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I can say What Needs to be Said Bluntly
January 16, 2019

Sometimes we’ll have to speak firmly. Saying what is meant to be heard. Individuals seems as though they’re unable to understand to comprehend what is being said will make “the difference.” There’s mounts of misunderstandings. Some haven’t understood the “progressive” movements. To speak about what is to occur or what has occurred again and again could cause fatigue. Some may say, “why bother?” a question To be patient when there’s so much chaotic experiences certainly is a virtue. I’ve been misjudged and oh yes indeed there’s been plenty said about me=Tanikka Paulk which is also about you=Tanikka Paulk.

The uphill battles and the noisemakers wanting to disconnect what they would have difficulties succeeding at. My purpose was already “declared” and no matter how many times they’ve tried to disconnect my movements there’s continuing anyway. I’ve already gathered my thoughts and prayed that’s why I’m focused and moving ahead. Progress certainly needs to be made. The words spoken have shocked and caused some to frown. Concerned about what the hecklers have to say. No! notation: a statement a bold statement.

Focusing is what should occur because there’s so many goals which need to be achieved. I’m purposed and is called to move in the set direction despite what some may think. Moving somewhere and I’m somewhere right now. They’ve been told and there’s no need to repeat again and again what I’ve already “stated.” Possibly in letter form or digitally. There are many views directed at me=Tanikka Paulk. No matter what they’ve said or continue to say I refuse to become their puppet. She isn’t intimidated.

The reasons were already addressed. I’ve overcame and fought many battles in which some wouldn’t dare to put on the armor in order to become victorious. “What I’ve already accomplished has surprised most but what’s to come will “be just: as surprising.” (Tanikka Paulk). Yes it seems as though I’m the toughest competition. The actions have demonstrated such. There’s proof that I’ve spoken, speak, and communicate. I’m blessed although some seem to think that they’ve destroyed my purpose. They’re mistaken. “Highly favored and glorified. God said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Analyze this. She is this and that=Tanikka Paulk. Proven the challenges are a great indication that I’m what God has addressed in “scripture.” At my own finger tips. That’s why it’s better to be apart of quietness until the finalized moves are made. Think before reacting some have thought or perhaps perceived me=Tanikka Paulk as weak but I’m strong and stronger than I was yesterday.

Beautified, justly, concreate. I’ve formed my way to where I’m to navigate to. Already made more than a difference. Adjustments were made in order to communicate what needed to be communicated and where the messaging needed to be delivered to. My “movements” are important because there’s so many continuing to follow my every move. Watching, listening to my voice, and exclaimed that they’ve followed. “Some of my words are protected just a single word is analyzed and some have tried to dissect the words spoken but glory to the continuous unifying of further greatness.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Eyes are and Will Continue to see What Needs to be Seen
January 14, 2019

Everyday there’s the battle of what? The battle seems to be what I’ve became. The competitors aren’t recognizing what is actually so. No matter what they’ve been told some haven’t connected the dots. There’s problems to be solved and the “solutions” are just around the corner. To find the most effective solutions the thinking needs to occur. The time to find the facts, to analyze, to incur. The constant back and fourth but there’s no need to speak about what shall occur in the next few months.

What they’ve perceived they are incorrect. Why should I explain every detail of what is to occur? No. Refused to be persons puppet. If they’ve perceived me=Tanikka Paulk to be a pushover they’re wrong. There’s no way that I’m going to accept that I’m who they’ve tried to place me=Tanikka Paulk as. Are they suppose to be within my technology? No. They’ve invaded and I haven’t “extended” an invitation to the individuals who are constantly trying to chase my dreams away. Continuing because I want to.

They’re unable to accept the reasons why or unable to accept the decisions made. To live a dream or dreams certainly entails bravery one will need to focus on the pathway. “What has the actions caused and how will the chosen face the many obstacles?” Firmly, cautiously, objectively. The proof that my journey is important is the actions. Th4e many clicks after I’ve supplied some “information” the proof that I Tanikka Paulk am a victim. Breached is proven when they’re clicking the entire world can see that as I;m typing in the information I’m unable to click or underline words or names.

Using my noggin. Witnessed the clicks inside my files and other online areas. Sought after and way too important to the individuals to be forgotten. I can smile because I’m aware that I’m victorious. Victory is when good deeds are performed and despite what they’ve said God already knows me=Tanikka Paulk. God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m able to choose, pick, decide. The freedom to do what some are unable to do.

There’s mounts of fruitfulness. Abilities, skills, trainable movements. Unified, unifying, and supplying. The data has been stored untouched waiting to be viewed. My eyes have seen what most haven’t thought to see. Cautious and have noticed what they may have perceived as getting by. Focused and awaiting what is to come. Soon enough the necessary tasks will “be performed”.

Continuation of what some thought would be omitted. Additions have been -placed where need be. There’s more to be seen added and adding. The troubles are removed in order to continue progressively. Moves are made without individuals able to view every action. There’s a time for quietness. The revealing of every piece of data shouldn’t be revealed. Connected and continuing to unify the ones which shall along. Moving upwards because there’s still room to move upwardly.

An Extended Invitation to Tupac Shakur

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Dignified is Located in a set Location
January 12, 2019

To be dignified some may have difficulties comprehending just what it truly means. My experiences entail what some couldn’t imagine. The notations in which are confusing to say the least. “What is it that so many want to discover?” My movement is apart of a continuation because it was already declared. One could either pay close attention to what’s said or one can choose to move forward “effectively.” There are many dysfunctional environments in which I’ve faced and continue to spend less time in.

I’m able to conquer inside, outside, inner. Outer, unseen, and seen. If one expects to make progress then there has to be a decision to ignore some of the behaviors which could possibly cause setbacks. To be positively free within the mind requires prayer, faith, and confidence. Most would probably give up or in because of the many battles to face. My confidence has allowed me=Tanikka Paulk make it thus far. Making the necessary movements and exploring my many options. My “decisions” are based upon solutions.

Magnified enough to proceed confidently. The noisemakers are lesson builders. The competition demonstrates my effectiveness. What am I concentrating on? My concentration is on my elevation and building. The distractions are a demonstration that I’m when some would rather be. Discovered what isn’t to be revealed at this present time. Oh how some aren’t aware of the different abundance areas. There’s more than just one perspective there are many.

Tanikka Paulk is a confident female. Expecting to accomplish further than individuals have expected her to accomplish. I’m writing in second perspective meaning that I’m speaking about self to demonstrate that I’m “confident.” There’s no need to behave the way most have and may continue to. What I’ve said and will continue to say can help others realize that no matter what “individuals” have to say there’s still the inspirational techniques in which can and are presented on a journey.

Speaking or perhaps have spoken about what I believe in and what my causes are. I’m where I am for many reasons but will be where I’m suppose to be in due time. Some have expected my path to crumble. Protected, God’s protection, and mankind’s protection. Greatly appreciated. Indeed. I’m an avid advocate watched by so many across the globe. The listeners and the viewers are in tuned by their actions. “Demonstrating and continuing to make, making, makes and made.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Geared up to build what some are probably afraid to conquer. Additional perfected moves closed and open doors the “entrances: and all aren’t going to want to enter into certain areas. My declaring is described in the Biblical stories. What is to be believed? No matter what’s said my belief stands true at least to me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve been criticized, attacked, harassed but there’s no way that I’m going to give up or in. Some of what I’m apart of is an invitation only. Extended where?

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The Transformations and Newness are Coming
January 10, 2019

Soon there will be the many changes there’s many reasons why the changes should occur. Change is what some aren’t thrilled about. To have to adjust to a transformed environment can cause some to behave oddly. All persons won’t understand why the changes need to occur but change is and has already occurred. The disagreements about why a change occurred could ether be explained or declined to explain. It’s better that individuals attempt to adjust to “transformations.”

Acceptance is so difficult for mankind. Some aren’t able to understand because they’re unwilling to. There are many individuals having difficulties because of what they felt should have occurred. Some disagree because of positioning perhaps they’ve wanted to move in a different direction. “Transformations are welcoming to be apart of newness and to explore the many options available.” (Tanikka Paulk). Just attempting to speak about the difference can cause some to think they’re railroaded.

The many explanations supplied seems to still incur the misinformed notions. Listening to what’s said and understanding will develop the finalizing. Some are unwilling to listen to reasoning. Time continues to move forward there’s progress and determination to reach the “destination” which will offer greater. Allowing the transformations is quite helpful. Progressive measures are and shall continue to be effective. There’s working whether seen or unseen.

Headed in what direction? The right direction is where some have decided to move towards. Yes there’s the downwards and upwards. No matter how many times I’ve explained what I’ve felt needed attention some haven’t understood. Their actions demonstrate they’re unwilling to allow, accept, incur. Progress is made when there’s a decision to allow progress. The actions will produce abundance or decreases. Changing one area to another area.

Inside motions and outside motions. The movements are occurring some of the moves should occur without persons being able to view the moves. Privately producing actions transforming from one set to the next. Gathering of the necessary “information” so that the projects are completed. So many have tried to interrupt but there’s still the advancements. Conquering, reaching, accomplishing despite what has occurred. “Somewhere is where I am now and with the continuous motions there will be the finalization.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Winner is Love and Proof

To constantly revisit what has already been proven can incur fatigue. Why should persons have to prove to disagreeable People anyway? If there’s proof then that’s all one need to “continue.” What has been proven some are unable to accept. Some are more in tuned with trying to remove, destroy, and sabotage but should be focused on producing stability. What information and data has been collected? Collective information has been introduced to a powerful system. The civilians, the citizens of “The United States” are unable and unwilling to accept the what is.

The “Government” has their proof and is able to closely observe what’s occurring now and what has occurred in the past. There’s to reality that forward movements are to occur. What individuals perceive is what they perceive and some are unable to convince others they’re wrong. No matter what’s said “the proof” is accepted in so many arenas. The classifications, identifiers, collected data has been supplied. There’s so many investigative measures which can be used in order to produce the necessary proof.

The unwilling may witness how their actions have caused the declines in which have occurred right now. Despite what has been posted, “communicated,” and addressed the continuation of what the Government and others want is continuing. If the Government disagreed then the ceases of my mission wouldn’t continue to prosper. I’ve been closely monitored so my behavior has been observed as well as others behaviors. There’s the classification of good and there’s the classification which entails bad behaviors.

Love conquers despite what some may think. There are many actions and so many have viewed my journey as their own. The name which holds value. What’s “included” thus far some have misjudged. There’s the many notations my prospering is notated. The challenges faced have caused more prosperity. Oh of course some may think that prosperity has to involve monetary It’s been declared although some are still disagreeing about the decisions made. I’ve focused on the set areas and the revealing of what has occurred unseen won’t until the latter part of my journey.

What is there to find and what has been found? Some have demonstrated what could be perceived as hatefulness. No matter what I’m going to continue to love. I’ve made progress whether a little or abundantly. Focusing is what should occur now and should have occurred then. The importance of protecting the sensitive information which can be considered as highly “informative information is.” I’ve excelled by actions. There’s the process of learning and there’s continued thinking. Think! “Actions can be viewed across the globe. Worldly. Witnessed. ” By: Tanikka Paulk

Hidden collective data is unable to reach the collective data which is placed in technological memory. There are so many wanting to reach the data. “The Government” has the power to collect data without individuals noticing what is occurring. Protected although it may appear as though I’m always sought after. I’m where I am right now but will be where I’m to be in a timely manner. “Defeat is in one’s thoughts but victory is and shall be.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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The Good Prosper in Ways Unimaginable

Difficulties arise but what and how a person handles to trials is what really makes the difference. The adversities can either generate upwards motions or downwards motions. Performing good deeds is what God wants His children to do. Some aren’t aware of the importance of good deeds. There’s some continuing to believe their actions aren’t recognized but somewhere there’s the recognition. “Goodness will flourish no matter if persons try to prevent excelling eventually the movements will connect.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Good may seem distance because some aren’t in tuned with doing good. Just observe the many ways in which some behave. The actions are observed worldly. How many are performing good deeds or are considered good? It seems as though less are recognized as being good. “Prosperous deeds deeds which are considered to be glorious in “The Eyes of the Lord.” Meaning God is Lord the Father of Jesus Christ and God sees all things. Sees what every person does or will do.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The misconceptions as to the proper way to perform good deeds exist. Some think they’re entitled to receive what is of the chosen. The fight is to achieve what’s Godly. At least make some attempts to be good. If the expressions involve that a person is good then perhaps some should observe. Analyze recognize the difference. Competition is one of the reasons why some refrain from performing good deeds. They’re unable to manage their identities unable to become good because of their line of thinking.

Prospering which stems from prosperity some haven’t understood what true prosperity is. The way, light, and the goodness. The combination which help incur real abundance. Elevating towards good and stabilized areas. What truly defines goodness. To want to perform “good deeds,” to give, to love. Love conquers and love can demonstrate what persons should do in order to make their way into the “Heavenly Gates.” Smile because there’s a place where there’s no troubles.

The word good has crossed many minds but how many are willing to perform the good deeds? Less are and why? Perhaps they’ve performed good deeds in the past but were betrayed and aren’t performing good deeds anymore. When mentioning prosperity I’m not speaking about an athlete I’m speaking about the gifts in which God gives His children. Reality is there’s a place to rest when the body dies. “The closing of eyes and the renewing of what is good, righteous, and wholesome.

My journey entails so many trials but my faith continues to remain with me=Tanikka Paulk. The competitors should really consider the way they project hatefulness. Love conquers and love is what God wants His children to project. Some behave as if they’re incapable of “love.” A special greeting, a hello, and gratefulness towards mankind. Are ones performing good deeds by trying to harass their competition? No. Perhaps they should consider the rewarding gifts in which they’ll receive just by doing good.

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Reality is Where I Would Rather be

There’s the thoughts but there’s the reality some are way too focused within fantasy. The realities are what realities are. Thinking positively and remaining whole by actions and thoughts. To keep my mind focus on what some have probably viewed as fictional. My story is filled with truths. My cousins were gunned down, my great grandmother is deceased, my conditions are so. “Whatever to be perceived some have misjudged my path and what I’ve tried to express.” (Tanikka Paulk).

The reality is “movements.” There’s so much to accomplish and there are goals to meet. What they’ve perceived seems twisted. So many aren’t able to comprehend what’s “truly” occurring. No matter what the words describe there’s the dysfunctional line of thinking. At least some should consider trying to listen and trying to understand. The purpose was written and no matter how my moves are viewed my reality is still within me! Some seem to think that stories are fictional. No. All stories aren’t.

What’s said isn’t always what is. One think for sure “it is so.” So many believe whatever they hear or read. That’s why there’s research and investigative measures. The truth will present but the alertness should be. There could be a lot of why’s. All won’t know right now some won’t be able to understand what’s occurring. The factual is what some aren’t willing to accept. Truths are presented and what is to be said could either be accepted or not.

Perhaps the reason why some are unwilling to accept is because they would rather partake in fantasies. Reality has to have its place. “The many words spoken have the truth within there has to be the listeners and the audience.” By: Tanikka Paulk. “My journey isn’t easy at all so many adversities to even name. Too many to count.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although some continue to project the altered words my purpose is to continue to move further to accomplish greater.

Where am I headed? Somewhere although it may appear as if the movements are slow but there’s still progress. To think of thinking what some haven’t though to think. My name is apart of the realities. So many disrupt by wanting to hold on to the fantasy but I’m more in tuned with the reality. The need to and the desire to get to where I should be. From here to a different place. “Newness!” Continued with my beliefs and my thoughts protected by thee.


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What’s to say About Good Competition

Ever witnessed groups trying to compete but seem to have difficulties trying to remove their competition from the competitive spectrum? There’s so many insisting that on competing and some have “demonstrated” they’re having difficulties trying to prove they’re number one. Too many chiefs too many wanting to gain the position wanting to become higher the best way to compete is to compete fairly. There’s too much to accomplish so therefore competing isn’t always on the agenda.

It seems as though I’m the most challenging competition. I’ve set to produce higher standards while showing my gifts others have confused my kindness. The more I’m challenged the more I’ll elevate. Sometimes there’s the fatigue and I’m in no mood to compete. Some competition will allow further accomplishments. There’s more growth incurred. “Some competitors project trickery and that’s why it’s important to be alert. Alertness is a very important key when the competition seems to be working very hard to disrupt their competition.” (Tanikka Paulk)

It’s so delightful that I’m able to proceed despite what the competitors are trying to cause. There’s room for elevation. Some I wouldn’t want to collaborate with or want on my team. It’s better that the proceeding continues in order to incur the finalization of “unified” solid effectiveness and progressive completeness. Too many seem to think that I’m their puppet. No. I was chosen my skills exist and can be proven. Proceeding is what I’m doing right now. To focus on the important objectives is what will occur.

Too may are involved in my purpose they’ve tried to disrupt but I’m simply moving ahead. “Effectiveness” is occurring because there’s productivity. Every movement demonstrates that achievements have occurred. The attitudes aren’t what I should be focusing on. My movements are continuing to be analyzed. What some have perceived they’re mistaken. Oh yes indeed I’ve allowed some corrections but I’m busy trying to accomplish my dreams.

So many have tried to take away my “vision.” I’m way too determined to allow the “individuals” to destroy my purpose. What some have tried to remove they’re unable to completely remove. My presence is still here. There’s the demonstrating, the showing of, the administrating. Goodness is what I’m about. No matter what’s said I’m going to continue to project what I’ve always projected and that’s love. I’m that=Tanikka Paulk and that’s stem from that. If they’re unable to understand then I’m unable to convince otherwise. There’s also the room to gain and regain more knowledge.

You you Good.

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The Additions are Apart of the Along

To add will improve and allow growth. There’s the desire to build to incur the prosperity the abundance. Some seem to be more interested in tearing down instead of building up. “To build to advance to levels in which will produce stability, growth, and prosperity will incur the improvements.” (Tanikka Paulk). A true leader, leadership will entail that the People come together and join the improvements and the fundamentals of a Country. The unification is what will help the economy help revenue building and so fourth.

What some have considered I have already considered and will implement at a later date. The movements continue because there’s the desire to move in the appropriate direction. Forward and although there may appear to be some backward motions the productivity will continue. Shine is shinning whether today or tomorrow. The along individuals are willing to at least witness the growth occur and yes they too are apart of the growth because there’s the need to move upwards.

Increases are occurring and some have decided they would rather try to decrease in certain areas. An increase has already occurred. I’ve been challenged but I’m refusing to settle for what they have wanted me=Tanikka Paulk to settle for. Individuals have tried to cause uproars trying to disconnect growth but when there’s the adversity there’s the many ways to overcome the adversities. Thinking is one of the best ways to obtain the necessary tools in order to incur effectiveness.

“When a leader is chosen true “leadership” the person is to be in their set position but there’s way too many persons wanting to remove or to takeover the position will was and is provided by a very powerful system.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although my name has appeared boldly and also shown above there’s the ones trying to bring down my name but they’re unable to do so. My progress occurs because of my determination. There’s the many reasons why I’m continuing to progress although it may seem as if they’ve won the many battles.

The cause and effect. the beginning and the ending, the becoming and the being. I’m sure of what I’ve already accomplished and if they want to continue to challenge then they’ll have to go through the system. Meaning they will have to try and battle the system which is the “Government.” Positioning to reach to the next levels and yes there were steps made in order to reach where I am now whether slowly or progressively. The invading has demonstrated that there are so many wanting to be where I am and wanting to obtain what I’ve been chosen for. The word power is in powerful. The words are connected and are apart of the what is.

“The movements should occur and the ones trying to prevent the movements shouldn’t be within the mission or on the journey. Welcome.” by: Tanikka Paulk. How many movements are collected without the leadership? If they’re waiting for the power to be turned on then they’re unable to lead. Cometh where People are to unite and become the strength the witnessing of renewing. Achievements are to occur and why shouldn’t the achievements be allowed? There’s more to accomplish and some are willing to accomplish successfully.

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The Journey of Completeness and Readiness

Ready? Yes indeed. There’s the continued process of finalizing the “mission.” Some aren’t quite prepared to adjust to what has and will occur. Unable to convince but have to keep proceeding. The disagreeable or perhaps the misunderstood should know that I’m unwilling to tolerate the mistreatment. There’s so much misunderstandings, the confusion, and the desires “to obtain” what has already been declared to be. “When it is time to be in the set place then it will be there. Until then there’s the continuous motions to complete.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’ve searched for the right methods and corrective strategies in which will assist with obtaining what’s necessary. What’s necessary is to build to build in ways which can help establish a more stabilized society. Communities need to be have wholeness. There’s the many changes in which individuals will have to face. Some aren’t prepared to handle the many changes but changes are to occur. Where are most headed to? Perhaps unknown. To “be determined” in sometime or in somewhere.

There’s chuckles because some continue to think that their actions are justified. The line of thinking seems to have caused so many to pull themselves back. The cost in which some are willing to pay is extreme. No matter how it’s explained there will be the ones refusing to accept. Acceptance seems far and between. Too many are thinking that they’re able to alter my perceptions. Why? Perhaps they need to in order to obtain whatever they’re looking for. There’s the movements because the movements will achieve what really needs to be achieved.

The goals may seem as if the goals aren’t met. Although it may appear as though there’s little movement there’s still the progress. There’s still room to climb to climb in other areas. One step at a time the elevating continues and although some may think that there’s less there is more in certain areas. I’ve operated in one area and is headed to the other areas. Some movements aren’t and shouldn’t be revealed. So many are anxious to know what will occur next.

The unpredictable moves, the advances, the connections. There’s still room to grow. The invasiveness and the attitudes towards my purpose has caused some to become puzzled. At least I’m aware of where I’m to head to. Some have tried to control my every move. The closed doors allows the “productivity” to occur without the entire world aware of what’s occurring. What have I faced thus far? I’ve faced the many adversities the challenges in which some probably would break. I’ve been made whole.

The wonders and the many questions continue to arise. Some would give up because of the challenges. My strength continues to be with me=Tanikka Paulk. There’s the time to sit back and meditate on what will need to occur and what has. My purpose was already set long ago. mankind may want to try to disconnect what was already declared but they’re having difficulties. “Mankind cannot define who I am and I’m too determined to stray from what God has given to me=Tanikka Paulk.” (Tanikka Paulk).

In due time the ones who shall have what is to be given will. The others are trying to gain what isn’t meant for the individuals. An extended invitation was given. Some misconceptions are placed. What they’ve perceived they’re wrong. My perception of what has occurred hasn’t seemed to be welcomed by some. Although some aren’t accepting I shall continue on my path. There’s the exploring, the findings. the discoveries. The continuous “observations” and the future. Unaware of what the future holds. The movements will continue as well as the movements should.

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