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How to negotiate your salary?

When it comes to negotiating your salary, it can be a tough deal on the part of an employee. Salary negotiation must be carried out in a balanced and skilled manner so that it doesn’t give out a negative vibe from your side. Negotiation in itself is challenging and when it comes to the professional arena, pinning on a decent salary might get tricky. It is a little edgy to make a strong case for yourself so that the odds fall in your favour. Proper negotiation can land you in a good spot with enhanced salary and better facilities. Especially for young job seekers, the main policies driving the negotiation should be friendly, timely, factual and professional. Speak up your mind in the subtlest manner possible and you can make the table turn!

Here are some tips that will help you negotiate your salary-

“·Be timely- Being prompt in matters related to money will always give you an edge over others. While negotiating your salary don’t leave the matter dangling between two loose ends that leave you and the panel both dissatisfied. Be optimistic and timely in your talks. Put your best foot ahead and respond quickly. Keep yourself properly updated and well researched for any type of question that might pop up at the meeting. Make it a point to respond without hesitation and in a short time. Your needs and demands appear genuine with your spontaneity.

“·Be thoughtful of what you demand- Be optimistic, ambitious and open about your needs but keep your feet grounded at the same time. Do not ask for something which is completely out of question. Be realistic about what you are asking for and always provide valid reasons and data for your demands and needs. Do not base your opinions on second-hand information. Rather, be thoughtful and understand your demands before you put them on the table.

“·Show Clarity- At a point in the negotiation show your acceptance or disapproval to the panel. Do not leave the matters in an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes people get confused and ask for time which makes it worse. Be clear about what you want and if you feel you are not satisfied then gracefully bow out of the offer. This will completely prevent your image from being marred. Those who are confused about accepting or declining the offer tend to lose it. Either express your acceptance and gratefulness or tell them that it’s not going to work out for you.

“·Cover all the details- Do not leave questions unanswered in your head due to hesitation or formality. There is nothing which you cannot ask, unless it concerns you and your salary. It is perfectly OK to ask about all the allowances, vacation time, and bonuses. Get to know the important details and negotiate these into your offer. Moving bonuses are also worth asking for if you are shifting cities.

“·Provide validations- Do not just ask for more money! Make your offer sound better and well reached by adding factual details and incorporating explanations for what you want. Get to know about the offers made by other companies similar to yours. You should be able to justify your rationale for the salary that you demand.

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