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Persons Must Understand That Individuals Have to Live Their Lives
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Some may have a difficult time accepting the many changes which will occur. There is nothing anyone can do about change. No matter how many agree with certain changes. “Change will certainly occur. “Some are unable to accept that there are individuals who have to move forward with their lives. Some do so for different reasons but should be allowed to do so. Even if others try to hinder a person from excelling. Through determination the excelling can occur. Some refuse to let go. There should be progress and individuals should be happy when growth is taking place.

The lack of understanding has caused so many to suffer a further decline. Not willing to allow individuals to live their own lives. Too many are way too invasive and should focus on improvements ion their own lives. some have continue to lose out on opportunities because of not “focusing on the important areas.” There are a lot of what some may consider nosey people. Minding folks business and not their own. Imagining individuals placing some under a microscope and wanting to know every move the persons make in their lives.

Some spend way too much time trying to figure what others are doing. For some the watching is like a soap opera. Perhaps there are some who may live interesting lives and even so. I’m not understanding why some choose to watch every aspect of a person’s life. Some wanting to control what a person does at every point of their lives. What a way to live. Some not even using “logic” and doing some of the most ridiculous things to hinder a person’s growth.

There are some who will spend most of their lives” living” through others. Some refusing to follow their own dreams. The ones who continue to latch on to another person’s dreams may become very disappointed. Every  person has received their own talent and gifts so there is no need to live off another person’s talents or gifts. It’s mind bobbling why so many choose to live their lives based on another. Letting go is necessary so that growth can occur not only for the individuals involved but for others as well.

My journey has been a rough one. Of course there has been some bright days but having to deal with some people has been quite annoying. There is so many who are very in tuned with where I’, headed. My is my life and “I’m in a position to make my own decisions.” There will come a time in our lives when we;’ll have to grow more. Some not wanting others to progress or to move forward. Moving forward should occur especially when there’s been a lot of dysfunctions.

When it is time for a person to move on with their lives. The individuals should allow the person to do so. Family members may miss the individual but should allow the person to live their lives. Sometimes it’s necessary for some to move away in order to develop better living. Doing so can help make improvements within a family circle. There can be greater progress in another area, stability can occur, and “the process” could incur better living not only for the individual but for the family as well.

My Life Doesn’t Belong to Anyone Else, My Decisions are Mine, My Dreams Belong to me=Tanikka Paulk. By: Tanikka Paulk

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Being Secure Means Less Disturbances by Others
June 26, 2017

If the communications add no value then why bother? Some may feel as if their words will penetrate a persons mind or “heart” but when there’s confidence as well as feeling secure then we’ll be less disturbed what’s said. There are some who enjoy when others are feeling down and out about themselves. It’s better to smile even when the storms roll in. The thoughts of better arising is what can help a person overcome the disruptions which some may try to project. If we’re in tuned with the positives then the negatives won’t invade the mind.

There are a lot of people who aren’t secure for whatever reasons. Some may become so insecure that they’re barely functional. There’s way to much enjoyment with living that what is said isn’t a reason to get down. The ones who think they’re efforts to try and break a person are doing themselves a injustice. No person should allow any person to cause a breakdown in anyway. Of course there will be some who one may consider listening to their opinions but there’s no reason to become all depressed.

There are a lot of people who are dealing with their own issues and may want others to feel whatever it is they’re feeling. That’s why “it’s so important” to add valuable activities in our lives. Insecurities has caused a lot of people to ruin relationships. Not feeling secure enough, not realizing their own strength, allowing their mind to go places which should be avoided. Some may have minor insecurities while others are extremely insecure and may need to speak with a professional.

Never allow the insecurities to ruin friendships or other close relationships. Perhaps some should consider finding ways to “think positively.” Listen to motivational messages or communicate with individuals who are confident. when some allow their insecurities to take over then they’ll become immobilized. Not being able to function properly. Having too many insecurities could lead to mental instability.

There’s so many reasons to enjoy living. There should be happy engagements and fun activities in order to experience enjoyment. Removals of the negative thoughts should occur. Spending less time with negative individuals can help “build” confidence and is security builder. Listening to too many opinions at one time can lower the security level causing some to question every action made. “Being Secure is Important and can Help Build a Brighter Future.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Abnormal Behaviors Displayed in Competitors

Any area of Business isn’t easy and where there’s competition there could be danger. Some are overly competitive, always looking for a reason to get their competition down, there will be tricks and other tactics used to discredit or bash their competitions name. Some may use some of the most evil tactics in order to try and gain their competitions name, business, or work created. The ones who are “determined” to do so will try often to discredit their competition.

“My Business Which has My Name on it and the Invasions Will Watch me=Tanikka Paulk Prosper.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There are some competitors who have put in lots of time trying to attack their competition. Competitiveness is dangerous. The lies told in order to gain whatever the competition has or will have is absolutely ridiculous. Some competitors are unable to accept that their competition is “multi-talented.” The ones with insecurities and a complex will become angry when their competition continuously proves they’re the producers of their work and the owners of their ideas.

For so many they’ve given up on their craft and business because of what competitors try to do their competition. Some should be arrested for their antics because some are and have committed crimes in order to gain whatever it is their competition has. It’s sad that some are on the brink of insanity because they’ll rather steal the work of another then to try to use their own “skills”. Business is risky but should any person have to constantly fight for their craft?

No matter how much “proof” is supplied some competitors are unable to accept that their competition is gifted. Some are so use to being in the spotlight and are now having a difficult time accepting they’re no longer in the position they were in many years ago. How does any business owner deal with such individuals? A whole lot of praying, the law, and lawyers. Eventually the competition may have their day in court or other consequences.

No person should be forced to hand over their work, to stop their ideas, or a dream. The competitors who continue on such a path will create their own insanity. Some may end up in the dumps because of their behavior. There are many competitors who actually need their competition but instead of “expressing” a need. The competitors will continuously harass their competition until the law intervenes or other interventions.

No matter what competitors are trying to do any person who wants to conduct business should do so. There’s a saying that says, “All Dogs Will Have Their day.” Meaning persons who continuously commit evil deeds will face consequences. Some may seem as if they’re unable to do any good. Perhaps the challenges they’ve faced but whatever the reasons are no person whether in business or not should tolerate such behavior.

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Fantasy and Reality are Total Opposites
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Remembering a time when my cousin and I Tanikka Paulk would play around with my Aunt’s fabric. The white fabric was used to pretend as if there was a weeding and both of us getting married to our Prince Charming. Reality suggests that Prince Charming rarely exist however there are some good men could be difficult to find but they’re out there. My Aunt would laugh at the both of us and I’m sure she wanted us to marry a Prince or King but oh boy. Fantasy seems so much better than the reality. “Goodness” gracious. Some marry individuals who are nowhere near being a Prince Charming more like a Wicked Monster.

Pretending even occurs in adulthood. Some prefer to pretend than to have to face reality. There’s so much to deal with in reality. Pretending too long can alter perceptions. Most kids will pretend at some point in their lives. Some having imaginary friends oh and the imaginary tea party. Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. In the teenage years most will think being an adult  is way cool until the responsibility sets in. That’s why so many adults “express” how it’s better to enjoy the childhood years and teen years and to avoid rushing adulthood.

There’s major responsibilities being an adult. Some try not to behave adult like. Some may never experience maturity. For some being immature is a way to cope. They’re still pretending as if every aspect of their lives is grand. There are some who will continuously pretend because they’re actually hoping for the reality. A chance to experience what they’ve never experienced before. The fantasy shouldn’t be apart of a person’s everyday life. There has to be maturity at some point. Imagine a person who is always behaving immature. How can one conduct business if there’s no maturity?

Being a kid or some prefer child isn’t always easy and that’s why some choose to pretend or imagine. “Being” an adult isn’t easy either. Some have to wait many years for a Prince Charming or at least close to one. There are some who will never find their Prince Charming. Sad to think of some simply living their lives alone. Some may feel lonely at times and others may enjoy their freedom. No person wants to be completely alone. Oh the reality can be rough at times.

Good thing there’s memories of some good events. Even if one never marries their Prince or King then perhaps there’s some good times in their lives. Some may choose to never marry for whatever reason. Some have even lost out due to their high standards. The ones who are good are deserving of having the Prince, Princess, King and the Queen. For some waiting is what they’ll have to do in order to receive what should have been received before. The fantasy can become reality “through patience.” In time the receiving will occur.

Sometimes women end up rushing the process because of what has occurred in their lives and end up going through more. Not selecting the right spouse, not taking in any advice given, just jumping into the unknown. Some not looking into family “history” or paying attention to the signs. Most men who are good mates will treat their mothers well. The ones who don’t probably won’t be stable husbands and if they’re not only mistreating their mothers but others then they’re probably not good individuals. “Waiting is Best in Order to Receive the Very Best or at Least Some Good.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Goals can be met With Continuous Action

Trying to get somewhere or achieve a dream? Well there so many ways to do so but one sure way is to be active. Yes, that’s right to continuously be productive. Even if there are days where there’s little productivity. Some actions are better than none at all. Goals can be achieve in a timely manner however one must be prepared for setbacks and in some cases major setback. A setback doesn’t equate failure although some may express such. Really does not. Not trying is a sure way to fail.

No matter how many express that trying to reach certain goals is impossible. The goal seeker shouldn’t give up. For some reaching certain goals may take longer than others. There could some unforeseen reasons and if so. Do not become discouraged. Progress on. It’s best to be surrounded by positive people. The visionaries who are in tuned with achieving visions and dreams. Meaning they’ll want to become success and more than likely won’t have time for horse playing.

In the process of productivity there should be work going on. The distractions will occur and even the most focus person may become distracted from time to time. It’s important to quickly get back on track. So many have fallen victim to the criticism. Not all critics are right some are overly critical. There are some who are only vocal because they’re trying to hinder and cause distractions. Do not become unsettled with the actions from others.

Not are persons are happy when others are trying to achieve. There are some who are and will continue to try and sabotage others. The ones who are toxic should be avoided but if there’s no way of avoiding the individuals then there at least spend less time in their environments. Don’t want the toxicity to spill out on achievers. To achieve means to be determined in whatever one is trying to achieve. There must be confidence and one must feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s pretty difficult to achieve being anyone else.

Some may choose to write down their goals and others will just continue on without having to jot down their goals. Some may choose to embed their goals in their heads. Some information should be written down and kept in a safe place. All goals won’t be achieve in the same time frame. Some are achieve later on and in some cases some goals are put away until later on in life.

No matter how long it takes to achieve a goal. There should be a desire to do so. The time it takes to achieve any goal shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying to achieve. Some may become frustrated with the time it takes to achieve the goals. When frustration enters the mind may become fatigued and little progress occurs. Continue to be alert and active with the goals. Eventually there will be completion. When all the goals are achieved. There will major relief. Persons feel better when they’ve achieved their goals.

Do not become dismayed when some send out messages about the length it’s taking to achieve the goals. Some may try to cause discouragement. Don’t become discouraged just continue to do what’s necessary to achieve and watch what happens after the work is done. The finished product is what one should be seeking. There is joy when the achievements occur. Some may not feel comfortable trying to achieve certain goals and that’s why some choose to try and discourage others.

“Continue to Believe in Self and Continue to Stay Motivated.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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It’s Important to Break Away From the Negativity

Negative environments can make any person’s health decline. Being surrounded by negative people is a sure way to become negative.  Of course there will be some positivity but too much negativity can be quite draining. Taking time to reflect and “experience peacefulness” helps. Some people are always negative no matter what’s occurring. Never giving any positive energy. There are some environments which are controlled by negative thinkers. The ones who have nothing on their agenda but to cause havoc.

That’s why so many have chosen to spend less time online. Online is a place where so many come to vent. To project their frustrations out on others. The main areas where the toxins are spilled out are social media platforms. Some causing so many problems that some of the users have decided to leave. No person should have to. Every person who uses social media or any other platform should be allowed to do so without being bullied or harassed.

Even celebrities have experienced the toxins of so many. Some having to alert the authorities. There are a lot of adults who are behaving like children. Some bullying individuals everyday. Why are some so toxic? There’s many reasons why. For some they’re trying to gain power. Some not wanting to see others get ahead. Some could be going through problems in which they may not know how to deal with. Whatever the “reasons” are. No person should tolerate being harassed and bullied.

Some may try to force individuals to give up on their dreams. There may be some who try to intimidate others. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many who appear to be unstable. To be negative everyday simply isn’t normal. Perhaps there isn’t very many happy people in the world. Some appear to be lost and not enjoying their lives. There are some who are simply trying to create disconnections. More and more are in tuned with other people’s lives.

There should be more energy placed in being productive instead of causing havoc. The problem is, there aren’t many rules online. If the platforms get tougher and the law as well then there may be less chaos taking place. Individuals have every right to stand up for themselves. To take action which can include hiring a lawyer and alerting the authorities. Taking “a stand against bullying” can help others who are facing bullies. They’re sitting behind a computer or on their devices trying to control others.

Some sending threatening messages and some will be extra childish and send insulting messages. Perhaps looking for some attention. There are many who aren’t pleased with how their lives are going so they’ll try to destroy others. Many forming a gang of bullies. Any person who is “determined” to get ahead will continue even when the bullies start projecting their toxins. Some latching on to a persons’s vision and dreams and refusing to let go. Something has to be done about the injustices. Even if there’s only one standing up. One is better than none at all.

“Obtaining Peace Will Occur. I’m Certainly not Going to Allow any Person to Take Away my Peace.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Don’t be Surprised as to who Receives Abundance

There are some people who are in situations where individuals are constantly taking advantage. Some lurking about to try and gain and some waiting to see what it is they’re able to take. Trying to subtract instead of adding. That’s why God may delay blessings. Really doesn’t make sense for a person to have and as soon as the blessings are gained the blessings are taken away by greedy individuals. There are some who “should have” received their abundance long ago but due to the circumstances the abundance was withheld.

Some may wonder why they’re not receiving when they’ve been through so much. God looks out and does not want His children to go without. although there are poor individuals, due to some not taking the right path, or other reasons they’re poor. God wants prosperity to occur. He does not want any person to be poor. There are riches “awaiting” for some but until the removals occur. The riches may not be administered.

There are some people who add no value to a person’s life. Meaning they’re causing more harm than good. There are some women who can do without their husbands. The husband may hinder growth and that’s why some wives aren’t prospering the way that they’re suppose to. Husbands who block the blessings aren’t good. The abundance can occur when there is changes and movement. Staying in the same place can actually cause a decrease instead of an increase. Some may need to divorce in order to receive their “abundance.”

Of course God doesn’t like divorce but if there is abuse, danger, or adultery then divorce occur. Some may choose to separate but any person who has experienced loss due to a spouse such as money loss shouldn’t continue to stay in a broken marriage. Abundance can not occur if there is persons around trying to steal, take away, and gain what is given to the person. A blessing to one doesn’t mean “entitlement.”

Some may wonder why their breakthrough hasn’t occurred yet. If God isn’t pleased with a situation then He’ll put away the blessings until the situation is rectified. Too many end up losing out on their blessings because of staying in areas too long. There is greater meant for God’s Children People but until the persons are willing to make the necessary changes. The breakthroughs will not occur. There has to be a “decision to move.”

There can be “further growth” when individuals decide to live bleak situations. Some may remain due being afraid of change, the unknown, or some for financial reasons. No person deserves to be treated unfairly and if abundance is suppose to occur then removals need to occur as well. Yes, some will have to leave behind even their mother, or children in order to incur better for the family.

Abundance can take some time. Some should have received their abundance but their situation may have lead to the delay. Once there is movement then God will prepare the administering. Until “the rewards” are received there should be continuous praises. Not all will because some may not believe in giving God the Creator of Mankind praise. He’s the one who makes sure the abundance is received. Some may try to hinder the abundance because of not wanting certain individuals to receive the abundance. Some may try to stand in the way because they’re trying to gain. Know who’s who.

My Abundance Awaits and I Tanikka Paulk Shall Receive.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Way too Determined and I’m Going to Make it There

With all of the obstacles and resistance some would have given up by now. Giving up isn’t even in the plan. No matter how many battles are projected. I’m not going to let up. Not willing to stop living because there’s way too much in store. I’m trying to get there and yes it’s been a difficult road. With so many trying to stop what should occur. “Individuals have a right to live productive and happy lives.” Although the road may be rough. I’m never feeling defeated.

The challenges which have arisen in my life have taught me= Tanikka Paulk. There’s a lesson in it all and also a blessing in all of the toughness. “There is a light shinning brightly” and even if it appears as if I’m going nowhere. I’m somewhere. There are many ways to get there. One road may be blocked but there are other avenues. Some may feel as if they’re causing a delay or preventing a change but what’s for a person is. The ones who work hard to try and stop movement will be surprised all one breaks through the chains.

To be free from being enslaved is living. No person should have to experience being treated as less than human. Absolutely none even the ones incarcerated should be treated fairly. There is a way. Perhaps keeping the ways within is wise. There just way too many people who are. Looking to trap others. Perhaps not wanting some to advance. Perhaps not wanting some to discover. “Whatever the reasons are.” I’m still here and as long as I’m here. I’m going to keep going. The focus is the movement.

There is progress and even if the days seem a bit slow. There is something accomplished. The drive is too deep to just throw in the towel. There has to be better and “I’m seeking better.” Matthew 7:8 Mentions how we’re to seek and we’ll find. To knock and the door will be opened. What is for a person will be for the person. We’re to ask because asking is the only way we’ll know what the answer will be. Assuming can be a mistake.

There’s been a lot of attacks but through the attacks there is strength and there is still being blessed. When the storm appears to be rough, there is a breakthrough awaiting, there is hope even when a situation looks bleak. Some may not realize how they’re hindering their own “blessings” by trying to hinder other’s blessings. They’re efforts will be noticed and there is consequences for such destruction. Through it all there is a feeling of joy because there is restoration. The restoring of what has been taken away. Soon enough what one is seeking will be found.

“I’m Still Blessed When to Storms Roll in. I’m Still Filled With Hope Through Every Attack and Amen to That.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Work Through the Bullets and Pray

Working right through all of the bullets. Some may wonder whatever does she mean? Well some are like bullets. It’s as if they’re shutting out from a gun. They’re so annoying it’s like they’re deadly. Gosh. Ever heard of some folks being so bothersome? Well there’s a lot who are but some are more than others. As soon as the dust has settles down, here they come once again, oh my goodness. Like trouble in a bottle. More toxic than any alcohol made. More annoying than any child tapping their teacher all day long.

Just seeing some of their names may cause the eyes to become large. Imagine if only having a connect with the individuals online and wondering what are the individuals like in person. It’s as if there’s running virtually. When their name appears, screaming, like a bomb waiting to go off. How can any persons be so annoying? Wait. Not only online. Offline there’s some family members who can be annoying but there’s one who is like a constant torn in my side. Gosh, gosh, gosh.

I’m running away there will be no note. Just going. Bye, bye, bye! “My goodness” is greatly appreciated Father in Heaven. I’m happy to have at least some within. Some of the folks have no thinking power. Almost “Beauty With no Brains.” Duh, duh, huh? For real. How? 1+1= 4 that’s just what some are like. Leave me= Tanikka Paulk alone. No breaks. No stopping. Just continuous foolishness. No matter how much proof there is. They’re insisting on making their way through in on Tanikka Paulk bussiness.

Any other person would have lost their composure by now. Some profanity and some punches if in person. Some would have given what some may call a good beat down. For real. Have to be kidding. “Move on” to something else and they’re still on the same things. Try to be productive and here comes some of their antics. Almost like children but even children will settle down. They’ll make the police quit. My name is Tanikka Paulk please explain how a person could think that they can take a name and their name is online?

Not to mention there’s videos of myself and how can individuals try to take on my identity? Become notorious. The most patient person would throw out the middle finger. Bleep, bleep, bleep. Even the Minister, Pastors, Bishops would want to give some of the folks some choice words not meaning Amen either. Factory restore. Just have to be on some dust. Imagine blocking the persons and no matter how many times they’re “blocked.” Here they are once again.

Consider harassment right? “My phone, My work, My name.” The prison guards might quit after they’ve had some contact with some of the individuals. When a person is trying to get away virtually. That’s an indication that they’re some terrible individuals. They’re being controlled by networks and so fourth but even without the networks they’re like the bullet. They’ll make a separate hell for some of the individuals.

Like a disease with not only cure but no way to survive. How can individuals be so, so, so annoying? A good power down of my device is a great way to “generate some peace.” The names are annoying because of they’re annoying actions. Just to think some of the individuals migrated to different locations and it’s like they’re nearby somewhere. Probably getting no rest because they’re waiting to get back on their job and what’s their job? Annoying Tanikka Paulk.

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“Keep Moving no how Many Lies Told. That’s What I’m Doing.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Disruptions Within Productivity may Occur

Of course there will always be some who will try to discourage others from advancing. Try to prevent others from leaving one point to travel to another. There are many reasons why some will try to prevent certain situations from occurring. For some there’s selfishness, persons the need is great, so instead of communicating a need there may be some deceptiveness going on in order to stop the individual or individuals from prospering. If there’s a lot of determination then there can be “prosperity. ”

Some will go as far as to cause harm to another in order to stop what they’re afraid of. For some seeing others advance is hurtful. They’re not “feeling confident” due to the fact some are determined to get ahead. There should be more people trying to encourage others to elevate because doing so will create a more stable economy. Perhaps some refuse or aren’t thinking on such a level.

There may be lots of disruptions and some may try to use tactics to cause a complete cease. The drive will allow the individual “to proceed despite the circumstances.” Some are seeking to gain only and will do whatever they feel is necessary to gain. Even the ones who are suppose to be supporters will try to create the disruptions to either stop or delay what one is trying to do. For the individuals who are only seeking to gain but refuse to learn or do some good. They’ll most likely won’t be prosperous and just because some may try to prevent prosperity doesn’t mean that prosperity won’t occur. There are so many levels of prosperity.

There can still be lost of productivity when there’s chaos. If a person chooses to tune out the noise then a lot can be accomplished. There can be greater rewards when there’s some removals. Meaning some individuals may need to be removed from one’s circle in order to incur “more elevation.” Some will hang around certain individuals in hopes to gain or to try to seek out their weaknesses in order to destroy the individual.

If a person allows any person to stop their dreams, vision, and ideas then they’re weak. There has to be bravery and courage in order to move from one point to another. No amount of words or attacks should be a reason for any visionary to stop not only visualizing but to not “the vision.” What’s said can go through one ear and out the other. The persons who are always chattering but aren’t being productive aren’t doing themselves any favors. It’s better to proceed and try to continue on the productivity path.

“Yes, I’m Proceeding on and so Should any Visionary. Be Confident, Courageous, and Victorious.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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