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Rice Water Is Very Good For Skin And Hair Health
March 23, 2017

Being conscious of my body health, I was able to discover a natural way of nourishing my hair and skin.

Have you heard that rice water is a very good remedy for a beautiful skin and a healthy hair? I discovered this lately, which is introduced to me by my younger sister.


Preparing rice water is simply and easy to do. There are two options that you can do.


  1. Wash your rice properly that is to be cook as your food.
  2. Drain the first wash of the rice in a container or bowl.
  3. Leave your rice wash in a cool area for at least two days.
  4. Once it is fermented, you can now use on your face or on your hair.


  1. Prepare at least 2 cups of rice.
  2. Wash it thoroughly with clean water.
  3. You can set aside the water you used in washing. (Follow the steps in option A)
  4. Cooked the rice with 4 cups of water or more than the level of the rice.
  5. When the rice is already cooked, stir and drain the rice water into a bowl.
  6. Let it cool and then transferred it to a container with cover.
  7. Refrigerate it for a week then it will be ready to use.


Both the unboiled and boiled rice water can be use in the same way.


If the rice water is ready to use, just take a cup of it. You can dilute it into another cup of clean water before using. After you washed your face with soap, use the rice water as your last rinse.

For me, I actually used rice water even without using soap first. I wash my face with rice water twice a day.


After you shampoo your hair, rinse it with rice water while massaging it into your scalp. Accordingly, it is also good if you used it as your last rinse once in a week.


Let The Children Love Their Books

Kids have the perfect state of mind to get distracted in the enjoyment of an extraordinary book. Books for children are at last the motivation for solid innovative play, long haul perusing abilities, and even the springboard for hypothetical discussion during supper. While children are frequently in a hurry and don’t set aside the opportunity to back off for a decent read, acquainting your children with the delight of perusing a decent book isn’t as unconquerable as it appears. A little imagination for the parent’s sake, and you will have a maturing peruser reluctantly putting their book down to move onto life’s different requests.

Books for children help to build up their officially dynamic creative energies. There truly is no such thing as a blind youngster, just children with shifting inventive qualities. While one type may have the capacity to envision submerged urban areas and make companions. other youngsters may evoke the following Windows application. Building up your tyke’s interesting creative ability through books begins with what they are as of now indicating you every day.

The sensible contention for alluring children to peruse books that are outside of their component incorporates extending their points of view. Obviously, after some time, that is an awesome thought. For the quick allure arrange, it will probably be an effective wonder if children are perusing books that intrigue them from the title to the back cover. Give them a chance to pick their own books. Accordingly, most young Americans presses are profoundly particular about tyke and youthful grown-up perusing material. Kids who read age suitable books are not liable to keep running into an offensive material. Nonetheless, guardians can more often than not read a thick youthful grown-up book in a couple of hours if there is any worry identifying with the material.

For the unshakable TV watching tyke, a family perusing hour is an incredible approach to lure your kids to peruse books. Begin little. Give the whole family thirty minutes to peruse their book and after that twenty minutes or so to discuss what they are perusing. Odds are, before the end of the main week, the children will ask for a couple of more minutes to complete their section or will even take the book into their room to proceed after family perusing hour has closed. More youthful kids will profit by being perused to from books for children.

Books for children that stay inside their vocabulary limits (with a couple challenges for good measure) will probably hold their consideration than books composed on a grown-up level with a dialect that is too hard for youngsters to get a handle on. An over-achiever might need to break out Shakespeare at eight years old, however, they are not prone to receive much in return, regardless of the possibility that they won’t let it out. On the off chance that kids are being perused to, it is worthy to knock up the dialect a score or two, as kids can frequently hear the dialect utilized and comprehend it substantially quicker than if they are attempting to peruse it and appreciate it.

Discovering books for children that they will love and you will appreciate having them perused can be effortlessly done on the web. Book shops are extraordinary for titles that are obscure and new writers. Online book shops regularly complete of print books, fundamentally lessened books, and books that are somewhat “off the beaten path” and remarkable for the difficult to please tyke. Online book determinations are less demanding for guardians to decide than for children. Regularly kids require more than a page of content to know whether they think the book is flawless or not. Urging them to peruse a progression of books for children can keep them perusing for quite a while, and afterward, the propensity will be settled and moving onto the following title is basic.

Books for children have a considerable measure of rivalry nowadays. TV with 24 hour a day, 7 days seven days toon and specific kids’ customizing, PC diversions, computer games, devices that fit in their pocket, DVD players in the auto, and there’s most likely a couple kids out there with electronic doohickeys on their bicycles are all going after a child’s consideration. Transforming them into ardent books for children mate takes somewhat restrained innovativeness at first. Manages the electronic devices and thing can help build up perusing time and story time before bed (what kid wouldn’t like to postpone sleep time?) can help balance the perpetual rivalry that books for children confront. Guardians who love to peruse will probably have children who love to peruse. Guardians who can, at any rate, welcome the books for children and dig into a book for 60 minutes a day can educate their youngsters to love books. Guardians who read to their children help set up an awesome vocabulary, better relational abilities, and have a brilliant and unique bond based on some exceptionally uncommon books for children.

Summer Season’s Usual Activity Plan
summer time

It’s already summer time here in the Philippines and most families are preparing for something they could do to enjoy the summer time.

Well, the usual thing that we can do during summer are the following:

  • Mountain Climbing. Here in Baguio, hiking is common because there are many wonderful mountains that hikers can go. It is good to go for a mountain climbing during summer because mountains are free from the landslide, which is usual during the rainy season. Aside from that, we could feel the cool breeze of the fresh air that we can’t experience in the city. We can also do camping.
  • Swimming. River, beach resorts, and swimming pool resorts are accommodating for a swimming activity during summer. It is a good outdoor activity for families. It is enjoyable and we can ease the hotness of summer.
  • Ice cream hunting. During summer season here in our place, ice cream is everywhere. Even me who is conscious of the food I eat can’t help having a cone of ice cream with my friends. It’s a way of enjoying the season. However, we should ingest ice cream moderately and look for those ice cream that is flavored with fruits and vegetables.
  • Road trip. This is also a very good family bonding most especially with families who have their own car.
  • Have a picnic at the park. This has always been the number one bonding of my family during summer aside from going to the beach for swimming. My mom cook for foods and we take it out to the park.

Above are the usual thing that Filipinos are doing during the said season. There may be other enjoyable things that we could do aside from those like a garden visit. Some of our relatives who are from the cities usually go home here in our place just to visit our small farm or to do vegetable picking. Other tourists also love the strawberry picking in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Hope you’ve planned well your summer activities.

March 21, 2017

Suffering depression can be so depressing. Do you agree? It is extremely devastating and I mean it. It will hinder us from our daily activities. It will hinder us from our social advancements. It will hinder us from our own happiness.

As I read the meaning of depression in the dictionary, it says that depression is the lack of proper self-expression. This can also be a psychiatric disorder.


  • Intense sadness. A depressed person has a great feeling of unhappiness.
  • Persistent feelings of hopelessness. If a person was hopeless and doesn’t have the guts or courage to try things up, it indicates that he or she is depressed.
  • A person is not contented with things.
  • Poor concentration. A depressed person can’t get his focus.
  • Lack of energy.
  • Inability to sleep.
  • Sometimes, depressed individuals have the tendency of committing suicide. There are also some cases where he or she doesn’t care if he or she may be hit by a car.


  1. In some instances, depressed people lessen their depression by eating diet supplements that will enhance the level of amino acid in the body that produces serotonin, which affects our emotional state.
  2. Some also find relief by eating their favorite foods.
  3. It is also proven that eating food that is rich in carbohydrates cure the feeling of depression. It is said that carbohydrates are anti-depression supplement because it can repair the unevenness in the portion of the fatty acid, which is a big factor in having a depression.
  4. Drinking tea or coffee can decrease the effect of depression. Enough caffeine lowers the symptoms of depression.

In order to avoid depression, an individual may take food nutrients and vitamins like iodine, amino acid, vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin B12, and Calcium

A person who constantly suffering depression should not smoke too much cigarette, taking over dosage of drugs, and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Proper diet and wise choice of food are very effective in avoiding depression.


The Little Mornings, by C M Albrecht, is a murder puzzle with 262 completely retaining pages. We have three fundamental characters here – the grandfather, a drunkard of flawed character, a somewhat shaky lady (Angie) and a naive young fellow (Darcy) who gets to be distinctly stirred up in a tornado of occasions. Robbery, murder, over worked, and falsehoods keep the precarious connection amongst Darcy and Angie tense. Keeping a mystery is no simple undertaking, particularly when another person flies into the scene with inside learning to reality. Darcy, not able to control the occasions, turns into another individual altogether from the one we knew in the initial few pages of the book.

Maybe in light of the fact that I am an essayist, and this book needs to do with the distributing business, I am inclined toward the theme. Grandfather’s portrayal of an essayist’s strategies to achieve their imaginative dreams made them roar with laughter – on the grounds that it was so valid. Similar the baffled, yearning for journalisoverworkeddistributers. I felt the book was extremely reasonable in such manner.

I cherished the initial few passages – they truly pulled me in. I continued hearing Humphry Bogart’s voice in my mind portraying the story as I read along. I sat on the edge of an awkward plastic seat 2 days back and opened the primary page to start surveying The Little Mornings. I intended to take just a ten-minute break from my day to appreciate the daylight. The following thing I knew, my leg and butt-cheek were both totally numb and inert… and I was on page 50! So be cautioned, perusers, this book might just remove you from commission for a couple days. I couldn’t hold up to hit it up each moment I needed to save!

Try to search for it and you’ll probably like it.


As indicated by the American Dream Project, the normal American works in the vicinity of 43 and 51 hours for every week. Does that make us more profitable? No. Indeed, the United States is positioned eighth in profitability behind nations like Norway, France, and Italy. However, individuals in those nations work fewer hours. So what will make us more gainful?

In the first place, comprehend that the normal individual have only 5 hours productivity in a day, yet our normal workday is 8 hours with less individuals taking breaks and excursions than at any other time. Second, it is additionally imperative to separate between the higher expectation for everyday comforts of a person and happiness. Our higher expectation for everyday comforts is expected generally to our long work hours and higher spending designs, yet that standard does not make Americans more gainful, nor does it make individuals glad. Truth be told, it just serves to make us more depleted. The American Dream Project goes ahead to clarify that this weariness diminishes our profitability while pushing us into exercises that are not really associated to bliss, but rather just idealism.

So in what capacity can businesses amplify profitability while diminishing anxiety? Concentrate on your representatives. As per the Great Place to Work Institute, the organizations with the most joyful representatives are likewise the most profitable. Be that as it may, in opposition to prevalent thinking, cash does not purchase joy in the work environment. Actually, there is almost no connection between’s making over $50,000 every year and bliss when all is said in done. For a great many people, joy is about low anxiety, trust, and an inclination that they matter.

On the off chance that satisfaction originates from trust and an inclination that they matter, then what are a few things an association can do to cultivate those sentiments? Fundamentally, an organization needs an administration group that manufactures that feeling of trust and minding. One approach to realizing the mind condition is to give benefits that improve the representatives’ lives, similar to an attendant service.

Attendant services gave as a representative advantage gives workers an unmistakable view that their manager thinks about their own needs and their profitability. This advances dedication and profitability. It is a valuable and modest approach to accommodate representatives needs, and it will help in bringing down worker’s anxiety levels. Actually, one organization financed a review that indicated 62 percent of representatives might want assistance in completing things and trusted that the help would bring down the worry in their lives. Additionally, 50 percent of those studied would pay to have additional time with their families.

Those insights strengthen the American Dream Project’s statement that joy is not really fixing to cash, but rather to a way of life. In the event that you have a feeling that your organization could utilize a little lift in profitability and worker dedication, then perhaps the time has come to truly take a gander at what your representatives require. Look at attendant services to include only somewhat light into your agent or representatives’ lives and perceive how your workplace changes to a positive, beneficial work environment.

Scrapbooking Is Best To Display Your Recollections

Gone are the days while gluing photographs, postcards and memorabilia in a plain paper scrapbook collection are the main alternatives for displaying your recollections.

Presently, like never before, scrapbooking is a standout amongst the most famous interests for a large number individuals. Art and interest stores and many chain stores convey a wide choice of each believable thing for making proficient looking scrapbooks. Scrapbooking is not only a leisure activity any longer, but rather is a fine art.

Getting the entire family required in scrapbooking undertakings is incredible for those stormy winter days or hot summer evenings when outside movement is constrained. What better approach to get nearer to each other than to think back about every one of the experiences you’ve had previously.

New procedures and exceptional apparatuses are peopling spare all their loved tokens alluringly. You don’t need to be a craftsman or amazingly innovative to make a pleasant scrapbook. Instant materials, for example, embellishments, extraordinary paper, and paste spots might be acquired to make a remarkable and first rate scrapbook collection.

One fortunate thing about scrapbooking is that any remaining material you have from different tasks can be joined in your format, for example, texture, paper, strip and different materials. This is exceptionally practical and surely makes your collection individual and extraordinary. Likewise, utilizing a computerized altering programming program anybody can without much of a stretch cut, trim and resize their photographs for position in their own particular scrapbook collection. With a tick of a catch the capacity to print out photographs and alter them to our loving has made scrapbook introduction more expert looking.

There are some imperative things to realize when setting out on your first scrapbook extend. Simply putting together photographs and tokens in a collection isn’t an ideal approach to exhibiting every one of your recollections. Before you begin, take a stab at perusing about the subject. With every one of the decisions out there, this will help get the innovative energies pumping, and spare time and cash over the long haul.


Everybody has a hobby or the like – and many people have numerous of it. There are individuals who gather stamps; individuals who make scrapbooks or make realistic outlines or photos with their advanced photography; individuals who adore horseback riding, climbing or bicycling. Perhaps you accomplish something that you don’t know is viewed as a “hobby”. In fact, anything that you take part in for the sake of entertainment that is outside of your word related exercises is viewed as a hobby-so chance are you have bunches of pastimes!

Have you at any point considered transforming one of your side interests into a business? You might be amazed at how basically any hobby can be changed over to benefits and without enormous overhead or ludicrously high start-up expenses. What’s far better, you aren’t required to have a particular item to offer! Truth be told, you can make your insight your item to offer.

On the off chance that you partake consistently in some kind of hobby, you will undoubtedly know a considerable amount about it. On the off chance that you make scrapbooks of your family and companions, then you likely have broad information about where to get the best arrangements on your scrapbooking supplies, and how to make enhancements on your photograph collection pages. Perhaps you have magazines and sites that you allude to all the ideal opportunity for motivation. You have the individual information of what it took to begin in the hobby. For instance, scrapbooking requires that you have entry to provisions like paper, stickers, stick, photograph collections and scrapbooking apparatuses. Somebody who has quite recently found out about scrapbooking and supposes they need to begin the hobby should make sense of what they have to begin. You could offer this information as your item to offer. Think individuals won’t get it? Reconsider.

In the event that you’ve at any point utilized a web crawler to look into data, you realize that now is the ideal time to devour to deal with every one of the information to discover precisely what you’re searching for. Frequently, you’re given huge amounts of data that doesn’t appear to be all that solid, and you need to figure out what you can utilize and what you have to keep away from! When you make your own insight into a hobby your item to offer you’re helping everybody who needs to find that data without investing hours hunting down it!

You don’t need a physical item to offer to keep in mind the end goal to make a benefit. Truth be told, having a stock or creating physical things from materials offers a lower overall revenue than offering data.

Data items are among the top things to offer for an assortment of reasons. They offer an ease to begin, which means you begin winning a benefit after only a few deals. Educational items incorporate eBooks, online courses or email courses, programming, sound records, sites essentially anything that can be downloaded from the web. You aren’t required to have a stock and you can set up your plan of action to permit you to gain cash by the work other individuals accomplish for you.

So now, perhaps you’re suspecting this is fine and dandy however regardless you don’t have an item to offer! You haven’t composed an eBook, and perhaps you’re composing abilities leave little to be sought. Making on the web or email courses are tedious, and to make programming you require extraordinary preparing. You can, in any case, offer your insight. Make a “bundle” of things that somebody would require keeping in mind the end goal to begin in a specific hobby, and advance it as the “all that you have to know” about beginning the hobby. Contact somebody who has composed an educational eBook on the point; discover another person who has made an online video or radio show with respect to it, and demands consent to offer the things in your bundle. In the event that they have member programs, you can most likely agree to accept the offshoot programs and acquire commission that way. Incorporate your rundown of incredible suppliers for provisions or data that you allude to frequently, and whatever else you know a man needs with a specific end goal to begin in the hobby. This is an item to offer: offering your insight.

Once you’ve earned cash from this kind of data item business, you can put resources into the making of your own items in the event that you need, or begin offering more instructive items that permit you to offer your insight!


The moneymaking scheme is not a surprise to all of us. We all know that frauds are everywhere around the globe. It is either through online or internet or through face-to-face recruitment. Don’t be fooled. Always beware of whom you are dealing with. Dealing with bank accounts, credit cards, and activities that deals with receiving and sending money have a bigger risk when it comes to scams.



Do you observe that your email account receives lots of emails when you did not set into a private account? Sometimes, there are people online who will ask you to sign up and add your bank accounts through the link that they send to you in return of some freebies or gifts. Watch out! They are fooling you around. If you are not sure of the email that you have received, it is better to ignore and don’t sign up no matter how tempting the offer is. When it deals with your bank accounts, it is good to directly contact the bank’s office or go to their official site and confirm them the email you receive.




People now are aware of online cheater’s way. But still they send emails to anyone on the internet, and if one will sign up through the email they send you, scammers will easily get your password and user. That will be the time for them to celebrate.


If someone asked you to cooperate into some activities online in exchange for millions of dollars, hey! Be wise, who will just give millions of money with just simple cooperation? It is totally a fraud. Instead of giving you money, they will get your information and set money from your accounts through the internet.


Beware! Be wise. Don’t give those scammers a chance to get what they wanted.


public speaker

Communication is being used in our daily lives. However, there are those who do not have the confidence to speak in public.


During our training on how to speak fluently in English, there are some guidelines given by our trainer. Below are some tips to improve your skills in communicating:

  1. Observe your own communication styles. See those that are needed to improve. Admit your mistakes and try to avoid unprofessional words that you are using
  2. Study the communication skills of those that are around you. Look on those good styles that they do when they have a conversation. Adopt the good approaches that can use.
  3. Now that you are aware of other peoples’ style, try to adjust with them so that they can relate from what you are saying. Adjusting yourself for them can make you a good speaker.
  4. Remove unnecessary gestures that might distract your listeners. Mannerism is an example of gestures that is to be eradicated. With those mannerisms, listeners might think you are not confident of what you are saying.
  5. This is the same as with number two. However, I am now talking about how they talk. It is not bad to imitate others way of talking as long as do it naturally. However, make sure to maintain your uniqueness.
  6. Record your own speech and listen to it carefully. This will help you adjust your voice’s tone, pitch, and volume. In public speaking, those three voices factors are important.
  7. Compare your own communication style with some experts.
  8. Build a rapport. Build a comfortable atmosphere between you and your listeners.
  9. Adjust your style of speaking. In every place you’re going to do a speech, you should have a different style of approach. Be versatile.
  10. To be a good public speaker, don’t criticize others ways of speaking but learn from their mistake.
  11. Speak at a slower pace. The more you talk in a moderate speed, the more your listener will understand you.