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When I decide to make my own web based MUD adventure
April 7, 2017
Have Computers Helped to Dumb Down the Population?

The work involved with designing a game from scratch is relative to the functions that the game includes as well as the systems built around it for example, a single user game where the character has to jump over obstacles and reach the end of the level while collecting items along the way could work with character object linked to keys that define actions like “jump” and the game engine would have a map that moves across the screen and affects the character when a collision is detected and a function to add the collectible items into the game as the characters location changes and more complicated games like call of duty which are too complicated to be discussed in this group since this is meant for people looking to develop their own. Such systems may involve anything from security to ensuring effective quality of service on the client side (assuming the game has a server). My game was born from the pure nature of other web based MUD games and from my general problem with them, not to say that they are all the same but so far I haven’t found one that suits me so I saw an opportunity to create something unique on the off chance that there are others who have the same problem. After reading articles and posts from other developers who often write articles with tips and methods for implementing game systems I could only come even closer to thinking that there was clearly something missing in the interface and after playing my first MUD I didn’t even need to read to have my own opinion.

I got to the website, signed up and then I created my character twice because of uncertainty and also because I wanted to be too many things, the way i saw it, “why should I have to be something that is known to do something instead of being able to evolve from a source character that is capable of learning everything the game has to teach? For example, if a necromancer can bring players back from the dead after what is usually a waiting period of a few minutes or hours then the player is left with waiting without anything to do for that long. I would rather have a system that allows the user to play while the character is deceased. I had the idea to create a separate map further down the z axis, and possibly call it the “the underworld” where the user could continue playing according to the scripts there or perhaps even find a way back to the “world of the living”, find their rotting corpse and posses it, with consequences of the darker nature of course, but then again, am I saying that every character that dies goes to the underworld? I need a better story.

A few months ago I found myself without a hobby or more specifically nothing to do, I had just graduated and had a lot of free time on my hands so I decided to do the internet and came across MUD (multi-user dungeons) and RPG (role playing games). For those who don’t know, an MUD game basically works in a similar way to any other graphical game except that its events are displayed as text however its not as simple as calling it an interactive story or text game as the functions are far too complex to call it such. Iv’e never played an application based MUD or RPG game as I am a fan browser based games. They allow for a more dynamic feel without the use of installations and updates on the client side however I don’t know if that makes it more or less convenient from the server side and also from a point of administration. The first mud I played made me look away for a while, from the beginning I was told that all characters die most of the time, also that it was okay for that to happen, I figured that it was necessary considering the fact that many people play action adventure games with an intention of casting spells on other players. If they don’t then I did, the first thing I noticed was that I now had to learn a whole new way being immoral, violent and greatly reckless, not that this is what I am in real life but the whole point of playing something that can allow you to do that is to do it, this also applies to watching shows, if a person has has watched 4 seasons of game of thrones then clearly a part of them enjoys exploring something like that from a safe spot behind the screen. So I viewed some commands on the game and soon enough I figured out how to walk and right after that, how to to kill and I knew then that the first player I saw running around the map in my line of sight was going to be my prey and would soon feel the wrath of the 3 commands I knew.

I was obviously defeated and once I had bled to death I noticed that the deity I chose in the beginning of the game had resurrected me or rather “spat out” my player or something to that effect, so then I wondered if every deity in this world was capable of giving such powers. I held the thought because I was being reckless considering that I hadn’t memorized the commands to the point of knowing how to interact with the world. So I typed “help” like any person would with a game like that once again was looking at a long list of commands that I now needed to understand. While the movement and kill commands were simple enough they had what appeared to be parameters that defined how the action could be specifically carried out which I suppose affects the outcome but at the time wasn’t even good at using the keyboard which meant that any given moment while I was looking down at my keyboard for a counter attack, some experienced player has already caused damage and even if I have time to dodge, the time will be spent deciding which command applies with which parameters and then finally look down before responding and by that time the enemy is walking away from my characters “corpse”.

So i figured why not create a game where a user doesn’t have to type but instead is provided with commands which when clicked process a client side script that loads the options for the players and displays them so the user is immediately given a wide range of options that don’t have to be memorized and also a game without a game over, users cycle through maps that represent different stages of existence and while they will lose things like inventory they will still keep playing and perhaps keep their experience points for the use of universal items. Sure it will probably take months but since Ill be studying again I figure why not?
Oddly enough what worries me about this project is not coding what is basically a whole new infrastructure for a what is actually a framework for a universe but the stories that have to be written in order for users to be interested and in order for the world to make sense. Everything has to be written, processed and displayed properly or the whole world collapses.

Apparently “sky is the limit” on literacy base
March 22, 2017

I once read a line that said “if sky is the limit then why are there foot prints on the moon?”, while this makes a lot of sense I cant help but suspect that it could be the case when I find that many users on this website would like to know it its possible to earn $100 by posting here. I would like to aim for it since I’m an unemployed graduate and apparently its possible with a lot of writing and frequent posting and commenting.

The main issue is content, there’s no use posting gibberish 10 times a day because not only will it result in an account being terminated but it will also annoy the honest working writers here. Keep in mind that I did not say hard working writers since I would consider the people here to be interested in blogging about their interests and not writing articles about specific niches. I will actually explain the difference, here we have “posts” which are found on blogs and while they contain comments just as articles do they are meant for people who are reading on forums and not necessarily looking for expert advice on something like a list of programming languages. Although content of that nature could easily be accepted here except that you wont receive extra for the quality of the work when things like extensive research come into play. Websites like this generally offer advice and tips on specific groups and topics.

So having ideas is essential but i found that its better to break up a good idea into several articles that aren’t repetitive and to keep a list of topics somewhere for moments when writers block becomes a factor. I have been writing this for about 15 minutes and have now hit the 300 word mark plus a few minutes to read through it. While its not one of the more researched topics its still a piece of honest work but I wonder how often the ideas will come if I start looking to posting several times a day.
Another option is to extend the lengths of the post instead of annoying readers with my name being constantly on the list of new topics. Reaching the 1000 word mark is also a good feeling as it allows for about $0.44 which actually encourages me to type faster and also allows for the 10 articles a day to be reduced to 5 which pay the same or even more.

So content is key and an open creative mind is definitely a plus. Writing about something usually leads to another idea about the same thing or maybe even questions. I myself have thought of literacybase related questions and topics related to this website since my first post this morning and I have found that users, especially new ones are eager to know the earning capacity of literacybase and honestly, it depends on what your mind can generate and how fast your fingers can put it online.

Could I cover my $30 monthly expense of using literacybase?
March 22, 2017

A while ago I posted an article about how PTC websites and faucets waste the average surfers time and money when their expenses are calculated in terms of bandwidth and time consumption, I also mentioned how literacy base was the better option and now I have calculated the expenses. To any users on the website I hope you are enjoying your time here as I can say from personal experience that literacy base is the most fun I have ever had in terms of making money. Not to say there aren’t other entertaining ways like online casinos or bitcoin games but these are likely to end up with the user losing money which is why I like literacy base seeing as how my balance only goes up.

This website and others like it are a great way to improve on writing skills as I myself am using it to improve on my keyboard typing skills meaning speed and accuracy since I learned while transcribing text that my typing speed is frustrating when I’m trying to type what someone is saying especially when time is a factor. I soon after started looking for a good software that could help me practice in levels with results I could monitor over time. I had found the software but after getting a good feel for it I found out it was a trial, as are many good things on the internet. So here I am correcting a way I have been typing for at least a decade which would also allow me to post faster here as well.

I would like to ask literacy base users if they reach at least $30 pay because that’s how much it costs me to use the website when things like bandwidth come into play as research is also a factor. I saw an ad from a local service provider where I can get uncapped data for about $60 a month but figured that it would be pointless if I couldn’t get there, not that the websites administration wouldn’t pay but that writing articles that make $60 here could easily make a few hundreds somewhere else where you get paid per word instead of being paid starting at 300 words. While this method is very convenient for people who aren’t full time writers I don’t think its a good way to make a living. Unless of-course $10 a month does a lot for you.

It helps to have a visually creative office design these days
March 22, 2017
New_office (1)_Computers Have Taken Over Jobs of Secretaries.

As a lover of the big screen and even the little screen at home I can’t help but notice how different office setting are being represented these days. It seems almost apparent that any office in 2017 without at least a creative modern feel to it is likely to lead to a dull and boring job or career. When I saw the first matrix movie I couldn’t help but notice how awful the office looked, although I suppose it looked like that to make it look like he was further into the grid but I cannot imagine having to work in such a condition where I can’t momentarily escape my work to look at a painting or at least a poster that says “Just be calm and…”

I feel that an office can only look the way its management feels as employees don’t have control over the design of the office since it costs money and in the eyes of some employers is completely unnecessary. Although the look and feel of the office should represent the service or product being sold or provided since I wouldn’t expect a law firm to have the same feel as google. So its really about what a person does I guess but if what I do will lead to me only seeing the color of the wall that’s the same as the desk with everyone wearing a suit then I made a mistake.

I feel like working like that is likely to lead me to losing my mind considering how much graphics have become a big part of life in today’s world so if I ever do find myself going to an interview in an office without creativity or at least something that doesn’t make me feel like Ill trapped in a building for hours without a single pleasing thing to look at then I’m not likely going to look forward to working there and definitely wont work there for long one way or another.

I’m convinced that public holidays complicate things
March 22, 2017
aeroplane_Making the Best of Holiday Packages

The general feeling about monday comes from the fact that it comes right after the weekend which actually means that monday is the reason the weekend ends even though the weekend would probably still end even if monday was somehow removed for whatever strange reason. After all, if the weekend never ends then its not a weekend at all. At the end of the weekend there’s a slight sad feeling that passes through me as I’m reminded of how time passes and while I have gotten used to this, since I graduated I can’t help but feel like public holidays disturb my routine.

I just had a “long weekend” as I spent Saturday to Tuesday with my family due to school and public holidays that came after Sunday which means for people who aren’t like me and don’t send their days in front of the laptop at home will be waking up either refreshed or even more unprepared for a day at the office.Which actually makes tomorrow an Monday considering how it will feel like a day after a Sunday of rest. While these holidays have their advantages I cant help but notice that many people don’t know what to do with them or on them since we all generally have a routine for our weekends like doing laundry or doing nothing but when those things have been done a;ready it become harder to bear doing the same thing and it therefore becomes necessary to find something else to do, as it is in the case of public holidays where the schedule of free time is used up and requires a new activity. The advantage is that new hobbies can be found on the other hand it might be apparent that such time only exists in the domain of public holidays or vacations.

I know now that Mondays are despised by people who start to do things they dislike in the beginning of the week and start to look forward to Friday because it gives another two days of rest before going back to doing the disliked activity.

Scams and how I avoid them
March 16, 2017
Ideas to Increase Website Traffic

The internet is a great place to perform services from retrieving and sending information to making payments from home and while many companies and websites offer these services legitimately there are individuals and/or groups that offer these services with no intention of providing them.I personally don’t consider a scam as something that only attempts to take a person’s money but something that steals something much more valuable than that which is time. I consider PTC websites as a sort of scam since none are honest enough to tell eager users that simply clicking ads as an attempt to make some kind of profit is a waste of time and definitely not worth the rewards once the expenses have been added up. After all, are all PTC websites claiming that everyone who surfs has an article or website they can use to generate income from referrals?While scam websites generally have to look legitimate in order to work, there are many signs to identify even the most well designed websites.

  • Support- Before I get to the ways to check, if you have already signed up and invested in a website after which point you feel that you were cheated then don’t hesitate to contact the support team first before you tell the internet how bad a company is you must consider that it might be a temporary technical issue and the support team might have a solution or reasonable explanation. Also keep in mind that some support teams don’t exists, it might just be an email address stuck behind the servers domain name. If you don’t receive a response within at least 24 hours then you should not even consider sending a follow up message because it means one of two things, either that the support team is receiving more messages than it can manage which means that the website has more problems than it could possibly hope to solve since it clearly can’t even hire enough people to respond to its customers/users.
  • Comments – There are several websites that solely exist to allow users to comment on websites. How they work is that a user visits a website and makes use of its services, they might make an online deposit or put long periods of time into it. After the user has done the work, its time for the website and its team to keep their word and give back the rewards. If the website fails to do this, the user usually sends a message to the support team and if that fails then the user turns to the online community and this is where the website will lose most of its potential customers as many people find these forums while doing research before visiting the website and making any commitments. On these forums a person usually doesn’t have to post their problems as another user or others have already had issues with the website and after a few bad posts someone will occasionally say “scam alert” and this is a clear sign that you should not be using the website. On one occasion my opinion changed because an employee from a certain foreign exchange broker responded on a forum and asked the user to contact support again, while this is not a sign of being legitimate it certainly shows that the team is somewhat dedicated and this is definitely something to look for as not all website owners understand the power of a single bad review simply because the it allows other users to comment.
  • Reviews- Right next to comments from users are reviews from people that actually use the internet to sort the trusted websites from the majority of websites which are scams. All one has to do is type the website name with the word review behind it and some web critics should appear also with comments from users.
  • FAQ- This is a very important part of any website that offers services as there are many things that users need to know which cannot always be put on main pages for design purposes or other reasons. These should always have questions that relate to yours and if not then they were probably created by the team or individual to avoid receiving messages with technical issues. Remember that just because a website has a FAQ section doesn’t mean that the answers are legitimate, the best scam websites make efforts to make users feel comfortable using them, they may even pay their first few users in order to avoid bad reviews from the start, these websites are well funded by people who fund scams in order to make them look the part, I fell for this twice distracted by their impressive designs high pay rates. Here are examples of their selling sentences: The “highest paying PTC website” and “The cheapest web hosting service”, although there may be legitimate websites that may have the same lines on their home pages, these were the lines I saw while I was wasting my time believing that anyone could offer anything for so little money or by offering so much for so little work, keep in mind that this particular PTC website was offering at least twice what the others were and I knew there was a problem when I reached my 100 clicks( stated as a reasonable minimum requirement before withdrawal) only to find out that I also needed 10 referrals to get my money. Once this happened I decided to have look on the internet for ways to get referrals and came across referral exchanges where I could ask individuals to sign up with my link on condition that I do the same with theirs, as I posted my request I got a reply saying “Its a scam, sorry to tell you”, slightly in denial and having being new to online forums and not knowing about website reviews I decided to search the website with the word”review” at the end. I got results with comments on the website and felt the need to burn my computer after discovering I had wasted weeks and large amounts of data viewing websites for nothing and that if I had not received a reply then I would have led 10 innocent people to waste their lives on a pointless website, well I suppose its not pointless since its designed to provoke users into depositing money to get traffic to their websites.

I consider these the best methods of finding out about a website although there are other ways like viewing the terms of use. These terms should always be available to anyone who is registering on a website with a link so that the person can read or save them. Websites that offer payment for services or the other way around should always have this section and if not then I don’t understand how it could be considered to be legit since there are no transactions made without terms as no one involved is safe from being robbed especially on the internet where users have nothing to protect them from heartless programmers, there are authorities on the internet where websites can go to prove legitimacy but these would require an article of their own . Knowing that these websites are trusted helps when you do things like register with your email address as you wouldn’t like it being sent to someone as a mailing list to be used for spam, I find it annoying as I get the occasional email that I don’t care about which seems to be advertising some service that earns me tons of money or at least an amount that will provoke me to click on the link which for all I know is enough to get the mail owner some money for the visit. Email addresses and passwords don’t just fall out of the sky, its very likely that someone would use the same passwords for several things.

Watching cartoons as a grown up
March 16, 2017

In the past decade I have noticed a significant rise in the number of animations being made and can’t help but notice that its not just young people watching them but grown ups as well. Still being a recent graduate I remember in my teens people often saying “you still watch cartoons?” and although the answer is yes, I cant help but feel the need to explain that not all animations are like the ones we knew growing up instead they are now enough of them to entertain almost anyone. I also feel that people who don’t like cartoons are generally quite serious in social places.

There is no doubting that cartoons for an adult are almost entirely a waste of time however if they are entertaining for you then it means its good for you to watch them after a long day at work as you don’t have to watch something created for children as there are animations out there for mature audiences. I personally feel like animations are an evolved form of digital art with sounds attached to it and I think that I many other people from my generation will still be watching these in old age. My personal favorite is one by Adult swim called Rick and Morty which is a comedy based on the classic back to the future series. In this cartoon Rick is a scientist known to have to have the smartest brain in the universe and uses his grandson Morty as a sidekick for their highly intense sci-fi adventures in an infinite number of realities and near endless worlds and dimensions. What I really like about the show is the theory behind it as stated by a fan made video I saw on YouTube which makes sense to the other fans of the show, being that Rick is well aware of the fact that he’s a character on a show and that his existence is dependent on his ability to entertain us, in fact the very first thing he does on his show is try to destroy his world and start over perhaps out of a fear that his life and current world aren’t interesting enough. Rick is always in situations where one would think that there is no point of return but since he knows its a show and he’s the main character which means that the writers and producers can’t kill Rick because his name is in the show.

While the theory goes a lot deeper my point is that these are the kinds of things children wouldn’t comprehend, the kind of things that grown ups can spend well deserved free time on. I continue to watch them as I grow older the same way I continue to buy games because at the end of the day its about what makes you happy and what makes the world more bearable and art most definitely does that for me. I know people who watch them in private because of several issues such as judgmental family and friends but its really just about doing what makes you happy.

My experience with cheap web hosting
March 16, 2017

This post may turn out to be a bad review a certain website but after I had discovered bitcoin and faucets I decided to create a faucet of my own by using WordPress and its plugins, however the problem was funding it, I had enough to make a deposit to pay the first few users for the faucet and knew enough about web design to make the faucet however, I know first hand the amount of time and resources that must go into keeping a web server up and running while considering things like QoS(quality of service) to prevent bad reviews for the site so I had no illusions about what it would take to keep something like that up.
My first task was to find a cloud hosting service that could allow my faucet along with all user accounts and local wallets including the server side applications that would be needed to manage the wallets and send payouts. In other words, it wasn’t looking good because I’ll be hosting a service that basically keeps money on a database in the cloud which means my service is dependent on the quality of another service but the question that worried me was how much quality I could expect from a service I chose based on my budget and also because I had an amount of money in my neteller account that wasn’t enough for a withdrawal, I figured it makes more sense to find a hosting service that allows payments from there rather than to leave the money in the account. So I looked to the internet for articles on web hosting services at good rates with my payment option to gather more information about the websites before visiting them and I found a web hosting service that was apparently the cheapest option and this particular website is called hostnesta, the domain name will be excluded because I don’t believe people should visit it the website.
My issues were simple, the hosting service was an inconvenience and what frightened me most was the fact that I cloud not get a secure connection from the website which meant that all my work on my website could be intercepted meaning user accounts, user balances and much more. Another of many issues were how the hosting service was quick to confirm my payment but how long it took to help me with issues. After a few days of use I found that I could not access my website and its directories which meant I couldn’t even upload a page, keep in mind that I also had issues with my DNS which means for all I know, my domain might not have even been registered
After sending the support team an angry message about what horrible people they were I did what I should have done before I sent them money which was, look for website reviews, surely I cant be the only person with issues from them, and I wasn’t. I found more than enough reasons why I shouldn’t even consider hostnesta as a hosting service and one of the reasons should have become clear from the moment I saw the webpage, the review went something like “no company that offers hosting from $0.60 a month can be expected to provide a good service if any at all”, It made sense and I felt like an idiot having being so gullible and especially as a network administrator who would rather leave all his work in the hands of someone that does a worse job of managing a server.
I learnt a very valuable lesson that day, just because its cheap doesn’t mean you should spend your money on it and if you really need something to be done then just do it yourself, there’s no worse feeling than knowing that your’e in a bad situation because of someone else. Today I have left hostnesta to their ways and figured that the money spent isn’t worth what it could take to get it back considering how the support team doesn’t respond. So I have decided to save money wait until I have enough to make my desktop PC a reasonable web server and in the mean time develop my website as I have decided to make it a game. The incident has actually made me distrust the entire cloud system.

My experience with literacy base
March 15, 2017

After months spent on PTC websites, bitcoin faucets and other things that wasted my time I got to mylot which was a good find because it payed me for my posts but I was worried about the rate I was getting paid but I kept posting because well, what else could I do with my free time? I came across a reply from a user who had named this website as his top earner so naturally I went to google and typed in literacy base. And after using it for a few days I would like to tell new users how I find the website to be as a network administrator.

When I first saw the website I thought it looked a bit too simple to do what it claims to do, so after months of seeing scams I went to look for reviews and found that the users here were happy and paid which were the only two things I was looking for, after using the website I know that its design and services serve its purpose well.

So here’s the truth, on this website I have found more opportunities for me to make money than anywhere else, not to say that other websites don’t pay but for a slower typing open person that likes writing and needs decent money, this is the place to do it. The pay is definitely better than any PTC website iv’e found and it allows for the expression of thought (assuming you think with good grammar and cases) as I see people on forums still trying to make money by clicking ads without at least some¬†referrals. In case you’re wondering, the pay is around $0.15 per 300 words. Please comment if i’m wrong. This website is definitely worth it and isn’t a way to waste your time, its really the only web page open these days unless i’m reading on something. I post here and continue to and urge new users to try it out.



My thought on modern friends and technology
March 15, 2017
Use Of Tablet Is HarmfulImage source pixabay:child-tablet-technology-computer-1183465/

With all the new things that have come out in the past two decades its no secret that the internet is a great place to make friends, connect with them or reunite with old friends who may be living in different parts of the word. While the internet and other consumer products provides a a convenient way of understanding and interacting with the world as well as the people around it there are also certain circumstances that come with it.
In the past it was very common to go out with friends to movies, restaurants and bars but the standard has changed as it always does since there are a lot of ways to entertain indoors without the need to waste any more money. An example of these alternatives is video games, while in the past the games were clearly designed as a way to have fun at home instead of going to the arcade, the games these days have definitely evolved to a point were arcade games cannot keep up as they allow their users to connect and play together without the need for traveling which allows for even more enjoyable things like playing online with friends while drunk, knowing that there is no need to worry about driving because your’e already at home. The reason for this is because games made for consoles and computers have been designed strictly to impress the the player while walking in an arcade often feels like the games there are merely meant to fill the room, another reason is that its much more convenient to play on the couch with friends than to drive somewhere where you can receive the same amount of entertainment (probably less) as you would have staying home with your gaming console.

One thing that bothers me a lot when interacting with people from my generation in person is the use of a phone during a conversation, especially if its turns out that the person is networking or texting. While I have to accept that emergencies occur I would prefer to be told to wait a moment instead of being told “Carry on I’m listening” as I pause simply because its not the point of me pausing but rather because I need your eyes to read your responses to what I’m saying so I know if i’m offending or boring you but when a person pays attention to something else entirely like a phone it gives the impression of being disinterested and if that’s the case then understand that you are not the only person with a life, if you would rather not talk then so be but don’t make me speak while you respond to someone else I cant see. To me it seems like modern form of ethics, something which is very rare as the old ways of doing things become more and more irrelevant.

Like most people with a laptop or web browser enabled mobile device I signed up for Facebook and it was great, although I signed up much later than most people (around 2010) I still had a good experience with the website until I started looking at other peoples profiles. The first thing i noticed after the profile picture and name was the number of friends the person had, at the time i was a junior in high school and was shocked at the number of people a single person is actually capable of knowing. The average friend count for the people I knew was about 200 friends for boys and 450 friends for girls and I myself was sitting on a solid 12 friends. It immediately became a competition for me the average people, not because I wanted to know and become friends with at least 200 more people but because I didn’t want to be the guy who publicly has less friends than everyone else, knowing the dangers of communicating with complete strangers I decided to send a steady amount of of friend requests to people I had at least heard of and many of them had accepted within a matter of hours. After a few months of using Facebook I soon started to notice that a lot of younger people would accept friend request merely as a way to increase the number of friends on their Facebook and so was I. Sitting here now I longer have an account, not because I don’t like Facebook but because there are other things I could be doing and something new will come again as it always has with my generation.

Friendship is slowly beginning to orbit around technology and if not then it will be the other way around, either way I don’t expect the two ever separate if we progress as a species in terms of technological advancements and eventually, as many of us star wars fans wish, interstellar travel, we might need Facebook and twitter then to make pages for pictures of stars and obviously the occasional #FoundAPlanet