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What Are IGOROTS That Other People Are Criticizing For?

Have you experienced being criticized by other people because of your culture, the way you wear clothes, or your feature? Well, generally as an Igorot, we are being criticized for no reason or should I say we are criticized by illiterate individuals. In social media, there are many people who talked about us unknowingly what they are taking about.

Anyways, Igorot is one of the Filipino tribes located in the Northern part of Luzon particularly in the Cordillera. In addition, Cordillera is composed of 13 provinces. Igorots are subdivided into many dialects like Kankanaey, Ibaloi, Kalanguya, and others. Many Igorots have rosy cheeks especially women from Benguet. Going back to history the descendants of the first Igorots are Indonesians before the other foreign descendants like Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. By the way, as to what I have read, some people are saying that Igorots are Aita’s. Well, actually we, Igorots are not Aita. Aita is another Filipino tribe and they have their own characteristics, way of clothing, and way of living. They have curly hair; they have dark skins, and are shorter. Although, Igorots who are living in the Province of Kalinga have light dark skin but they do not have curly hair, and they are tall.

Have you heard of the other people’s judgment about us, Igorots? They said that we have tails. Oh! Such an ignorant people who talked about us without even knowing if it is true or not? Actually, we never get hurt about that kind of criticism because it’s nonsense, instead, we laugh at those who are saying such words. We even feel pity for them for they are too ignorant and disrespectful. Actually, they base their judgment on our costume, particularly the men’s costume (we called it “BAHAG”).

They also said that Igorots are ignorant. Really? Do you think we are ignorant? First, I want to say that we are not what you think we are. Yes, some of our ancestors may not be educated because they focus in working at the farm. Yes, some of our great grandparents do not know how to read, but you know what? If you speak with them in English, they will definitely answer you fluently and without hesitation. Not being arrogant but I am proud that most of our parents are professionals because of the efforts of our grandparents. And also, most of today’s’ generation are all educated. Some people are also basing their criticism on how our parents wear clothes. Some of our parents probably do not wear trendy clothing. They prefer being the old fashion one or something that is not expensive but is comfortable to wear. However, do you know what? Behind those old fashion clothes of our parents, they can provide luxurious life to their children. If you can only observe most of the men here in our place even those farmers, they wear branded pants, t-shirt, and jackets like levis, jag, lee, and other known brand but they still don’t have to talk about how branded or how expensive their clothes are. Parents can give anything that their children needs, from shelter, to foods, to education, and even those material things. Some parents can even provide land to each of their children as their own property. The only thing is, we grow up not to be showy. Igorots grow up as humble people.

There are many things that I want to talk about who I am and where I came from but I will write it some other time. Though, my only point on my discussion above is that never criticize other people without knowing what is behind those ways of living, ways of wearing clothes, or their culture. Sometimes, what you see is just simply the opposite of it. Respect is very important if you want to live in a peaceful world.

On That Special Day Of My Mother

Happy mother’s day, belated happy birthday, and thank you, mom, these are just a few of the best words that I could say to my mother on this special day of her life. With my unending gratefulness of having her as my mom, I take my time to write something about her.

First, I want to tell you of how great this woman is, my mother. She can do everything for our family. I can still remember that during my childhood days, she is always there to guide me in everything that I do. She gave me advices as I am growing up. Every weekend in our house, she and my dad always gathered us with my siblings to share the Words of God. They always encourage us to feed our spiritual life with God’s words. My mother is a woman who can work in the field or in the garden. Back when I was still in my elementary grade, my mom is working as a Day Care teacher and on weekends or if there is no class, she is working with my dad in the garden while taking care of us, her children. That is how hardworking she is. In my studies, I can say that she is my inspiration. When I was still studying, she is always checking me if “how was my studies?” By just asking that question, it boosted me up to do more in school. That is how great she is.

Problem! Yes, the problem to the family is always there. I am not ashamed that my mother and father are separated. Yes, they are. They parted their ways about a few years ago. That time, my heart was in real pain. It is not just because I want the way of life we used to be as a family but I want my little sisters and brother feel more the happiness I felt during the times I was growing old with the both of our parents. Although, it took me some years before the pain in my heart healed. I also understand the situation that my parents went through and I still appreciate them. They still manage to be friends for the sake of us, their children. After their separation, I was more amazed how strong my mother was. She became more successful as a businesswoman, opens her own health center, and even had a branch. She provides every financial that my little siblings needed including me. And not only the material things but most of all the unending love and the emotional as well as the spiritual supports she gave that matters.

Did we have a smooth relationship as mother-daughter? I can say yes but no. There were times where we misunderstood each other. There were times where I disobeyed her. There were times where I hurt her feelings because of my bad decisions in life. But despite those, she is still there standing beside me. She is still guiding me throughout the way, that no matter how bad my decisions are, she is telling me how to make those bad decisions into a great one.

Now, she turned to her 47th birthday last April 18. I wish her the best. I wish her long life to live so we could spend more time with her doing good memories and having all the best moment that we could. I cannot say directly to her how much I love her but I know that she can feel it through my actions. And so, this mother’s day, I want to say “Mom, you are the best mother in the world.”

You are great! When I was to be born again, I still want you to be my mother.

People may say bad things on your back, but still, I will choose you and stand before you as you stand before me in times that I am weak.

People may laugh at you because of the sad things happened to you but I will still hold you as you hold me to stand during that time I am on my knees because of so much pain.

Mom, these maybe very late but it took me some time to make sure that all the best words that suit you are written here. Again Happy birthday and Happy mother’s day.


How Do You Come Up With A Topic To Write?
April 30, 2017

Some of the new members of Literacybase are sometimes asking for what topic are they going to write? How could they come up with such topic? And sometimes, I myself do not know what to write. I am lacking of topic that is why I need to research more on things.

But as I was doing more writings, I lately come up with many things to write. I do write those things that I know. I write some of my favorite topics so I was able to elaborate them naturally. Because whenever I write things that are unknown to me, I was not able to write the exact things about it. Sometimes, writing a journal or the “what about” of my day is sometimes easier. But just make sure it has sense and tell some lesson to the reader. Writing what is the trend is also very helpful. Watch some news or read your news paper or go with your social media account and observe what is the trend and you can write something about it. I also like to write some thing that is related to health because people nowadays are health conscious and they want to read something that will help them when it comes to diet and natural remedies for their health problems.

Do some research if you are out of topic to write or observe what is around you and say something about it. Write what is in your mind and share it with your readers. Another thing is that always consider your reader when thinking of what to write. Do you think your article suits your reader? Do you think they would love to read it? Do your writings has a sense?

Writing a new topic is easy. You just have to look into the things you already now, what others love to do, what are the trends, and what your readers love to read.

Should Every Country Have Free Health Care?
April 30, 2017

I was walking along the market this morning and someone gave me a leaflet and it is written their free check up. I saw some of leaflets like this everywhere in Baguio when walking along the city. Yes, their are lots of it saying they offer free check up. Well, it’s a good service though for those who can’t afford going to hospitals. However, when you go there, their no such thing as free medicine because they sell high priced medicines. Although it is not necessary for you to buy those, so at least the free check up benefited you.

Anyways, I was thinking, what if the government give a free health care to everyone? Is it possible? I think it is possible because other country such as United Arab Emirates, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Sweden, and some more. Most of these country is funded by the government itself and it is really a big help to the citizens. They really care for there country’s health status. They want everyone to b healthy and free of deadly sickness. And that is what I am wishing for my own country.

Although, here in the Philippines, we have  the Philhealth, which is, well a big help to those who can’t afford being hospitalize. But it is not totally a free health care because you still pay for some of the medical fees. maybe Half of the bills will be paid by the patients. I was hoping that someday somehow, health care in our country will be totally free because as we can see, one of the cause of death is the illnesses or disease that are not being taken care off. And poor families don’t go to hospital for at least check up because of financial problem. Diseases and illnesses are now popping out everywhere. Unknown sickness are always ahead of us because of some causes like pollution, and the changes in our surroundings. No matter how we clean our own environment, we cannot avoid those illness to come out. The only remedy for it is to fight for it but we cannot do that if there are no free medicines to use.

Health is business to many people nowadays. A lot of experts in medicine are creating medicines to cure such illnesses in return of money. Why not do some medicines for free to help your countrymen? Why not consider those who cannot afford it?


Some MusiC That Let Your Mind Function Well

Have you ever experienced being blocked? I mean your mind is not functioning in times you are about to write your article or you are about to do some school or office work that needs concentration? Actually, it happens to me many times and I cannot help myself but to stop what I am doing no matter how important it is. I have to move around to gain focus. I have to look for something that will motivate me do my activity.

Lately, I was browsing the internet and found out some type of music that can be use to have focus on things and I will list some of it below:

  • Classical music. Yes, that is right, classical music are good for the brain and it is proven through studies. Compositions of the known classical composers like Beethoven are effective for you to listen while doing an easy writing or reviewing for your examination. It will help you brain function more.
  • Nature sounds. In the internet, there are lots of nature sound that you could listen too. As to some research, listening to this kind of sound will help in improving your mood, focus, and cognitive skills.
  • Customized music. This are music that is based on neuroscience. It is said that the instrument played decrease distraction while it increase your focus.
  • Listen to your favorite music. This may inspire you and make your mind function more. I probably do listening to my favorite songs while studying during my college days and I can say that it will help me eliminate distractions around me.

Those are the music that you could listen while writing your articles, studying your lessons, or planning for your project. They are called music for the brain. But despite the effectiveness of the above music to other people, their are still some who prefer silence before their minds will function will.

You Can Be More Beautiful Without Spending Much Money
April 30, 2017

Do you love transformation? I’m sure you like to be more beautiful and gorgeous too. In television, we often see artists used make up to looked more beautiful than their natural beauty. And with that, fans are following what they do to self-transformation.

Self-transformation will actually help boosts your confidence or self-esteem. So people tend to wear make-up or beautify themselves so they are presentable to anywhere they go and feeling presentable will be enough to be confident in facing other people. However, do we need to buy expensive make-up to be beautiful?

Having a self-transformation is a somewhat a risky plan. It is not easy to shop for a wardrobe of new set or get a new hairstyle that suits you the most. But for skin care, you can go for a wide range of cost-effective plans and remedies. Spending too much for spa treatments, famous and expensive skin care brands, and high-tech skin care treatment? Well, it will no longer applicable because the remedies are already in the comfort of your home.

It is possible for us to treat our skin without spending lots of money. Below are just few of the homemade treatment for our skin that is said to be effective and common:

  • Are you problematic with your face because of pimples? Actually, pimples are often caused by clogged pores or excessive oil. So to get rid of it and prevent having pimples, fruit facial is the most common way. Fruit facial is good in removing dead skin cells. Strawberry, grapes, and pineapple are fruits that have substance that is good for the skin. On a blender, mixed the fruits properly. Apply the fruit paste as a mask on the face and leave it for at least 15 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water.
  • For tighter and smoother looking skin with smaller pores, people commonly used astringents or toners. However, at your own home, you can have a simple and natural remedy for it. Mixed a one tablespoon oatmeal, one tablespoon honey, and two tablespoon of strawberry, cherry and cranberry mixture on a bowl. Wash your face to make it wet and you can now use the mixture you made. Spread the paste all over your face, in your cheeks, jaw, forehead, and even on the neck for at least 5 to 7 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water. You can also use ice cubes as your instant toner. You just rub the cubes all over your face to increase blood circulation and tighten your facial sin pores.
  • If you have wrinkles, which is commonly a problem when a person is aging, a home-made treatment for it is possible. Mashed banana is what I am saying. Mashed banana is good to treat wrinkles. You just simple mash and mixed a ripe banana in a bowl and put the paste all over your face like a mask. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash it properly with lukewarm.

Those are just some of the common remedies, and aside from those skin treatment, it is very important that what you are ingesting are healthy. Nutritious foods or foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals should be intake.



What Do You Do When You Are Stressed?
April 30, 2017

What do you do when you are stressed? Most of the time, we often are stressed because of work, because of heavy traffic, because of your co-workers not appropriate attitude towards us, or because of misunderstanding with someone. It happens to everyone but what matters is the way we deal with our stress. Stress will also turned into depression.

If you are stress, you usually get mad easily and cannot focus on what you are doing. It will affect your performance if you are in the office or work place. So, what will you do then to cope with your stress?

In dealing with stress, there are many things that we could do. First, stay positive. It sometimes impossible to be optimistic in stressful situations but if you do it, you will surely less stressed. Take those situations as a challenge for you to deal with. Never let stress control your daily activities.

Second, be calm. If you are stressed, getting angry or mad will worsen your feelings and get you depressed. To calm yourself, take a deep breath and do not overthink the cause of your stress.

Next, you keep on smiling. Sounds crazy, right? Because when we are consumed by stress, it is hard for us to smile, but if you wanted to relieve your stress, think of some good memories that make you smile.

You can also talk to someone you felt comfortable with. Express your feelings in a way that you release all what makes you stress. Or you start a conversation that might help you laugh.

Sometimes eating foods will help in reducing your stress. Go and look for food to eat but make sure it is healthy like fruits.

What are your hobbies that you always do during your spare time? Are you good on singing or do you love singing? Do you love doing exercise? Do you do online games, or do you love watching sports or any shows on TV? You can do those things you like to do and surely, it will help you lessen your stress.

Stress is always a life’s ingredients. Just let it be just enough to make life tasty.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Preparing A Party?
April 30, 2017

Having a party is enjoyable and successful if it is well prepared or planned accordingly. If you want to surprise a friend or a family for a birthday celebration, anniversary, Christmas or any type of party for them, how do you plan for it? How do you set everything to be perfect?

Preparing for a party is one of my favorite to do. I like planning and setting things up. Moreover, I want to discuss the factors that need to consider when planning a great party.

  • Consider the age of people who attend the party. In preparing a party, you should know your visitors, are they all children, teenagers, adults, or no age limit and everyone is welcome. Considering the age is very important in proceeding the planning for a party. It is necessary in planning for the foods and beverage to be prepare, for the motif of the venue or the venue itself, and for the code of clothes to wear.
  • Consider the number of attendees. It is must to estimate the number of your visitors because this will affect the planning of food and the venue. Knowing how many people will attend the party is important to meet the desired perfect party. If you don’t know the number of visitors, you might prepare foods that are too much for all of you or worst, you might lack foods for the visitors.
  • Consider what to cook for the party. This is also the risky part in preparing a party. Foods should be perfect and match the attendee’s preference. If the visitors are all children, look for foods that they will probably enjoy. It should be colorful. Alcoholic drinks will of course not to be in the list because that is only considered if the visitors are adults. Make sure the foods are healthy and delicious because if it is tasteless, it will definitely ruined the whole party.
  • Consider the venue. If you plan for a big party, the venue should be spacious and can accommodate all the estimated number or attendees. Decorations also are to be considered here. The motif should always suit the type of party being planned and the kind of people that will attend the party. The motif is the basis of what should the attendees will wear.
  • Consider the safe and security of the people that will attend the party. Make sure that the place is safe from accidents especially for children.
  • Consider every single detail of the party even the simplest part like the music that could be use and the appliances or devices that are needed.
  • Consider the host of the party. The host should be knowledgeable about every detail of the type of the party. He or she should do a preparation for it in advance or at least a week before the event.

Party is should be memorable, enjoyable, and fun. So, if you are to plan one, you should see to it that all the factors that should be consider are prepared and set well before the event.


How Important Plants Are To Us?
April 30, 2017

How important plants are to us people? How important plants are to our environment and to the earth as a whole? What do you think would happen if plants will no longer in our place?

We cannot survive without plant that is why it is a necessity.  Plants are the source of almost our needs like:

  • Fruits and vegetables are plants and they are our common foods. Herbs or spices are also included. Even the instant or processed foods are made up of plants. Example of processed foods that we are eating are the flour, noodles, bread and pastries, pies,
  • Aside from animal’s skin and feathers as source of our clothes, shoes, and other things that are made-up of thread, plants are also considered one of the sources. Example is the fiber of the pineapple.
  • Most medicines are from plants. Herbs, fruits, and vegetables are the common ingredients of drugs. As we all know, plants carries a lot of nutrients needed by our body to be healthy and fit.
  • Perfume and cosmetics. Most perfume are from plants especially cosmetics like lotion, facial cream, and soap. Here in the Philippines, common fruit that producers are using in making soap is the papaya fruit.

Aside from those common given use of plants, it is also an air purifier. Plants reduce the dust in the air and it makes our surroundings fresh and clean. It also holds the soil to avoid landslides. During rainy season, it absorbs the water from the ground to avoid flooding.

Simple thing like beautifying our surroundings is also one of the important role of plants. Plants are really almost everything we have. Let us take care of them and grow more of it for our own benefit. Never let any plant be endangered. Wide garden is not necessary, even the small space outside your house will be enough to grow some vegetables and flowers.

Some Herbs With Their Nutritional Values
April 30, 2017

We all know how important for us to obtain adequate green veggies. Vegetables are critical in the prevention of many major illnesses such as cancer, and heart diseases, and in maintaining optimum wellness.

Below, I will discuss some of the nutritional value of the following herbs, chromium picolinate, cayenne pepper, wheatgrass, young green barley, and alfalfa.

CHROMIUM PICOLINATE is vital in the metabolism of glucose. It is also has an important role in the synthesis of cholesterol, fats, and proteins. Chromium picolinate is also good in maintaining stable blood sugar levels through proper insulin utilization in both diabetic and hypoglycemic. It is a trace mineral, which helps the hormone insulin regulate carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism.

CAYENNE PEPPER aids in digestion, improves circulation, and stops bleeding from stomach ulcer. It contains Vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and vitamin A. It controls the functioning of the pancreas, lungs, kidneys, and heart.

WHEATGRASS is a rich nutritional food that has also been widely proclaimed as a “cure-all” which is extremely high in a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Dr. Ann Wigmore, the first doctor to really latch onto young wheat’s value as curative, claims that “it contains the highest variety of nutrients, and that 15 pounds of fresh wheatgrass closely resembles hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein of red blood cells, and may be the reason for the effectiveness of chlorophyll. The only difference between the two is that the metallic atom in a molecule of human blood is iron, while the metallic atom of chlorophyll is magnesium, making it beneficial to people suffering from anemia.

YOUNG GREEN BARLEY is high in iron, calcium, the 8 essential amino acids, flavonoids, vitamin C, Vitamin B12, enzymes, and minerals. It helps in healing duodenal and essential disorders and it acts as anti-inflammatory as well.

ALFALFA said to be one of the richest mineral foods, with its roots growing deeply into the earth as much as 130 feet below the surface, where the minerals still abound, far beneath the depleted topsoil. It is very high in life-giving chlorophyll, and calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, and Vitamins B complex, A, B, C, D, K, U, choline, biotin, iron, and protein tryptophan.

Those nutritional value that the above herbs give are very essential to our body health and wellness.