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Apparently “sky is the limit” on literacy base
March 22, 2017

I once read a line that said “if sky is the limit then why are there foot prints on the moon?”, while this makes a lot of sense I cant help but suspect that it could be the case when I find that many users on this website would like to know it its possible to earn $100 by posting here. I would like to aim for it since I’m an unemployed graduate and apparently its possible with a lot of writing and frequent posting and commenting.

The main issue is content, there’s no use posting gibberish 10 times a day because not only will it result in an account being terminated but it will also annoy the honest working writers here. Keep in mind that I did not say hard working writers since I would consider the people here to be interested in blogging about their interests and not writing articles about specific niches. I will actually explain the difference, here we have “posts” which are found on blogs and while they contain comments just as articles do they are meant for people who are reading on forums and not necessarily looking for expert advice on something like a list of programming languages. Although content of that nature could easily be accepted here except that you wont receive extra for the quality of the work when things like extensive research come into play. Websites like this generally offer advice and tips on specific groups and topics.

So having ideas is essential but i found that its better to break up a good idea into several articles that aren’t repetitive and to keep a list of topics somewhere for moments when writers block becomes a factor. I have been writing this for about 15 minutes and have now hit the 300 word mark plus a few minutes to read through it. While its not one of the more researched topics its still a piece of honest work but I wonder how often the ideas will come if I start looking to posting several times a day.
Another option is to extend the lengths of the post instead of annoying readers with my name being constantly on the list of new topics. Reaching the 1000 word mark is also a good feeling as it allows for about $0.44 which actually encourages me to type faster and also allows for the 10 articles a day to be reduced to 5 which pay the same or even more.

So content is key and an open creative mind is definitely a plus. Writing about something usually leads to another idea about the same thing or maybe even questions. I myself have thought of literacybase related questions and topics related to this website since my first post this morning and I have found that users, especially new ones are eager to know the earning capacity of literacybase and honestly, it depends on what your mind can generate and how fast your fingers can put it online.

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