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How to earn money from Telegram
October 26, 2017

Telegram is an app that we can earn 10$ daily.

First of all install Telegram from play storeSign up Put required info in the sign up form and create your account.

Now open these two links


Click the link,they open in the Telegram

Start both of them.

You can also use Telegram for Pc.




First:-      Cash Robot

Second:- Dino Park Game


What is Cash Robot how it work?

In Cash Robot you can Hire Automatic Robots whose earn money for you.

When you start cashrobot it will give you 300 dimonds.

Invest these Dimonds to hire a Robot.

Click on Men Button you can see following option the screen.



When you Click on Hire a list of automatic Robots is shown on the screen.Choose any of Robot you want to Hire.

HangarShopInvite FriendsAddBonusRouletteExtra




What is Dino Park game?

In Dino park game you chose daily lucky number which gives you Dimonds.



You invest 100 € in the BetRobotThus you get € 6 a day (6%)After 30 days the investment ends — in our example we are then total 180 € (30 days x 6 €), corresponds to 80 € Reingewinn !!We receive a total of 180% return and thus 80% reingewinn since our investment is included in the returns.

And the great thing about it is that you can get started now !

Step 1 — Install Telegram Chat on your Smarthpone


The BetRobot works completely automated via the Messenger app Telegram.

Therefore , your first step is to download the App Telegram.

Please select your platform

Super, you have installed the App Telegram on your smartphone . Now we need to activate BetRobot . Please use the following button.


Get started




May 19

How to earn money with BetRobot and Telegram

In the following, I would like to give you a detailed overview of the BetRobotand how it works so that you can still earn money today .

It has never been so easy to multiply that money quickly and easily . With a clever, secure and reliable system , you will be able to earn your money in the next few days. To get started , I have the ultimate BetRobot guide for you.

The investment plan of BetRobot

You can invest from 0.02 Bitcoin (currently roughly 20 €)You get 1% return every 4 hours, daily the 6% return on your investment


You invest 100 € in the BetRobotThus you get € 6 a day (6%)After 30 days the investment ends — in our example we are then total 180 € (30 days x 6 €), corresponds to 80 € Reingewinn !!We receive a total of 180% return and thus 80% reingewinn since our investment is included in the returns.

And the great thing about it is that you can get started now !

Step 1 — Install Telegram Chat on your Smarthpone


The BetRobot works completely automated via the Messenger app Telegram.

Therefore , your first step is to download the App Telegram.

Please select your platform

Super, you have installed the App Telegram on your smartphone . Now we need to activate BetRobot . Please use the following button.


Activate betrobot

(Most important step — please click)

(The BetRobot is activated in Telegram Messenger)

The BetRobot then explains everything else in Telegram .

The best betrobot is the community.Currently there are more than 500 members — and there are more! The great advantage here is that you can put any question into the group here and always help you .

Become part of this great community — the BetRobot shows you how it goes.



Ways to make money with Telegram

Method 1 –

This method is quite common, in this method we are going earn money from Telegram bot which is known as Profit Robot (Profitbot). It was the first Telegram bot from which you can earn money.


Currently, It is available for Android, Windows and iPhone. It provides various ways to earn money with 100% payment guarantee.

How to earn money from ProfitRobot?

It provides 3 ways to earn money which are Web-surf, Offers and Invite Friends.

1. Web-surf –

When you will click on “Web Surf” it will give you a link which you have to open, keep it opened till the points get credited in your accounts. Per successfully opened link you get 80 points.

You will get a new link whenever you enter in “Web-surf” mode. So, you can earn unlimited points just by opening links. Even it will consume very less data.


As the name suggests, you have to complete the offers provided by them. Currently, the “Offers” mode provides two ways to earn money. First one is “Survey” in which you have to complete surveys provided by them. You can get 2000 to 10000 coins per survey. The second one is to download and Install various Apps provided by them.

You can get 10000-20000 coins on every successful download. The offers keep changing everyday, keep eyes on them and earn big.

3. Invite Friends –

When a Telegram user joins ProfitRobot via your referral link and stats to earn, you:

* Are rewarded with 1000 coins.
* Earn 10% when he completes offers and surfs.
* Earn 30% of what he earns from his referrals.

There is an infinite number of possible referral levels.

These were the 3 ways to earn money from ProfitRobot.

Payout Methods –

It supports 3 payment gateways which are Paypal, Bitcoin and QIWI. I will suggest you to accept your Payment with Paypal. As its too easy to create an account there and the conversion rates are also cheap.

You can check your point in the “Stats” section.



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Google Top 5 applications that you do not know
October 25, 2017

Google Top 5 applications that you do not know

Aap ko google ye website pata hi hogi, jisse hume duniy bhar ki jaankari milti hai. Lekin dosto google keval google website ki company nahi hai uske aur bhi bahut sare product aur services hai jo kuch paid aur kuch free, Lekin me aapko google ke hi kuch free  product ke bare me baat karne wala hu jo kafi kam log jaante hai. Ji ha dosto me aapko google ke hi kuch android application ke bare me batane wala hu jo aap apne smart phone me hi use kae sakte ho.  To chaliye shuru karte hai.

Jaise ki hum jaante hai ki google bahut badi company ban chuki hai, aur kafi sare log duniya ki sari jaankari google par hi search karte hai. Aur uske baad google ne dhere dhere apne users ke liye naye naye applications, tools, product aur android applications banaye hai aur aaj hum aise hi kuch applications ke bare me baat karenge jo aap sayad hi jaante ho.

1 Google Wallpaper

Agar aapko wallpapres pasand hai to aapko alag alag website search karne ki jarurat nahi hai kyo ki is application par aapko dhero wallpapers mil jayenge vo bhi unlimited. Aur is applications 2 khas baat ye hai ki ek baar wallpaper set karne ke baad har din automatic wallpaper change hote rahate hai lekin iske liye aapko application ki setting karni hogi, aur dusri khas baat ye hai ki har roj new wallpapers is applications me upadets hote rahate hai. Isme aapko Live wallpaers, 3d wallpaers, texture, galaxy wallpaers aur simple wallpapers HD quality me aapko mil jayenge.

  1. Google Photoscan

Ab baat kaarenge scanner app ki matlab google photoscaner application ki ye app bhi google ka hi hai, aur aap is application ki madat se apne kisi bhi purine photos ko jo ghar me ek kone me padi rahati hai un photos ko aap is application ki madat se asaani se scan kaar sakte ho. Apne purine photos ko scan karke unhe aur bhi digital bana sakte ho. Aap photoscan application ki madat se aapne kisi bhi alag alag photos ko ek dusre ke sath jod sakte ho, aur photos ko badha sakte ho, aur isske sath hi aap apne purine photos ko color aur chamak de sakte ho.

is aapplication ko 5 million se jada logo ne download  kiya hai aur uske sath hi 4.3 ki rating mili hai. Dosto ye applicatio use karna bahut hi asaan hai aap chahe to youtube par iske tutorial videos dekh sakte ho.

Aapko bataa du ki is applications ko lagbhag 10 million logo ne ddownloadd kiya haai aur iski rating ki baat karu to is application ko 4.3 ki rating mili hai. Agar aapko wallpapers acche lagte hai to aapko ise jarur download karna chaiye.

  1. Google Trips

Aap aksahr chuttiyo me nai nai jagah ghumne jate honge aur aisa kahi bar hota hoga ki aap kisi aisi jagah jane par aap rasta bhool jate honge ya phir aap jis jagah par ja rahe ho uska rasta aapko pata hi nahi, to aise mouke par aapko google trips naam ka application ki jarurat padegi jo rasta khojne me aapki puri tarah se madat karega. Aur iski khasiyat ye hai ki aap ye application offline bhi kaam kar sakte ho yani ise aap bina internet ke bhi use kar sakte ho. Aur ha aap is application ka use travail reservation karne me bh iuse kar sakte ho.

Google trips application ko ab tak 1 million logo ne download kiya hai, halaki bahut kam hai lekin usefull hai, aur ratting 4.1 mili hai. Aapko ye application playstore par asaani se mil jayega.

  1. Google Fit

Ab bari aati hai google fit ki ye application apne android mobile me install karne par aapke din bhar ke rooting ke bare me sari information bata deta hai, jaise ki aap kine der tak chale, kitne minute kitne ghonto tak aap active rahe ye sabhi cheze record karke apne undar store karke rakhta hai aur aap jab chahe is application ko open karke apne din bhar ke rooting ki information dekh sakte hai. Lekin ye application tabhi kaam karta hai jab aapke sath apna smart phone hoga.

Google fit application 10 million se jada logo ne download kiya hai aur 3.9 ki rattiing hai.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Ye application bahut hi majedar hai aap is application ki madat se paise bhi kama sakte hai. Aapko bas itna karna hai application ko install karne ke baad use open karna hai aur quick sarve ko reply karna hai, aur aisa karne par aapko Google Opinion Rewards credit milenge aur in credit ka use karke aap android application, games aur movies kharid sakte hai.

Google Opinion Rewards ye application 10 million logo ne download kiya hua hai aur iski ratting 3.9 ki hai.


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I think Earnably is one great earning site

I found this site a few months before but I registered and then forgot about it until a close online friend reminded me about it. I was surprised to note what I was missing by not working on it so started working on this site immediately.

I found Earnably is one good site with plenty of interesting of earning features. I went through many features and feel I can easily earn money working on this site on this site using in different categories. In fact this site reminds me of GrabPoints with couple of more features than available on other similar sites.

It seems like the site pays you in points which you can convert in cash to your PayPal account or if you feel that Bitcoin is a better option then go for that. By the way you have options of shopping vouchers of yur choice too.

Maybe you would like to know how to begin your campaign on this friendly looking site. Here is a starting guide for your –

So how do you begin your campaign?

It is needless to say that you can join earnably easily by going to https://earnably.com/ once you register yourself and reach to its homepage you will find everything right there like, “Offer Wall’ and what a fantastic offer wall having tons of jobs listed there offered by their partner sites.

You can start with clicking at “Earn” almost every earning opportunity is listed there and if you wish to know more click at Help center to see everything in detail what you can do to earn points by completing offers –

Taking Surveys

Watching Videos

Referring Friends

Promo Codes



Finally, go to “Actions” tab and see how you can earn some quick points.  By the way you can cash out at as low as $1 from this site. But you get more cash if you redeem on higher points. Check out everything thoroughly please.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/dollar-money-earn-money-internet-1968712/

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Some tips and tricks for bloggers.

Blogger is a free to use platform provided by google to put your content online for free. Blogger provides free hosting and gives you a limited space to put your content online. One of the limitation of using blogger is that name of your blog ends with blogspot.com. You can manually add custom domain name like .com or .in, for this you have to purchase it from domain name websites like godaddy and others.

Some people may not like its default look, so one can manually change its default look by doing some changes in settings or layout. I did same for my blog: http://www.comparenshop.in/.

Apart from expressing your views or sharing some knowledge on blogger, you can also use it earn some money from blogger by displaying google ads or third party ads. To apply for google ads, just go to your blogger dashboard, click on earnings and follow the further steps to complete your application. You can also display third party ads on your blog apart from google adsense. This will boost your income. There are some website which approve your application for displaying ads even for low traffic.

The default look of blogger doesn’t look attractive to some people, so you can also change its look by changing its default theme.For this click on theme and then on customize. Blogger will show a list of attractive themes, which you can apply to your blog and make it more attractive and resulting more traffic. You can adjust widths and change background of your blog to make it more attractive, resulting more traffic and more income from your blog.

To get more traffic to blogger add it search engines like google or bing.

To earn more one can use online marketing. Apply for affiliate marketing on various online shopping websites like amazon, snapdeal and others. They will review your application and if approved you can display their ads on your blog. For this you have to add their HTML code to your blog. HTML code can be added to a blog in different ways. It depends on your where you want to display the ad. To display adds in right bar, left bar, above your content or below content, click on layout, click on add gadget and choose the option add HTML, now save your blog. If you want to display add inside the blog posts or pages, you have to add code inside the page or post. For this click on HTML from compose/html, and add your code where you want to display ad.

So from blogger apart from displaying your content on Internet for free you can earn some amount of money from it by just using some tricks.


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Apparently “sky is the limit” on literacy base
March 22, 2017

I once read a line that said “if sky is the limit then why are there foot prints on the moon?”, while this makes a lot of sense I cant help but suspect that it could be the case when I find that many users on this website would like to know it its possible to earn $100 by posting here. I would like to aim for it since I’m an unemployed graduate and apparently its possible with a lot of writing and frequent posting and commenting.

The main issue is content, there’s no use posting gibberish 10 times a day because not only will it result in an account being terminated but it will also annoy the honest working writers here. Keep in mind that I did not say hard working writers since I would consider the people here to be interested in blogging about their interests and not writing articles about specific niches. I will actually explain the difference, here we have “posts” which are found on blogs and while they contain comments just as articles do they are meant for people who are reading on forums and not necessarily looking for expert advice on something like a list of programming languages. Although content of that nature could easily be accepted here except that you wont receive extra for the quality of the work when things like extensive research come into play. Websites like this generally offer advice and tips on specific groups and topics.

So having ideas is essential but i found that its better to break up a good idea into several articles that aren’t repetitive and to keep a list of topics somewhere for moments when writers block becomes a factor. I have been writing this for about 15 minutes and have now hit the 300 word mark plus a few minutes to read through it. While its not one of the more researched topics its still a piece of honest work but I wonder how often the ideas will come if I start looking to posting several times a day.
Another option is to extend the lengths of the post instead of annoying readers with my name being constantly on the list of new topics. Reaching the 1000 word mark is also a good feeling as it allows for about $0.44 which actually encourages me to type faster and also allows for the 10 articles a day to be reduced to 5 which pay the same or even more.

So content is key and an open creative mind is definitely a plus. Writing about something usually leads to another idea about the same thing or maybe even questions. I myself have thought of literacybase related questions and topics related to this website since my first post this morning and I have found that users, especially new ones are eager to know the earning capacity of literacybase and honestly, it depends on what your mind can generate and how fast your fingers can put it online.

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My experience with literacy base
March 15, 2017

After months spent on PTC websites, bitcoin faucets and other things that wasted my time I got to mylot which was a good find because it payed me for my posts but I was worried about the rate I was getting paid but I kept posting because well, what else could I do with my free time? I came across a reply from a user who had named this website as his top earner so naturally I went to google and typed in literacy base. And after using it for a few days I would like to tell new users how I find the website to be as a network administrator.

When I first saw the website I thought it looked a bit too simple to do what it claims to do, so after months of seeing scams I went to look for reviews and found that the users here were happy and paid which were the only two things I was looking for, after using the website I know that its design and services serve its purpose well.

So here’s the truth, on this website I have found more opportunities for me to make money than anywhere else, not to say that other websites don’t pay but for a slower typing open person that likes writing and needs decent money, this is the place to do it. The pay is definitely better than any PTC website iv’e found and it allows for the expression of thought (assuming you think with good grammar and cases) as I see people on forums still trying to make money by clicking ads without at least some referrals. In case you’re wondering, the pay is around $0.15 per 300 words. Please comment if i’m wrong. This website is definitely worth it and isn’t a way to waste your time, its really the only web page open these days unless i’m reading on something. I post here and continue to and urge new users to try it out.



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Sell you photos with EyeEm
Places That I Want To Explore AgainSea of clouds below the airplane. Photo by SuperD

EyeEm is a site where you can sell your photos. Similar to Foap there is an app that makes it easier to upload you pictures on the go. The upside is that you can upload you photos online and not just on the app.

Similiar to Foap there are missions but the rewards are not monetary. You gain some vouchers and exposure of your own photos.

How to earn on EyeEm?

EyeEm is a bit harder ro gain money because of the huge amount of people uploading very good photographs but basically you just need to upload your photos and start creating your portfolio. Make sure to upload good quality photos so they can be accepted on the market.

The site automatically tells you if you need a model or property release and provides you with the link to send to get the release signed up.

Here you can follow fellow photographers and like the photos you think are the best. On the app there is a section that has featured photographers and their albuns but if you scrool down, between the albuns there are articles and tutorials to help to earn and take better pictures.

This is good for those who are starting out. The best thing to to is to read all the tips and tricks possible to get your photos successful. The best tip is to take a variety of photos of diferent themes and upload them, tag them well also. This will increase your chances. Like any other earning site you need to work to get what you want.

Living as a photographer is not easy but you could get some extra change out of it and invest in your equipment.

The photos price depends on the type of license they are sold as. This is something i haven’t got myself to look for but i still try my luck on this site.


Stay tuned for more sites where you can sell your photos online.

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How you can make 50$ on Literacy Base a Month

I must confess this would be no easy task at all. This would take alot of blogging and some extra commenting to get there. All you need to do is get various subjects to write about and divide them well.

Making 50$ just with blogs a month

If you write 300 word blogs at 0.15 cents each.

If you write you standard 300 word post it will give you around 0.15 cents each. This we all know. Now if you want to get the 50$ you need to post in total of 334 posts a month which gives you around 11 posts a day (30 day months).

We all now that 11 posts a day if very hard to achieve. Unless you have a story you can break apart or various topics to talk about then you will need to work very hard.


If you write 500 or more words a blog at 0.22 cents each

We have heard here and there that it is possible to get 0.22 cents per blog if there are more than 500 words written. This would mean that you would have to write a total of 228 posts a month (again 30 days), giving you a total of around 8 posts a day.

In this case it would be a bit easier but you would need more content for the blogs and make them interesting enough to read.


We know about the commenting system and this would complement our earning at the ending but it also isn’t easy. You would need to coment various blogs and have good quality length comments to get a good cent or two out of it.


This is what people like the most around here. It isn’t that easy to get a forum thread going. You need to have a good topic that everyone would want to discuss. Besides having a good topic you need to join a group with a reasonable amount of members to actually see your post to comment on. Also in these cases you should try to follow your thread to be able to answer back to your answers.


This is a hard task. Lots of blogging, commentings and active on groups. You need to be here a decent number of hours or have your posts pre written and just post the number you need daily.

After all these calculations it seems possble to get 50$ in a month on paper but would you be able to do all of this to gain this much? After all of thism if you could somehow achieve getting 50$ in a month would you try 100$. Would you have the time, creativity and patience to do so?

It isn’t easy but it isn’t exactly impossible either. This is something to try out. Get inspired, write down all your thoughts and experiences and think how you can help people.


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