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My experience with cheap web hosting
March 16, 2017

This post may turn out to be a bad review a certain website but after I had discovered bitcoin and faucets I decided to create a faucet of my own by using WordPress and its plugins, however the problem was funding it, I had enough to make a deposit to pay the first few users for the faucet and knew enough about web design to make the faucet however, I know first hand the amount of time and resources that must go into keeping a web server up and running while considering things like QoS(quality of service) to prevent bad reviews for the site so I had no illusions about what it would take to keep something like that up.
My first task was to find a cloud hosting service that could allow my faucet along with all user accounts and local wallets including the server side applications that would be needed to manage the wallets and send payouts. In other words, it wasn’t looking good because I’ll be hosting a service that basically keeps money on a database in the cloud which means my service is dependent on the quality of another service but the question that worried me was how much quality I could expect from a service I chose based on my budget and also because I had an amount of money in my neteller account that wasn’t enough for a withdrawal, I figured it makes more sense to find a hosting service that allows payments from there rather than to leave the money in the account. So I looked to the internet for articles on web hosting services at good rates with my payment option to gather more information about the websites before visiting them and I found a web hosting service that was apparently the cheapest option and this particular website is called hostnesta, the domain name will be excluded because I don’t believe people should visit it the website.
My issues were simple, the hosting service was an inconvenience and what frightened me most was the fact that I cloud not get a secure connection from the website which meant that all my work on my website could be intercepted meaning user accounts, user balances and much more. Another of many issues were how the hosting service was quick to confirm my payment but how long it took to help me with issues. After a few days of use I found that I could not access my website and its directories which meant I couldn’t even upload a page, keep in mind that I also had issues with my DNS which means for all I know, my domain might not have even been registered
After sending the support team an angry message about what horrible people they were I did what I should have done before I sent them money which was, look for website reviews, surely I cant be the only person with issues from them, and I wasn’t. I found more than enough reasons why I shouldn’t even consider hostnesta as a hosting service and one of the reasons should have become clear from the moment I saw the webpage, the review went something like “no company that offers hosting from $0.60 a month can be expected to provide a good service if any at all”, It made sense and I felt like an idiot having being so gullible and especially as a network administrator who would rather leave all his work in the hands of someone that does a worse job of managing a server.
I learnt a very valuable lesson that day, just because its cheap doesn’t mean you should spend your money on it and if you really need something to be done then just do it yourself, there’s no worse feeling than knowing that your’e in a bad situation because of someone else. Today I have left hostnesta to their ways and figured that the money spent isn’t worth what it could take to get it back considering how the support team doesn’t respond. So I have decided to save money wait until I have enough to make my desktop PC a reasonable web server and in the mean time develop my website as I have decided to make it a game. The incident has actually made me distrust the entire cloud system.

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    1. I don’t know so much about web hosting. Good luck on your plans.

    2. I have get a domain name but still looking for a hosting plan around. And, I have no idea which company offers the best plan that suits my need.
      What made me headache is I afraid I have no idea or lack of knowledge or experience to put my content up to the online page. I have the nightmare with this.
      I will come back to this after my holidays, maybe next month.

    3. hi there, that is awesome article and well posted, though im not so into web hosting but its really had lots of info. good luck with your goals there and wishe teh best


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