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Sometimes it’s Difficult to Tell Whether the Persons are Children or Adults

With so many adults behaving like children these days it may be difficult to imagine any maturity coming from the individuals. Not everyone will mature properly. Some will display child-like behavior their entire lives. There’s a lot of children who behave more maturely than some adults. There is nothing wrong with having fun but there’s a lot of trouble making going on these days. The best thing to do is to just continue on with whatever is going on because sometimes there will be individuals who will use immaturity to try and gain attention.

No time for the immaturity. Keep the distance from the instigators. The ones who not only display immature behavior but also behave as if there is no brain activity going on. Isn’t there better things to do? Perhaps not. Some may engage in immature behavior because of boredom and then there are some who will do so because they’re competing. No matter what the reasons are. No person should become stressed over childish behavior. If some are unwilling to behave maturely then they’ll receive an” ignore.” That’s right!

Ever wonder why some people continuously cause trouble? Sometimes all that’s offered is a head shake. Yes indeed. The world is filled with jokers and all sorts of “personalities.” There is a choice to feed into the behavior or to keep going. Some may behave in such a manner because they’re trying to cause a disconnection. There can be many reasons why some choose to engage in destructive behavior. Of course the playtime will occur but some go way too far in their playfulness.

Not every individual which engages in immaturity behavior is doing so intentionally some can not control their actions due to some disorder. Not much can “be accomplished” if there is focus on the immature behaviors. The words will flow about from some could come from some underlying issues not dealt with. Not able to control what others will say or do but there are ways to control how we’ll react to such behaviors. In fact so many are seeking reactions.

Proceed no matter what occurs. If some want to behave like children then that’s their choice. The ones who try to be mature will go further. There is a time to have fun and then there are times when work must occur. There are so many environments riddled with a lot of the behaviors expressed here. A lot of the actions can cause a person who is trying to move further to be slowed down. “It’s best to just continue making progress” and avoid engaging in unstable environments. What some will try to do won’t work because they’re refusing to use the proper methods.

“I’m not Discouraged by Because I’m Headed Somewhere.” Still Blessed and Encouraged.”By: Tanikka Paulk

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Career and Business and the Competitiveness

How many are competing? It almost appears as if the whole world is competing but for what? Some for positions, for gain, for elevation. The whole competing game is quite annoying. There should be focus on creating a better life and prospering. Some are continuing to change career paths but are having some issues because of not focusing on the right things. There are so many who are set out to sabotage others because of their overly competitiveness. “Not impossible to advance” when there’s so many who seem to be against the ones who are trying to excel. Difficult, yes indeed, but not impossible.

Some believe that the only way to be the best is to compete and that’s so. Some are sabotaging their own careers because of their actions. Not considering that every person has a right to try and get ahead. Some will continue to be aggressive with their competing but if they’re causing harm then they’ll receive the appropriate punishment. Of course going through life isn’t an easy path but that doesn’t mean that others should be trying to create headaches for the ones who certainly deserve to advance.

That’s why some choose to not even try. To just settle for whatever because of fear. Afraid of all of the competitors and yes some are quite evil. There are some that will stoop so low as to get their competition down. They’ll tell lies and alter information to make it appear as if the person or persons aren’t worthy of the position they’re seeking. The mindsets of some are altered and some may never change their “line of thinking.” The ones trying to advance should continue to do so despite what some will continue to do.

No person should want to stay in the same position until retirement. There should be some progress, advancement, a raise. There are some who won’t even try to grow in someway. The fear continues to hold the individuals back. No matter what’s said if there’s “thoughts” that there will be failure then trying won’t occur. The thought process has to be changed. Of course the competitors will continue to do whatever it is competitors. Some competition makes some scream.

They’re aware of how annoying they are. That’s why they’ll continue. Their goal is to knock their competition down. It’s “amazing” what some will think of. The tactics they'[ll use to prevent some from elevating. There should be more encouragement but some may feel as if they’re status will be lowered if certain individuals rise. How unfortunate. The overly competitive are no different than the unjust.

There’s so many opportunities and no person should leave an opportunity behind because of disappointing the competitors. Let the competition rant on and focus on moving ahead. The challenges which arise will fade at some point. What some are doing is wrong but it’s the ones who continue on despite the circumstances who shall prosper. Believe that the career or business opportunity is a well deserved one and continue to “prosper.”

“Don’t Stop Just Because the Competitors are Behaving Life Jerks.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Fake Friends and Part-Time Foes
May 14, 2017

A good friend may be hard to find. Sometimes one may appear to be friend but is actually foe. Some friends become foes and vice versa. Even a good friend can fall into the trap of betrayal. Perhaps listening to others or going through some sort of struggles. It’s hard to tell at times if some are truly friends. Perhaps monitoring their actions may help but some can “kind” their true colors in order to gain but once they’ve realized that gaining isn’t easy then they may want to be foes.

If being friends isn’t beneficial then some may choose to become a foe. Some may be friend when in the mood and foe when not wanting to be bothered. No rewards then they may just choose foe all the way. Once a friend has taken on the role as foe then it may be a good idea to just allow the friendship to dissolve. Not all friendships are worth saving. Some are toxic friends. Never ever considering their friend’s feelings.

With the way so many engage these days it may not be a bad idea to just disconnect. No person should have to deal with wolf like friends. Some watch to see what it is they can gain from their friends and when they’ve received what they need then they’ll move on to find new victims. Pretending as if there’s some sort of concern but are actually up to no good. Always observe the motives. “Some are genuine” while others are just mere jerks.

Finding a good friend is rewarding and should be cherished. A good friend will try to be there for their friends. They’ll “be understanding” and compassionate. Good listeners and care if there’s some troubles going on in their friend’s lives. Some don’t seem capable of being friends at all. Not everyone is friendly and some may become isolated because of coming in contact with so many foes.

There is always a friend in Jesus. Jesus Christ never forsakes and always listens. Don’t have to worry about any feuds with Jesus Christ. The world is so corrupt and one may never know which way a wolf will come. There’s a lot of people who prefer to be foes. Some may be afraid of being friends because of bad experiences. Going through certain situations can make some not want to experience any closeness. There’s some who will be friends for many years and distance isn’t “a reason” for friendships to fade.

There are some who live many miles away and can seem as close as the ones who live a block away. String friendships can hold up when there’s a lot of “distance.” The type of friendship where there can be a misunderstanding and not long after there’s connect again. Strong bonds are a blessing. Having at least one good friend is worth more than gold. Having a strong connection is important and a good friend won’t turn foe.

“Know the Difference between the Friend and the Foe. Some can be Tricky.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Be Creative and Explore Using Self Identity
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Ever wonder why so many choose to take on another person’s identity? God gave every person their own identity, talent, and gifts. “Why so many choose to commit identity theft?” Not wanting to use their own creativity or just desperate. Mainly desperation. Doggy dog World we’re living in. There so many ventures to adhere to so there’s no reason to try and take on another person’s identity when there’s so much within. It’s amazing how so many aren’t considering their own gifts. Hiding their talents because they’re too afraid failure. Afraid they’ll be criticized so taking another identity will put the pressure on the one who has had their identity stolen.

Every person has creativity even the disabled. Some may have wasted so much time in other areas and forgot about taking some time to explore. Reaching deep down and finding the gifts. Taking their frustrations out on the ones who have chosen “to explore” their creativity. Some of their thinking doesn’t seem logical but not every person will appreciate the gifts which were given by the Creator of Mankind.

Trying to take away another person’s dreams because they’ve failed to live their own. Shouldn’t they use their own creativity? “What’s the use in impersonating another when eventually they’ll be discovered.” Some have to fight to gain their identity back. individuals who continuously steal identities are mentally disturbed. They could be suffering from a personality disorder. even the mentally ill can utilize their talents. There’s some with some outstanding talents.

My father played the guitar, was an artist, and wrote songs. Yes, the mentally can be as creative as any other person. Some may use laziness as an excuse. Not trying to further their lives with supplying the gifts to the world. Not allowing their abilities to shine and “continuing” to knock others down who are trying to elevate. The envy which is so settled into the world causes so many to try and ruin a person’s dreams and vision. Perhaps the ones who take on another person’s identity should have their day in court and be sent to jail.

Self love will prevent individuals from wanting to take on other identities. Loving their own gifts and not being fearful to “let the gifts shine” will help individuals rise up. Some are extremely insecure and are afraid to be who God called the persons to be. Some will spent their entire lives trying to be someone else. Trying to disrupt what was rightly given can be a mistake. Trying to take away a person’s vision can cause a meltdown with so many groups of people. Not a good decision to do so. So many reap because they can not be who they should be.

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Social Media Dramatics and More

Social Media is very helpful for promoting, advertising, and socializing but social media can also be a place where darkness appears. Not every person who uses social media is friendly. There are some very cruel people who go to social media just to target others. There was a time when social media was a great place to hang out virtually but since all of the creeps came. Social Media seems to be a place that needs some” light.” There’s a lot of bullying and it appears as if a lot of mentally disturbed people are making their way to social media.

“Social Media can be Quite Useful but There is Also a lot of Chaos on the Platforms.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Hi/Hello I’m Tanikka Paulk

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Some causing all sorts of chaos. It’s pretty difficult for promoters to conduct business when there’s a lot of trolling and bashing taking place on social media and the sad part is. Some of the users may make their way into person’s devices just to harass the individuals. Mainly competitors. That’s why spending less time on social media is a good idea. In order to stay mentally sane there has to be “a decision” to either spend less time on the platforms or delete the accounts.

Some are very determined to make their competition lives miserable. Blocking may be necessary and in some cases blocking may not keep the trolls from trying to cause trouble for others. Conducting business may be difficult if there’s “a lot of confusion on the platforms.” There are some platforms which offer protection for users. If a social media platform expects to increase revenue then they’ll want to make sure users have the tools in order to offer the protection which is certainly needed with all of the hotheads hanging around.

A lot of battling may take place “on social media.” So many creating a scene in order to advance or perhaps promote their brands or products. Whatever the reasons are, so many are causing a disconnection on business, and in order areas as well. It’s pretty sad how so many adults are behaving like ignorant beings. Taunting and harassing one another. Some given hacking devices in order to feud with their competition.

The Journey Won’t be an Easy but Worth the Travel
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There is a lot to take in on the journey. Persons on a journey will find out that trying to make a pathway isn’t easy. There will be a lot of resistance. There’s a lot one may have to deal with and no matter what comes along there should be confidence. Believe that the rewards are deserved. Continue on no matter what critics have to say and they will have their say. No matter what one achieves they’ll have to face the criticism. Although there will be a lot of adversity. The traveling is worth going through the heartache, pain, and troubles.

Eventually the ones traveling along will make it to their desired success level and destinations. Yes, having to come up against the critics is troubling, but no amount of criticism should incur a detour. That’s what some may want. Not everyone will be pleased to see others trying to elevate. There will be a lot of deception and a lot of ugly words spoken but”proceed” anyway. There will be some days more difficult than others. Find ways to stay uplifted.

There will be individuals who will try to pull the ones on “the journey” down. Refuse to be a victim. Make progress even if it’s a little. Some progress is better than none at all. Don’t allow the chatter to force a cease. A lot of people are afraid to even take the risk. Not wanting to come up against all of the resistance and to have to face the overly critical people. It’s a shame that so many are so envious when others are trying to excel. No matter how envious they are. No person should give up on their dreams, visions, and ideas because of the noisemakers. Let the noisemakers run their mouths.

Hate won’t excel. It’s the love that stems from within and from using the talents that are given by God the Creator of Mankind. So what’s said holds no weight. The ones who have so much to say are wasting time. Not everyone should travel on the journey. Some will have to be left behind and that’s one of the reasons some try to hold others back. Afraid they’ll climb too high. “Do not allow doubters to prevent elevation.” Continue on even when the storms arrive.

Even close relatives will try to prevent elevation. Perhaps some haven’t lived up to their potential and are hating on the ones who decided to excel. The crab mentality. Unfortunate because there should be more encouraging growth. “Growth will help others.” Produce more wealth which can help the homeless and the ones in need. Perhaps some aren’t thinking in such a manner. Of course not because if they were then there won’t be so many trying to pull down.

Focus on the travel and not what others have to say. The hindering is up to the persons who are on the journey. If the travelers are allowing people to stop the process then they’re making a big mistake. The crowd should not dictate whether there’s progress or not. The persons who are on the journey have every right to try and climb higher. No time to babysit the pity. “Keep moving ahead no matter what’s occurring.” Keep being confident and keep the determination.

“Believe There’s a way to Move From one Point to Another.” By:

Tanikka Paulk by: me= 
Tanikka Paulk

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Aggressive Competitors and Their Mental States
17952801_10212657763183544_3207702904154028566_n Tiki That's me

Some competitors may not appear to be mentally stable. If they’re sending threats and sound awfully creepy then they’re not mentally healthy. Can insanity be generated by being overly competitive? Absolutely. Some are so in tuned with competing that they lose all “train of thought.” Behaving strangely because of the desire to knock their competition down. Yes, some competition is healthy, but too much and the competitor or competitors can have a nervous breakdown.

“Please Don’t Devour me = Tanikka Paulk”

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

There will be competition in business and in other areas as well. Some just don’t know when to stop competing. Harassing their competition and sending threats through their devices. Some may even have “to obtain” order of protection because some competitors appear as if they’ve lost their minds. Not all competitors are stable some could be playing some sort of game to try and cause mind weakness. There’s some who are extremely dangerous. Let’s not forget about the competitors who are always seeking distraction tactics in order to get their competition off course.

There will be battles continuing and some of the issues arise because the competition is trying to cause fatigue and create disturbances. Some of the most unthinkable acts will occur when competitors become overly aggressive with their competing. Sending insults to individuals in hopes they’ll just stop what they’re doing. Trying to instill fear in their competition. Some have even “succeeded” with forcing their competition to not only give up but to never try again.

Dangerous methods are being used. The times have changed. The competing isn’t what it use to be. Some will even go as far as to want their competition wiped out. To think some are willing to cause death just because they’re not wanting to be in competition. No matter what’s said or done. There shouldn’t be any giving up. Even when setbacks have been created. “The will to go on should be there.”

Dealing with some of the most aggressive competitors isn’t easy but soon enough the competitors will learn their lessons. Some are angry and could be releasing all of their frustrations on their competition. The fighting and the war between who will stay and who will go. The key is to be alert when it comes to the competition but do not allow competitors to ruin the works. “Be Courageous and Continue on Even if the Competition Wants a Cease.” By:

Tanikka Paulk
Celebrity Status Isn’t What it’s Cracked up to be

There’s so many celebrities who have a “difficult” time trying to go out in public or keeping their private lives private. They’re having to face the paparazzi and dealing with all of the harassment and stalkers. Some have to wear disguises in order to try and have a meal or just hang out. The paparazzi can be pretty rough. There’s some who have the celebrity status which means they’re famous without all of the glamour.

When having to deal with a lot of harassment and pushy individuals. Being famous doesn’t seem generate the hooray’s. There are times when celebrities may love being in their positions. Just thinking about a time when Madonna came to the movie theater and was in disguise. Being very popular can cause the paparazzi to be overly aggressive and try to gain “more information” about the celebrities.

Celebrity Bloggers

Celebrity Bloggers are famous for blogging about celebrities but they’re similar to paparazzi. Having to get close ups of “celebrities” and bashing the celebrities. Some may lots of money but the bashing is considered unethical however some choose to be celebrity bloggers because of the gossip and entertainment. Some desire to be famous while others just wanted to go into a field which is exciting.

There are a lot of famous people who seem to stay out of the limelight. Some may like being the center of attention while others rather been hidden. When “the paparazzi” get going it may be difficult for celebrities to generate any peace. Some continue to go tit for tat with the paparazzi and fans as well. The price of fame so many imply. Some may enjoy the glamour but when the harassment and bullying comes. They’re not so thrilled with the attacks which is understandable.

There’s some celebrities who are so famous they’re able to get their way with just about every situation. “Being” famous has it’s pros and cons and if one expects to be famous then they’ll have to deal with all of the drama which goes along with being famous or in celebrity status. Not all famous people will become wealthy but then again there’s some who took long to become the success but the wait can possibly be worth the wait.

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Never Allow People to Spoil the Dreams

Yes people will try to spoil the dreams of others. Perhaps they’re not pleased with their progress so trying to get others down is a way to make people feel better. Put on a smile and proceed. Whatever they’re issues are shouldn’t be everyone’s issues. Who really has time to babysit people? Imagine just seeing all of the sunshine and then people trying to rain on the sunshine. Don’t allow people to cause a rift in “the progress.” They will try. There should be elevation even when there’s a lot of resistance.

Some want others to feel bad and that’s why they’ll work so hard to try and attack others. Don’t. Be pleased with any progress but realize that there’s a lot of people out there that have a lot of issues. They’ll take their frustrations out on others. Some aren’t able to be compassionate or understanding. Having to deal with people sometimes may be like stepping on nails. what a world we live in. “No matter how people try to cause a meltdown no person should stop achieving because some refuse to accept that we’re all allowed to live a dream.”

People will alter information in order to try and cause trouble. amazing. A lot of people should be in prison. Some should live in and under the prison. They’re committing cyber crimes. Always looking for ways to cause havoc. Not to mention a lot of unfair treatment is coming from People. Just observe and see exactly what People are doing. It was People who called one of my son’s a Nigger. It was People who continue bully me

Tanikka Paulk. “People Continue to Harss, Bully, Attack. Alter Information. Tell lies. Refuse to pay. Etc. People. 

So isn’t it nice to be surrounded by people? No person deserves to be attack and bullied every single day by People. It was People who said they would stomp my head and called me Tanikka Paulk a nigger B. So there’s some thoughts that People aren’t very friendly. There’s proof of such. No denying that racism exist. No denying that some are being treated unfair by People.

There’s been plenty of times where the name calling occurred. Plenty of times when the bullying rises. Happy People is a song by: R. Kelly. Some may become confused about People and “The People.” When an African American is being called a nigger and expected to be a slave then there’s reasons to be standoffish.  It was People treated by children unfair. Watch how People operate.

“They Bully, Harass, and Attack. They Still Continue on.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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Advocating and the Injustices Which Plaque Society
1280px-GeraldineWhittington Leaders

Advocates don’t have an easy job. There will be lots of times when they’ll have to go up against a lot of individuals who refuse to understand a single word. There’s certainly a lot of injustices taking place and some aren’t ready to tackle any of the injustices. Allowing injustices to linger on is a bad idea. The issues won’t go away on their own. The injustices need attention and when there’s a lot there will be troubles all around. Some may believe their line of thinking is correct. Not “willing to find” any solutions but would rather create more problems which not too many want to deal with.

Sometimes advocates will need to advocate for themselves. They’ll have to go up against some very difficult people. If there’s a desire to “find solutions” then advocates, activists will continue to move towards finding solutions, there may be a lot of pressure at times but they’re seeking solutions. Having to deal with a lot of people who may not be on the same page is quite difficult. To have to come in contact with some who refuse to recognize that we’re in a crisis. There’s a lot of people who want to control every aspect of a person’s life but should be more focused on creating a more stable society.

Not everyone will want to hear what some advocates have to say. Some may try to make every move difficult and doing so isn’t the right thing to do. There should be thoughts of trying to put together instead of ripping apart. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many issues continuing to grow. Way too many are out of control. Not wanting to see growth which doesn’t make sense. “More growth will help society.” If there’s a continuing decline then all will suffer.

Not too many are willing to stand up. Some are either afraid or not wanting to deal with certain matters. There’s no reason that so many should be so disorderly. Creating havoc and causing declines. There should be building up and not tearing down. Of course the issues will continue as long as there’s the envy. Speaking up should occur. “There has to be some who are brave enough to speak out.” All fear should be removed when it’s time to stand up.

If there’ no “standing up” going on then there will continue to be a lot of disconnections and wars. There will be more fighting one another instead of trying to piece together the broken human beings. The fights., the disagreements, the dysfunctional behaviors. So many will continue to slip into a hole because of their mentality. Injustices should be analyzed. There are a lot of people depending on strong leadership but doesn’t appear as if the too many leaders are willing to tackle the issues which really “need solutions.”

Some may not agree with the way some advocate and that’s alright. Not every person will be in agreement. Just because some won’t agree doesn’t mean that advocates should stop advocating. It can be draining when dealing with a lot of people who refuse to be accepting. No matter what’s said there should continue to be communications which will eventually incur solutions.

“Strong Leadership is Important” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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“There’s no Solutions When More Problems are Created. Some Decisions to Agree to Disagree in Good Standing Will Help.” BY:

Tanikka Paulk

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