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The Time to Meditate is now
November 14, 2018

The power of meditation what can meditation do? Meditation can relieve the stresses in which can occur when having to handle many problems. There’s the everyday stresses meditation is a great way to help heal the mind and the body. There many forms of meditating. In a quiet room perhaps dimming down the lights and concentrating on the positives. To escape towards solitude will help the mind be at peace. incurring peacefulness will help with better moods. Advancing to the land of “peacefulness.” To meditate is to generate relief. The mind and the body needs to unwind.

Meditation is a Great Stress Reliever

Listening to gentle music playing in the background or perhaps focusing on the past events which incurred happiness. A few minuets of meditation will be very helpful. There are many busy bodies and perhaps they’re unable to set aside some time in order to unwind. There should be moments of relaxation. Relaxing will also assist with functionality. When the mind is “freed” from negative thoughts there will be more room to think effectively. Putting the mind and body at motion. Allowing solitude in and pushing the negativity out. “Freeing the mind from the junk which can occur in extremely stressful environments.” (Tanikka Paulk).

A silent room filled with freshness and the soothing sounds of classical music. Whatever genre selected there should be enjoyment. There is peace but there has to be the wiliness to obtain the peace. A focused mind can create better outcomes. What is to be said about the benefits of meditation? According to How to Meditate . Org, “Meditation is a method for acquainting our mind with virtue.” Therefore meditation can help the mind excel, improve in many ways, “become” relieved. Some could choose to mediate at a meditation center. There are other areas in which one can choose to meditate.

The mind needs to receive decreased stress, the body will become more mobile when there is less stresses, meditation will also help with increased memory. There are many awesome benefits to meditation perhaps there should be more focus on the most beneficial ways to meditate. I’ve meditated often and can surely say that meditating has helped with pain control. There’s less painful episodes when the meditation is obtained. I’m a happier person when there is relaxation.

Meditating by reading is also a great way to relax the mind and the body. Reading scriptures has often helped when there seems to be stress. There should be time set aside in order to allow the mind to unwind. Having to deal with many problematic events will cause the mind and the body to breakdown so therefore is essential that persons select meditation. Some visit yoga centers in order to generate relief. “Elevation of the mind can occur but there has to be a decision to allow the mind to experience solitude.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Listening to the Soothing Sounds of Peacefulness

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War Peace and Love is in the Bible
November 11, 2018

There is a battle in which one can and will be victorious. Love will conquer and love has conquered many battles. God knew and knows that we’ll have to endure trials and what shall God’s children do about trials? “Overcome.” Prayer is what will help and will develop “peacefulness” wars aren’t going to remain there is peace. Chaos occurs but a peacemaker will know how to eliminate or decrease the disruptions. Peacemakers are historical. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peacemaker. Dr. King wasn’t loved by every person because Dr. King was assassinated. Mankind is destructive and there are many who would want to control but oh there is glory.

Prayer and my love will continue despite the weapons formed. No matter how many negative words are released. I’m going to demonstrate love. God loves every person but yet He will administer discipline. What should one do about the hateful words projected? Pray and keep on the Full Armor of God. A person is able to withstand the attacks by having faith, praying, and keeping on the Armor. “My faith won’t be removed I’m going to keep my faith close to my “heart.” Job’s faith allowed Job to receive more abundance than he had before.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Meditating and asking God to remain alongside me=Tanikka Paulk will allow the continuing of my journey. There is abundance but there has to be adversity in order to receive. There are many who’ve fought against you=Tanikka Paulk. The Bible states that your enemies will try to send out attacks and what to do about the enemies. What needs to occur is constant prayer. I’m able to transform my line of thinking in order to continue to move further. Faith can heal and transform situations. Read scriptures and find out exactly what God has said and the red words which come from Jesus Christ. There are hills and mountains to climb. There is peace within and no matter how I’m hated. Tanikka Paulk will love. ” by: Tanikka Paulk

Love resides in Miami, Florida. Love every person. God said to love one another. There is hope. Some have lost hopefulness because of their situations. They’ve lost their faith because they’ve suffered. Troubles are in the world meaning the Universe. Oh but there is a gleaner of hope. The everlasting wonders of my traveling from here to the designated home. I’ve achieved what some seem to desire and I’m continuing to believe that God will do what He said He will do. God is almighty. When Job was attacked did Job lose his faith? No. Job became stronger and wiser. So therefore I’m going to keep moving and believing mankind won’t cause me=Tanikka Paulk to turn my back on God and Jesus Christ.

There seems to be fear and God knew that we’ll be afraid. What to do about fear? Meditate on the Lord God and pray. My ability to function is because of God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve moved upwards and I’ve moved backwards. My proving has been proven. I’m able to clap with joyfulness because I’m aware of hwo good God has and continues to be. He has allowed what has occurred to occur but God can intervene at any time and He rewards. To know that there is a place in Heaven for Daughter is what keeps me=Tanikka Paulk motivated.

To read scripture is to discover. God promised and God doesn’t break promises. To excel when thereĀ  are destructive environments demonstrates that there is “strong leadership.” i’m refusing to fret because I’m hated but I’m going to continue to love. Thank God I’m able to clap my hands and I’m able “to proceed” in order to achieve helping mankind. To help others pleases God. Amen! they’ve tried numerous times to pull down my positions. One a position from mankind and another position by God. Peace can be obtained wars are won. There is more learning to do and that’s what I’m planning on doing. Great is here and has shown how determined she is.

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The Great Escape to the Calming
November 8, 2018

There can be solitude when it appears as though the storms make their way in. There will be sunshine after the rain. There is hope no matter how situations appear to be there is always hope. To discover near or far to be encouraged the words could either cause inspiration to occur or words could cause doubt to enter. Escape to “peaceful” thoughts to think on levels in which some desire to think upon. There is light and the “day” turns to evening. There are moments in which the thoughts will go to places where some have dared to dream. “Peacefulness can occur when there is prayer, hope, and actions to obtain the peace.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Joyfulness occurs one should decide to allow joyfulness or perhaps happiness into their lives. God has supplied every person with the words which can soothe the mind. The calmness which some have difficulties obtaining. There are the peacemakers willing to administer peace and there are the war folks so therefore if there is the wanting to obtain peace then there will need to be the actions to “obtain the peace.” In order for there to be the actions in which cause disorder there will need to be the participants.

Peacefulness, calmness, solitude should be obtained and although there are some trying to disrupt peacefulness there is also “The Word of God.” Amen! The Bible has the answers. There are many scriptures to read and there is so many ways to obtain the joyfulness in order to live productive lives. Escaping negative thoughts and allowing the positive thoughts to enter. Obtaining rest in order to produce better moods. Disruptions could occur but there are “so many ways to calm” incur the calming within environments.

The peace is what some are willing to fight for. To be able to live in safer neighborhoods and communities. To build in ways others are unwilling to build. “There are the sweetest melodies there should be the ears to listen and the appreciation of the music is which God allows Hos children to hear.” (Tanikka Paulk). The invasion can be eliminated and there can be elevating of greatness. To obtain, to incur, to receive. There is no ability to remove the worry. Thinking on higher levels preparing for what God has declared as the “abundance.”

To live abundantly. War has occurred but peace has entered there will be the solutions to problem solve. Hopefulness has helped generate confidence. To proceed confidently progressively to other ventures. There are some restless because they’ve refused to allow peacefulness into their minds and into their environments. There are many “views” of God’s Creations. The blue sky in which the birds glide about. The trees which offer shade. Plants are placed so that they’re viewed by the passing by. Oh what glorious viewership’s People have.

There are songs sung and recordings of memories. The gatherings of family members and close friends. the laughter coming from the joyful ones. The travels in which so many prepare for. Movements continue to occur. Escape to the beautiful scenery across the globe. There is so much to visualize. The memories stored within the memory banks. “The competitors can witness the calming occur and they could be shocked by the actions because they’ve expected to see backlash but oh there is the “Great” and there is the sunshine after the rain.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Anxious About the Permitted Goals

There are goals which need attention,. It’s important that I’m very attentive when it comes to the goals. Projects which deserve to be completed, objectives, and the very important “project” I’ve received advice from Tyler Perry to avoid working on too many projects all at once. Understandable but when one is anxious and aren’t sure about the permitted “time” then one will want to move anxiously. There is the thoughts of what areas to work on first. Sometimes there will need to be refocusing because there were setbacks. Discouraged? No.

The Goals are Meant to be Completed

I’ve worked on many tasks at once but I’m also aware that too much work can cause stresses which can be avoided. My journey is at “one” although there are some agreeing to be along I’ve been said to be a “self builder.” “Focusing, concentrating, and allowing my mind to be at ease in order to adhere to completeness is what I’m seeking.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will be the advice whether to work on certain projects but I’m determined to complete all or at least most of the desired projects. Soon enough there will “be completeness” of the most important projects.

The person giving the advice is highly successful so I’ve listened but am still anxious to move forward and complete the movie and the story. I’ve already accomplished more than I’ve realized before that I would accomplish. I’m thrilled that some of the adversities have decreased. There’s more to the projects than just writing. Before the actions are to occur there will need to be some pondering. Oh gosh I’ve pondered so and will continue to do so. “I’m making and I’ve made.” (tanikkap). There’s success and soon enough I’ll reach my desired successful level.

Goals are meant to complete due to some distractions some goals are pushed back and some never pick the goals back up again. I’m continuing to learn how to pace myself. Yes some may view my “progress” as slow but I’ve accomplished what some of the very wealthy haven’t accomplished. Some could stray away from the gifts because of what the critics have to say. Criticism could help a person grow or in some cases criticism could cause a person or persons to decline. Each person has their own gifts and there will be flourishing of the gifts.

Prospering occurs when the negatives are removed. However there will be negatives but there are ways to experience the positives. Think carefully of what needs to occur and set a pace. All persons won’t work in the same manner. Their goals aren’t met in the same time frame. There could possibly be some delays but there shouldn’t be less focus because of the adversities. “Accomplish the goals, remain focused, and try to experience the positives.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Movements can occur daily but there should be time resting.

Eventually the objective goals will come together. There’s a designed purpose and I’m confident enough to proceed. Making the best of my time and continuing to analyze which goals should be firstly. “There are some who’ve tried to discourage, they’ve tried to sabotage, but what’s purposed is so.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There is no time to pay close attention to the hecklers or the overly critical persons. Making progress although sometimes the progress has seems to slow down. There is still the ability to meet some of the shorter goals.

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Confrontational Attitudes Should Receive Peace
November 1, 2018

Being a peacemaker is certainly better than being what is perceived as war. There is the balance but it seems as though there are more willing to generate war rather than to project peacefulness. Truces occur when both sides agree to be peaceful. Why have some decided to project war? Perhaps to obtain whatever they’re wanting to obtain. “There are positive ways to battle. Offering peace is certainly a better solution.” (Tanikka Paulk). Focused on the area or areas in which offer the necessary building. “Create.’ Adjusting the negative attitudes but how? Refusing to provide the war using the most effective tactics, strategies, strategy in order to advance further.

There are chances some aren’t admitting to the needing of changes. There’s the opportunities to progress some probably have decided to agitate because they’re in need of. What else is there? There’s peace despite what has occurred and there is also the option of ignoring the behaviors. Ignoring isn’t always effective. Communications could help learning how to communicate “effectively” will offer more solutions. There will be problems but there are also solutions. “Cometh towards the problem solving. Solving problems demonstrates abilities. Rather be a problem solving and peacemaker.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Facing the problems dissecting the problems analyzing has helped. Further investigating the best ways to manage problematic occurrences. There is war when parties participate but if there’s the refusing to become a participant then there will be less confrontations. Some are confrontational because they’re displeased, unhappy, irritated. Attitudes can change and perhaps some should consider changing the way to react, think, and respond. There is still room to learn. Growth continues to occur and “growth” should occur there has to be progress time shouldn’t be wasted.

The attention driven folks want what they want when they want. No matter how many communication there are some won’t understand exactly how to cease their behaviors. Peacefulness can be obtained perhaps thinking before responding or perhaps refusing to respond to disrespectful actions. Conquering has occurred and will continue to occur when there is love. Love conquers. There are the many emotions some are unable to channel their emotions. Stress occurs when the emotions circulate.

Choosing to be apart of more stabilized environments help lower stress. Some are defeated within the mind. becoming more productive has offered solitude. There are choices and what some choose to be apart of will determine the “outcome.” Positivity can occur if allowed. There are so many who’ve chosen to project negatives. There are positives in stressful environments but there has to be the searching for the positives. Attitudes change, transform, God has spoken about transforming and transforming the mind is the most effective step.

“The building of greatness, the ability to conquer, to unify will offer what Nations need and what communities thrive from.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are many “capabilities.” I’ve conquered the complexities. Difficulties can help generate further growth. Learning how to solve problems instead of creating the problems. “Obtaining the necessities by eliminating the overly negatives.” (Tanikka Paulk). The conclusions the ceasing need to occur so that there are the moving up to the different stages and levels. “Continued.”


Unified” (paulk, tanikka)

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The Know how is What Will get you Further
October 30, 2018

To the get to the got and to the determined. There are many followers although they may not appear to be following on the surface but they are. I too follow because a leader has to be a follow. There is proof that there is following by supplying some of their work. I’m aware of what God has said. “Recognizing” others is what God wants, giving, helping is what God wants some never recognize others. My name is what they’ve tried to dismiss no matter what’s said it’s about the what is. What is so. So therefore the words projected aren’t adding any value unless what is said is of truth. “Know what to say when to say what needs to be said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

What is it that I know? I’ve been supplied with lots of information and reading helps to obtain more information. There isn’t any doubt that my journey will incur what some have witnessed and that includes having to handle the competition. Competitors will continue to try and discourage but a virtuous one will try to encourage. Encouragement is of great assistance. To remain confident, determined, and add the “positivity” will carry one further than projecting poisonous words. “Positive words is what so many really need.” by: Tanikka Paulk

I’m aware what can occur when trying to tear People down. There are so many tearing down because they’re miserable. I’ve stated before an example of the ones using you how my example reflects the individuals. There is only one and my oh my have they continuously proven such. My proof has been supplied and if I’m to continue on the set path then I’ll need to focus on the specific areas. Are they frustrated with my progress are they frustrated with my continuing? Perhaps. There are many reasons why there’s progression.

I’ve continued to be close to my Father the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m close to my Brother Jesus Christ. Haven’t we recognized that we’re spiritual brothers and sisters? Regconition is what come are looking for. Recognizing others is what I’ve “demonstrated” and perhaps some aren’t pleased about what occurs here or elsewhere. There is the movements although there are so many wanting to pull down I’m refusing to accept whatever it is that they want. Distractions is what they’ve tried to produce but a person can move forwardly confidently by blocking the noisemakers out.

To know, to discover, to uncover. What they’ve perceived they are wrong, I’ve recognized when I’ve been attacked there is proof of such. There are some trying to come out of their holes. The chasing of my dreams and their attitudes towards the levels in which need attention. I’m continuing to smile what’s said could cause declines but if one supplies positives then the person is able to move forward. “I’m here continuing to do what I’ve been called to do. Chosen is what has been proven.” (Tnaikka Paulk)

There isn’t a battle with the uncooperative ones. They’re called ones because they’re grouped together. I’m “one” called One. Meaning that the title was administered to you=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to fight but how successful are the persons? There is no time to battle with God’s Creations. I’ve have more tasks to complete and there are objectives to meet. There should be desires to advance and to help others advance. Leadership entails building others leaders but there doesn’t seem to be too many qualified. “Qualify.”

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Put the Culinary Skills to Use
October 29, 2018

My son graduated from culinary school and he should really be working as a chef. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to hire my one of my sons. Developed skills should be used so that there’s the hands on there’s more learning when the chef is in the kitchen using the taught skills. The career “description” could scare some away there certainly is a lot of work in such a career. There will be long hours standing in the kitchen and working on holidays. Chefs spend a lot of their time working in and around the kitchen as well as working “events.”

My son has worked many events in which he was compensated immediately after working the events. Chef Christopher is what I’ve decided to call him. He’s gained lots of experience and is certified. I Tanikka Paulk was so proud of him when he graduated from culinary school. There were many visitations to other schools but he was able to finish school close to “home.” Receiving the certifications is such a rewarding feeling. To watch my oldest son go up on stage and receive is diploma and also his certifications was exciting.

Perhaps soon he will be working all sorts of events. There’s a lot of avenues within the culinary arts. He’s also experienced with pastry. Baking, making his own icing, three layer cakes. Soon he can create specialty wedding cakes. Wow! Isn’t it exciting when children become adults and obtain the skills in order to set off on their careers? Indeed. To be able to witness and capture photos of certain events is so delightful. Thank goodness for cameras. They’re able “to capture” precious moments.

To build careers, to be apart of career development, to obtain the necessary skills in order to reach certain heights is blessed filled. i’m so grateful to have been able to witness the events and to see my oldest grow and soon he will become a bit older. The age of 23. October 31, 1995 is his date of birth. The memories some captured and some embedded within my memory bank. I’m able to recall the certain events. Blessed to see my sons develop into young men.

He’s continuing to make some headway. There is still room to grow. There is the focus on making sure that they attempt to obtain a stable future. There is the time when we’ll have to send “the children” on their own ways in order to become what they’re capable of becoming. I’ve overcome most of the adversities and have witnessed the storms, sunshine, and rainy seasons but God has allowed “Mother” mama to spend precious moments with the sons. How blessed is thee? i’m truly blessed can’t buy “love.”

Career paths should be the focus. There are so many students and youth wanting to set off on their careers but need the appropriate guidance. There should be stronger mentors. Mentoring is what the youth need. Positive role models. Persons willing to help guide the youth on their projected paths. Education is so very important and hiring “qualified” teachers will assist students in the positive directions. More funding is needed in order to create more careers, more jobs, and better education.


Chef Christopher

Chef Christopher’s Mother

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The Justly was and is Purposed
October 28, 2018

There’s a purpose and the fulfillment of my purpose is what needs to occur. There are the unappreciative ones without understanding. “God already prepared my way and I’m continuing to try to reach the level in which was designed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’re mistaken what have they caused by their actions? If they are willing to read “scripture” then they’ll find out what God has said. God is specific about His instructions. Some will try to battle for positions they’re not “qualified” for. If they’re chosen then they wouldn’t need to battle. There is no need for Tanikka!-Tanikka Paulk to battle because I’ve been “chosen” by God and mankind.

If they’re unwilling to accept then they will have the troubles. There are the many difficulties but with prayer I’m able to overcome. The words spoken aren’t adding the value that’s needed. I’ve chosen to proceed with the most dignified. The persons in which will assist with the “building up.” My eyes will look away from the irritants. I’m uninterested in their antics. The disruptions aren’t bothering me=Tanikka Paulk because there’s the protection. What? Yes there’s the protection from God and mankind has also chosen to add their protection. The noisemakers aren’t apart of the fulfillment.

The needs are what causes the persons to display out of control behavior. They’ve lied and caused their own declines. Perhaps they should consider what “Word” entails. I’m continuing for many reasons. There is way too many objectives to meet. There will continue to be the additions. Yes some seem to be angered but I’m apart of the glorious actions. No matter what’s been said about you=Tanikka Paulk. “The Bible” speaks a lot about you your. God has stated about the enemies and how to handle enemies. Foes is what some have decided to become.

The birds continue to sing their melodies are welcomed. There is peacefulness in my area. The communities seem to have settled. Perhaps more should join the peacefulness. I’m focused on what can offer prosperity. There certainly needs to be some uplifting. Yes I’m in tune with self motivation. My purpose was designed by God and why should I Tanikka Paulk allow mankind to disrupt my purpose. The attitudes only cause the individuals to disrupt their own minds. “Proceed we’re headed in the right direction. There will be the solutions isn’t that what’s appreciated?” (Tanikka Paulk)

How many are watching? It seems as though the entire world watches my every move. The leadership continues to rise they’re unaware of how their actions affect society. There is the effectiveness although there are the disrespectful ones trying to make their way in. The door is shut to the agitated folks. They’re confused about spirituality. They’re also confused about the political realm. The mixture can cause troubles that’s why they’re separated. Actions. Purposely headed from here to there.

There’s the firmness and although there are some who’ve disagreed with my methods. I’ve strategized in ways in which there’s difficulties figuring out what will occur next. They’ve tried to take my place but they’re unable. The name will remain after leaving earth. “Defeat? No there is too much “faith” to think of the actions in which so many seem to project in order to surpass.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There’s a lot to be said in the Bible. The Word of God is filled with the truth. Jesus continues to walk with “thee.”

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You Have Functionality and you Have Dignity
October 27, 2018

The ability to remain functional seems to be what so many are lacking. They’ve proving that they are unable to adjust to the necessary changes. What have they displayed so far? They’re unable to compete properly, rude, and quite disrespectful. They’re attitude towards decision making has lead the persons into pits. They’ve fallen and are unable to free themselves. “Perhaps they need the assistance from a true Leader or perhaps they deserved their due punishment.” (Tanikka Paulk). Helping, helped, recognized. What is said about being functional?

According to Ideafit.com, “For all the mysteries of the human brain, one thing seems clear: The brain needs nutritious foods, just like the rest of the body. Research suggests that a healthy diet may support and even stimulate mental abilities and slow the advance of neurodegenerative disorders. Indeed, studies find that many foods enhance intellectual capacities such as memory, motor skills, attention and learning. Such foods may influence brain functions by stimulating signal transmission, improving blood flow or decreasing inflammation in the brain. Diet and Mental Performance.” There are many ways to gain functionality to be functional in the most trying environments.

To have a positive attitude also helps as well as obtaining proper rest. Functional, activities, discoveries the mind is powerful and there should be the use of the brain although there seems to be too many refraining from using their thinking caps. I’ve observed how so many individuals think and what makes the persons tick. Thinking can be improved by eating properly and also by “reading.” Some are unable to read pass the title. Titles aren’t always what the titles seem to “be.” When there’s the ability to meditate on the thoughts then there will be better solutions incurred.

The mind is to be freed from the distractions within the Universe. Persons wanting to cause decreases aren’t thinking because they should consider “that a functional” country will also generate more functionality for all People. To be functional is to be effective. Some or perhaps most have demonstrated that they aren’t functional at all. Just observe their actions. The claiming of intelligence seems to have suffered because the actions demonstrate otherwise. “Am I Tanikka Paulk Being Followed?” Yes.

Although there are some wanting to disrupt the plans there is still the ability to function. Words spoken or heard and performances discovered has caused further success. There are the continuous levels of reaching the desired heights. Progress is made when one is able to function in the strenuous environments. Some may try to produce stress but the mind is able to remove the negatives and focus on the positives. That’s what I’ve “chosen” to do. Positiviy outweighs the negatives.

Continued mindfulness and completing tasks in which some have tired to prevent. I’ve used my mind in ways some probably are shocked about. There is “movement” although there were previous setbacks. There has to be the adversity but how one handles the problems will depend on the outcomes. I’ve faced many challenges and so have the others but there are the many differences. Function is what they are unable to do this has been proven. Proof of such.



“For all the mysteries of the human brain, one thing seems clear: The brain needs nutritious foods, just like the rest of the body. Research suggests that a healthy diet may support and even stimulate mental abilities and slow the advance of neurodegenerative disorders. Indeed, studies find that many foods enhance intellectual capacities such as memory, motor skills, attention and learning. Such foods may influence brain functions by stimulating signal transmission, improving blood flow or decreasing inflammation in the brain. Diet and Mental Performance.” There are many ways to gain functionality to be functional in the most trying environments.

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The Fundamentals of What’s Occurring Now!

There’s so much misconceptions about what is to occur and what has occurred. There are so many without fully understanding how “to develop” businesses, brands, and themselves. There should be more focus on the how to instead of focusing on competing. Yes there will be the competition but what are the competitors offering? There are the rules of business. Learning exactly what they are is very important. “They’ve focused on the competing but have they focused on building brands?” (Tanikka Paulk).

What has been demonstrated thus far? The demonstration of how to become independent business owners and brand owners. There seems to be way too much dependency. What is expected should be clarified and shall be. There has to be some order in order to succeed within the business realm. There are objectives to meet and goals to fulfill. Where are the visionaries headed? If they’re continuing to move in direction they’ve been moving in then they could witness their businesses and brands declining.

There is room for learning and growing. The growth processes should demonstrate effectiveness. Offering more and having the ability to move forward within their businesses without being babysat is what should be occurring. How many are truly independent within their businesses? There doesn’t seem to be many presently. They’ve indulged in competing there has to be “progress.” “Movements should occur with out the boss holding their hands.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There seems to be the confusion the ability to understand has occurred. Here is “time” the mindfulness, inspirations, and dedications to what can cause the rising. How many are elevation the properly? Why would any desire to stop growing their business? All will have to become dependent at some point but shouldn’t be dependent continuously. All need and some are more needy than others. There should be desires to head in the right direction. They’ve tried to sabotage when they really need to grow their brands. Think about moving upwards instead of declining.

What’s to be Expected

  1. Cooperation
  2. Growth
  3. Transformations
  4. Increases
  5. Building of Knowledge

There is more to be expected but there should be the figuring out there seems to be the guesses. Know, learn, succeed. There are some who’ve viewed themselves as highly successful but are having difficulties generating attention to their brands and businesses. “Isn’t about what a person is called but what they’ve chosen to answer to.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve moved “confidently” because I’ve chosen to do so. No matter how many times the darts are directed towards my journey there is progress. They too need to progress in unbelievable ways. Soar like an eagle.

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