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My experience with literacy base
March 15, 2017

After months spent on PTC websites, bitcoin faucets and other things that wasted my time I got to mylot which was a good find because it payed me for my posts but I was worried about the rate I was getting paid but I kept posting because well, what else could I do with my free time? I came across a reply from a user who had named this website as his top earner so naturally I went to google and typed in literacy base. And after using it for a few days I would like to tell new users how I find the website to be as a network administrator.

When I first saw the website I thought it looked a bit too simple to do what it claims to do, so after months of seeing scams I went to look for reviews and found that the users here were happy and paid which were the only two things I was looking for, after using the website I know that its design and services serve its purpose well.

So here’s the truth, on this website I have found more opportunities for me to make money than anywhere else, not to say that other websites don’t pay but for a slower typing open person that likes writing and needs decent money, this is the place to do it. The pay is definitely better than any PTC website iv’e found and it allows for the expression of thought (assuming you think with good grammar and cases) as I see people on forums still trying to make money by clicking ads without at least some referrals. In case you’re wondering, the pay is around $0.15 per 300 words. Please comment if i’m wrong. This website is definitely worth it and isn’t a way to waste your time, its really the only web page open these days unless i’m reading on something. I post here and continue to and urge new users to try it out.

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    1. May I ask if you think the pay of $0.15 for a 300-word article is ok?

      As per My History on coins earned on this site, that is the amount they pay for a 300-word article. But since I am new in blogging, that 300-word article took me a day to compose. In your opinion, this rate is relatively okay?

      I enjoyed composing article. I am not that good, but upon reading some of the blogs here, I don’t need to be an expert in grammar, as long the message you want can be conveyed to your readers.

      With your comment that you are assured that this site is okay, I, too, am satisfied with this site.

      I am only on my 2nd day, but it filled up my otherwise boring day.

    2. It is good that you are finding this website as good for you. Best of luck ahead!

    3. Congrats for having joined here and have the hot feeling for this as one measure to have extra income, yes true. I am also thankful for a friend who invited me to join here. By the way, I am paid $1 for 2 blogs , but each contents almost 1,300 words, in case lacking some cents I do discussing in forum.Good luck to us all and let us treasure the time and instance being here. take care.

    4. You are right about the findings you have reported. I discovered the same thing when I arrived here. It’s a pot of gold at the end of the LB rainbow. 🙂 But you won’t become a millionaire overnight. It’s still fun to be here and I consider it time well spent.

      Currently I am active at three blogging communities. However, I have content that appears online in other communities which was written several years back. I have not unpublished the material because there is still a chance for income potential. I responded to a forum topic started by LB member Jacky Hughes in the group called “Making Money Online”. The title of his discussion is: “OK Here is a rundown of places I make money” (dated Feb 24, 2017). You might find it informative.

    5. I was also looking for nice-paying sites, and so far, LB is the best now. I am also in another site but it is so slow to earn though I love the friendship there.

      It is nice to know that LB really pays its members who reach the minimum payout of $10.

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