There is no minimum score of the GMAT or GRE score and the students need to appear in IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.

The school also looks in Letters of recommendation, a resume, professional recognition, responses to the essays and the communication skills demonstrated in the interview.

The estimated expenses for one year are $94,993 including a tuition fee of $61,520 and other expenses like Student life fee, Health Insurance, Administrative Service Fee, Books, Rent and Utilities, Transportation etc. The school is however committed to assist all the admitted students in financing their MBA regardless of their citizenship in the form of student loans, merit based scholarships and fellowships.



The following requirements must be fulfilled for applying GMAT or GRE scores, Resume, Essays, Letters of Recommendation, and Transcripts from all courses that counted towards a degree.

The TOEFL /IELTS are not required for the MSMS applicants.

MSMS application fee: $100.00

The non-refundable application fee of $100 is payable by credit card

The tuition fee of the Master of Science in Management Studies tuition plus the student activities fee for school year is $65,750 plus other expenses like health, insurance, books, housing etc

Students can finance their education with the Scholarships, Corporate Sponsorship, and Loans

The Range of Base Salary is $63,000″“139,000



Kellogg offers full-time, part-time, and executive programs. It partners with schools in China, France/Singapore, India, Spain, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Canada, and Thailand.

Degrees are granted in Master of Business Administration (MBA), Ph.D., an MBA-JD, and MMM Program, a MBA + MDI dual degree

For applying the student must submit , two letters of recommendation, letter of Organizational Support, Official Transcript .For the international students, a course-by-course credit evaluation of their transcripts is to be and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of 100 or above must be taken.

An application fee of $150.00 is charged when the application is submitted.

For the Two-Year MBA, the estimated expense is $88,807 including a tuition fee of $61,596 and other expenses of Room & Board, Books & Supplies, Travel, Personal Health Insurance, Computer Equipment, Student Life Fee and Student Association

The school offers a variety of scholarship to students who have shown professional and personal excellence. Once students are accepted in one of the programs, they are automatically considered for all merit scholarships. Several merit and need-based scholarships are also awarded to qualified students.

Loan assistance is provided for U.S. citizens and permanent residents through the Federal Loans

Private education loans are available for the U.S. citizens, permanent residents and international students.



The school offers programs for Full-Time MBA, Evening & Weekend MBA Berkeley MBA for Executives, PhD, Undergraduate, and Master of Financial Engineering.

The budget of $80,215.50 is estimated including a tuition fee of $38,548 plus other expenses like UC Berkeley Fee, Living Expenses, Books & Supplies, and Health Insurance Plan2

The online application fee is $200.

A Current resume ,Admissions essays, Two professional letters of recommendation, University transcripts, GMAT or GRE score report(with no minimum acceptable score)Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with IBT and a score of atleast 90/ IELTS score of 7 are to be submitted

The financial assistance provided by the Haas Financial Aid Office at the University of California, Berkeley helps the students to secure the secure the best federal, institutional, and outside funding to achieve their degrees.

In the full time MBA course 70 percent of the students receive some kind of financial assistance

The students have to contact the main office rather than the University’s Financial Aid and Scholarships.



The university school of business offers MBA program, Executive MBA, Doctoral Program, Master of Science Program. The tuition fee of the college is $63,148 per year for MBA (full-time) plus other expenses like accommodation, living expenses, health insurance, travel etc

The following are to be fulfilled for applying in the course

Official transcripts, self-reported GMAT (preferred) or GRE score, one short answer question and three essays, two recommendations

$250 is the non-refundable application fee for the Columbia Business School MBA Program

Scholarships are mostly need-based. Certain named scholarships have a merit component.

More than two-thirds of Columbia Business School students take help of federal and private loan programs.



The admissions team considers a variety of factors when judging a candidate’s application. The six Criteria’s evaluated are academic credentials, leadership and team skills, communications skills, diversity, and global mindset.

The estimated budget for the year is $99,655 including the tuition fee of $64,200 and other expenses like Books and Supplies, Housing, Program fee etc.

The applicants of the MBA program are all considered for the scholarship regardless of their citizenship. With the admission decision the scholarships are awarded.

The financial aid is determined by their eligibility for loans based on a variety of factors, including cost of the program, the student’s ability to contribute, debt levels consistent with successful repayment, and the school’s availability of funds. For admission in this school it

It is impossible to predict a candidate’s chance of admission. Admission in this course is not merely judged by looking at his or her academic record and test scores.



For admission in the school the applicants are required to take either the GMAT or GRE, submit a TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score, a business résumé an essay, two recommendations, Transcripts, Residency/In-State Status, and Visa Information

A non-refundable application fee of $250 is to be paid. For admission in the 21 month course an average of 4 years experience is a must.

The tuition fee is $58,050 plus expenses on Living expenses, Materials charges, Books, Transportation etc

For scholarships there is no additional scholarship application.About 150 scholarships are awarded every year.

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Top Universities in US of America

The United States of America is invariably the topmost study destination for all students around the world. The country has some of the best universities in the world that encompass nearly each and every domain. There is a mushroom growth of international students every year in the United States. Students of various nationalities come to this country to pursue higher studies as the country boasts of its research and development facilities.

The advanced learning system and resources aid the student community to help pursue their dreams and career. The top universities of USA have provided the best of opportunities to the student folks all across the globe virtually across various disciplines. The top universities of US are as follows:

1)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This is arguably the best institute to study in the United States. It is a tough place to get in but provides quality education. It has been the alma mater to the world’s top scholars. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been ranked one for the past three-four years in several surveys.

2)Standford University

Standford is traditionally cited as one of the best universities of US. It is a part of the non-Ivy League of colleges. Students need to be extra meritorious to enter into the Standford University.

3)University of California- Berkeley

The University of California is a place where every graduate loves to pursue research and development. This university provides both practical and classical knowledge to the students.

4)Carnegie Mellon University

Termed as the birthplace of innovation the Carnegie Mellon University has been producing several entrepreneurs all over the world. The university helps their students across various domains like science, technology, arts etc.

5)Cornell University

The Cornell University is a private university located in New York. It is a part of the Ivy League of colleges. Various unconventional ideas are used by the faculty to teach their students. It has been ranked in the top 10 colleges since the past few years.

6)University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

This University has produced several influential people in the world. The university is testimony of innovative research and had developed the first graphical web browser. Students coming from several countries opt for the University of Illinois.

7)University of Washington

The University of Washington has been one of the pioneer institutes to pursue higher education. The unshakable positive attitude to tackle various challenges and problems has been one of the several features the University has been renowned of.

8)Princeton University

Princeton University has been the most vibrant college for students providing knowledge in nearly every sphere, humanities, social sciences and engineering. It is one of the oldest colleges of the United States and provides world class education.

9)University of Texas- Austin

This University provided dozens of top ranked programs. The faculty members blend technical knowledge with new learning techniques which has been one of the major reasons of the significant rise of the University in the charts.

10)Georgia Institute of Technology

The University is located at Georgia has provides unparalleled technical knowledge as compared to the other universities.

These US universities provide scholarships to the meritorious students across the globe. Every university in the US works on different perspective, each endowed with innovative skills. They groom students in such an extraordinary way which makes them look different from the normal crowd.

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Best US Universities for MS

An eclectic mix of nationalities of students advances to the United States every year, a mecca of higher education. The country is invariably the topmost study destination for students across the globe. The country has several prestigious and renowned institutes that feature amongst the best universities of the world. One of the best places for research and development, the United States provides numerous opportunities to the students to build their career.

A large number of students land up in the United States for post-graduation. The United States has been the top choice for pursuing MS (Master of Science). The students know the importance of gaining expertise in a particular domain and therefore, look forward to the best option to enhance their knowledge. The best US colleges for MS are as follows:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cited as the topmost university of the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides the best research and development facilities to every student. The most talented scholars make into this college. Almost all engineering graduates dream of studying in the MIT.

Standford University

The best college of the non-Ivy League of colleges, Standford is one of the oldest colleges of the world. The institute has constantly featured amongst the top colleges of the word. The Standford Univeristy is better recognized to provide classical knowledge with latest technologies.

University of California- Berkeley

The University of California provides both practical and contemporary knowledge to the students. Several programs of MS in this university aim at innovating new technologies for research and development. Every year thousands of India students are admitted in the University of California. Students are taught about the latest developments in science alongside their study curriculum.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University has a unique teaching system.The teachers focus on practical and test case driven study.The faculty members of the college help the students with their research work. The Carnegie Mellon University has been doing exceptionally well in the past few years. A large number of students are opting Carnegie Mellon University for pursuing MS over other top class universities.

Cornell University

A part of the Ivy League of Colleges, Cornell University is a private university located in New York. The university is testimony of innovative research and development. The faculty members blend technical knowledge with advanced learning techniques which has been a vital reasonfor the significant rise of the University in the charts.

Several Indians students consider studying in the United States because of the use of latest technologies and improved teaching mechanism. Indians need to write the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) exam for pursuing MS in the US. The best place for gaining quality education, various colleges provide scholarships to the meritorious students. Students are also attracted towards the country because of the relaxed lifestyle and wonderful climate.

With the access to outstanding programs and advanced scientific knowledge, the country provides finest professors and teachers. The country has one of the best universities in the world that encompasses nearly each and every domain. The style and the quality of education provided in the United States have been acknowledged worldwide. The innovative classroom experience, diversified cultures and the cognition bind together the most supreme environment to study in. The campus environment and the study culture offer a certain degree of flexibility that enables the student overcome challenges and intellectually seek for innovative solutions.

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Top US Universities for MBA

The United States of America is considered as the mecca of higher education for pursuing management courses. The US boasts of several management institutes that can land anyone to the top corporate offices holding apex positions and senior management posts in any prominent company. The country is considered to be the hub of management programs and is undoubtedly the largest economic engine of the world.

A star-studded degree at the end of two years from the top MBA institutes in US provides students with the opportunity to reach the zenith of success in their life. It gives the students an opportunity to study in an enriching and global environment that aims at bringing an overall personality development of the student.

The United States has several MBA institutes that feature amongst the best MBA colleges in the entire world. The famous five MBA institutes of US are as follows:

1)Harvard Business School

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the Harvard Business School is invariably the best B-School in the world. The institute provides management programs encompassing every domain. The talented and the academically strong folks land at the Harvard Business School. The students are provided with practical knowledge that helps them to deal with real life problems.


2)Standford Graduate School of Business

The Standford University is not only the best MBA institute of California but it is one of the top most universities in the world. It offers a two-year standard MBA course with the view to develop cognitive vision amongst the students. The institute has world-class faculty members and has even produced several CEOs of the world’s top organizations.


3)The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is one of the most preferred study destinations for pursuing any management program. Located in Chicago, the institute provides a 21 months course helping the student to broaden his perspective and vision to analyze problems. The best part the institute offers the students is to generate key insights and develop creative solutions.

4)Massachusetts Institute of Technology

One of the supreme MBA institutes of the world, the institute bestows an unparalleled integration of ultra-modern technology and live case studies. The internationally renowned faculty members propel students to achieve their life goals. The course curriculum provides in-depth knowledge along with innovative ideas.

5)University of Pennsylvania

A part of the Ivy League School, the University of Pennsylvania is one of the oldest institutes that started offering numerous management courses. The college is globally recognized for cognitive leadership across every major trade of business education. The students are given practical knowledge to implement things in the easiest and the most appropriate way.

In order to seek admission in the various US Universities the students need to write the TOEFL exam which is basically a test to test the communication skills of the students. The students are also required to write the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) exam. A letter of recommendation and industry experience acts like a cherry on the cake.

The various MBA Universities of the United States usually focus on acting and working smart rather than working too hard. The methodology that is usually followed to teach is students are basically case study driven. At the end of two years the students are gifted with a stellar degree and outstanding management skills.

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Overseas Education Consultancy: Your guide to studying abroad

The questions of where to study and what to study bother parents as much as it does to the career oriented youth. The education consultancy business is that refuge which puts their worries to rest. The concept of receiving guidance by professionals of the field originated in the US. Though at the tertiary level, United Grants Commission (UGC) is taking care of the reinforcements, at times, it is just not enough. Giving the best shot needs a little more effort.

What is Overseas Education Consultancy

Education consultancy, as it is, is a lucrative business opportunity. With so many new courses and curriculums introduced even in the most reputed institutes of India, the students tend to get confused. In addition, most of them have to grow up to be all rounder, which makes things all the way more difficult for the students. It is important that they find out where their real aptitude lies and work on sharpening their skills.

Education Consultants primarily serve this purpose and help them choose the right institute and the right course. Overseas education consultants help them find their choice of course in international universities.

Studying abroad and the education consultants: finding the missing link

Studying abroad was once a privilege allowed to only the rich and the royals. With time, the middle class started saving up and the concept of education loan has only served as a positive catalyst to the same. However, the knowledge about these foreign universities is limited. Chances of being conned are thereby high. Overseas Education Consultants being knowledgeable receive payment to provide genuine information about the universities and the market value of the course.

Why Overseas Education Consultancy

The need of the hour is personalized attention. Everyone takes their own time and wants to make the most of the resources they have. Education Consultancy is one such resource. India currently ranked third in the list of the world’s literate nations, only behind China and the United States is aiming to overtake China. However, India has excellent universities but learning via the technologies that the famous universities of the United States use does not hurt. It will only improve the human resources of the nation. Taking a step that big needs prerequisite knowledge. Hence, the growing demands for Overseas Education Consultancy.

Public Response

The response to this has been so huge that it has led to the upcoming of overseas education consultants in every crook and corner of the nation. Students all over the country are seeking advice from them and deriving benefits. Some of the consultancies have been there in the country since the last decade or so.

Getting degrees from foreign universities increases the candidate’s chances to get a job that pays better. Working abroad is another major career goal that comes easy when studying abroad. The possibilities and prospects are endless. To pursue the dreams, finding a direction is essential and overseas education consultancies help during the formative stage by gauging interests and general personality of the candidate. Overseas education consultancies are therefore a crucial section of our human resources.

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Interesting Attitudes of Abroad Education Vs Distance Education

Studying abroad is giving the student an opportunity to study abroad in another country other than his own country where as distance education gives an opportunity to study when the student is not physically present in the classroom as the normal traditional method. Distance education dates back to a long history where as its popularity has grown recently after the latest technology techniques have become available.

Distance education includes Graduate, Under Graduate and Post Graduate degrees same as any other regular program. Each type of education has its own advantages and disadvantages, regular educations aims in educating the student broadly on many topics and subjects where as the distance education, contrary to the traditional education aims in educating the student in a particular line. The regular educational system, students have to have a particular qualification to join and all the students have to complete the course on the same course in the same time, where as in the distance education the course fits the particular need of each student.

With the increased use of technology, distance education have become easier and faster, and the present day distance education schools and colleges have the full curricula online. The wide use of internet has blurred the boundaries around the world, so distance education has now become a reality. There is lots of criticism going-on on the distance education, criticizers say that for a student to be successful he should have a detailed training on any tool and equipment where as in distance education it is not possible and this may lead to unsuccessful experience. Also distance education lack the social interaction between the students and it is not ideal for all kinds of learners. Students who lack self motivation and those who procrastinate and those who need a lot of personal attention have to think before opting for a distance education.

While distance education has its own advantages and disadvantages, students studying abroad also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Abroad education gives students the better understanding of their own selves and also the other cultures around the world. Also these multi cultural interactions become natural for the students who study abroad and will be smoother for the rest of their professional and personal life. Students who study abroad have increased the self confidence, are more mature and understand their own values and that of others more clearly.

Abroad study programs are open for students all throughout the year. The cost of abroad education includes but doesn’t only limit to tuition fee, stay and food, passport and visa and transportation costs. While abroad study focuses on the experience of visiting new places of another culture in various discussions, studies show that the abroad education on the whole have a positive effect on the students. Studies show that the students studying abroad get jobs faster and earlier than the students who do not go for abroad education. Students who study abroad reported their starting salary more than the general students.

With increased use of technology abroad education has become very easy for students along with their parents. In past, parents had a fear that their son/daughter has to leave their place for further studies and they would not know about their kid’s whereabouts and their safety. But with the use of mobile phones and internet the parents have relaxed. But now a day, this has become easier with some companies providing free calls and SMS. Technology places a crucial role in today’s world.

So we can conclude that distance education and abroad education have their own advantages and disadvantages and which one to choose completely depends on the individual. If the student is self motivated and do not need any attention of the tutor, the student can opt for distance education. And if a student wants to explore the world and learn about different people and different cultures, the student can opt for abroad education. Technology has made anything possible in this world. Improving our knowledge in the present world is completely dependent on the way we understand and use the technology in the right way.

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How to crack MAT to 2016

The management aptitude test (MAT) is one of the most coveted exams of management and aptitude in India. MAT 2016 will test the thorough knowledge of the candidates in the various fields of Mathematics, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency, English, Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge. Basically, MAT tests your verbal as well as logical abilities in the most intriguing way. It is also essential to keep in mind all the current affairs going on in the country as well as globally to get a good score in MAT. Your plan of study should include time for all types of fields that will be tested in MAT. Cracking the exam needs a carefully followed study schedule, ample of practice and focus.

The best way to get through the test is to go through a number of mock tests. Mock tests for MAT are available online as well as are also by the institute from where you are preparing for the exam. If you are studying on your own, it would be advisable to go through the material present on the web for practice and mock tests.

Get well apprised with the exam format, pattern and syllabus. Check the whole syllabus and examine your weaknesses and strengths. It is best to proceed subject wise and to evaluate every subject in a varied manner.

Here are certain tips to crack MAT 2016 with respect to the different areas on which the candidates will be tested-

“·Mathematical Abilities- Candidates appearing for MAT should have a firm grasp on arithmetic. Average, Ages, HCF and LCM, Numbers, profit-loss, Ratio proportion, percentages and discounts should be clear to the candidate. The formulas and theory should be on the fingertips so that they can be recalled easily at any moment. Mostly the questions are not very tough but the amount of time available is less, so speed matters.

“·English Language and Comprehension- For the English part, the candidate should have done thorough reading of text from the English language such as novels and books. Reading helps a lot in enriching the vocabulary and candidates should make it a habit to read even if it is not a hobby. Read newspapers, magazines and watch English news channels for grasping proper pronunciations. Read the comprehension properly before answering the questions and practice a number of comprehensions before sitting for the exam.

“·Data Sufficiency and Data Interpretation- This section is a sibling of the mathematical ability section. The candidate should have a good practice in graphs, pie charts and tables. Do a good amount of practice beforehand and try to do questions without touching the calculator.

“·Critical Reasoning- Solve model papers and practice mock tests to improve your efficiency. Go through your notes and questions carefully.

“·General Knowledge- Keep reading news dailies and magazines and go through a number of online news portals for the latest news. Keep a track of the latest trends in news and current affairs. Go through general knowledge magazines and yearly current affairs books.

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