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On That Special Day Of My Mother

Happy mother’s day, belated happy birthday, and thank you, mom, these are just a few of the best words that I could say to my mother on this special day of her life. With my unending gratefulness of having her as my mom, I take my time to write something about her.

First, I want to tell you of how great this woman is, my mother. She can do everything for our family. I can still remember that during my childhood days, she is always there to guide me in everything that I do. She gave me advices as I am growing up. Every weekend in our house, she and my dad always gathered us with my siblings to share the Words of God. They always encourage us to feed our spiritual life with God’s words. My mother is a woman who can work in the field or in the garden. Back when I was still in my elementary grade, my mom is working as a Day Care teacher and on weekends or if there is no class, she is working with my dad in the garden while taking care of us, her children. That is how hardworking she is. In my studies, I can say that she is my inspiration. When I was still studying, she is always checking me if “how was my studies?” By just asking that question, it boosted me up to do more in school. That is how great she is.

Problem! Yes, the problem to the family is always there. I am not ashamed that my mother and father are separated. Yes, they are. They parted their ways about a few years ago. That time, my heart was in real pain. It is not just because I want the way of life we used to be as a family but I want my little sisters and brother feel more the happiness I felt during the times I was growing old with the both of our parents. Although, it took me some years before the pain in my heart healed. I also understand the situation that my parents went through and I still appreciate them. They still manage to be friends for the sake of us, their children. After their separation, I was more amazed how strong my mother was. She became more successful as a businesswoman, opens her own health center, and even had a branch. She provides every financial that my little siblings needed including me. And not only the material things but most of all the unending love and the emotional as well as the spiritual supports she gave that matters.

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Did we have a smooth relationship as mother-daughter? I can say yes but no. There were times where we misunderstood each other. There were times where I disobeyed her. There were times where I hurt her feelings because of my bad decisions in life. But despite those, she is still there standing beside me. She is still guiding me throughout the way, that no matter how bad my decisions are, she is telling me how to make those bad decisions into a great one.

Now, she turned to her 47th birthday last April 18. I wish her the best. I wish her long life to live so we could spend more time with her doing good memories and having all the best moment that we could. I cannot say directly to her how much I love her but I know that she can feel it through my actions. And so, this mother’s day, I want to say “Mom, you are the best mother in the world.”

You are great! When I was to be born again, I still want you to be my mother.

People may say bad things on your back, but still, I will choose you and stand before you as you stand before me in times that I am weak.

People may laugh at you because of the sad things happened to you but I will still hold you as you hold me to stand during that time I am on my knees because of so much pain.

Mom, these maybe very late but it took me some time to make sure that all the best words that suit you are written here. Again Happy birthday and Happy mother’s day.


    1. cely said on May 14, 2017

      Happy Mother’s day to your mom, so sad to know your parents separated, but at least you could still see them once in a while together, but me, I was 6 when mom passed away. I never had felt her real and warmth hug and kiss. Life is mysterious we have to fight life.

    2. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom! She is indeed so strong; she did all her best for your family, though on her own! She’s a nice inspiration to you and your siblings!

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