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Failure Leads to Success and Success Is Backed by Failure
August 17, 2018

This is true for I have experienced this. It has been said that nobody is perfect. As a human being we have lots of imperfections. There are people who claim that they are successful but yet they don’t know that they have some weaknesses.

What we should have in mind to lead us to a good if not better living is in yourself. Understand yourself of who you are, your incapability. Don’t wait for tomorow what you can do for today.

Never mind tomorrow for it will take care of herself. What important is today. This is the best opportunity to correc things that are amiss, to make amends to those whom you have hurt or insulted. It is the best time to accept weakness that we are human. We are no perfect.

There is something to work for today. If you are living in distress, it is better to know why and secure things to alleviate your life. God is a prayer away. He always listens to a prayer of faith. He directs us toward HIs way of having an eternal life.

Lead yourself to the place you want to be. Leading is not best acquired from books, from schooling but by an ordinary experience. Leadership is a vague term for an ordinary person, for a mere stall owner or vendor. What is leadership for to a child, to a father, to a mother, or for everybody? It may be good or bad for them. It should be defined like leadership at home, leadership in school, leadership in the community or leadership in the government.

A group of kids playing may be doing things in order and there is understanding among themselves for there is someone who takes the lead, who guides them, and appreciates their success or corect their shortcoming. There is a good communication. It is a simple as it is so to speak. Thus communication matters.

Our imperfections make us better if we know them and do something about them. It’s a positive mental attitude that really count. A hope attitude, a consistent optimism that everything has a solution whatever problem there are. There is Someone who has the power to help up. He is just a prayer away if we need Him. It’s God. It’s Jesus Christ.

Nobody has become successful without experiencing failures in life. A successful person is feeling proud of his mistakes, errors, and failures for without them he has stepped on the highest rung of success ladder.

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Now You’re Back! Welcome Home!

For sure, this would catch a mixed feelings of sorrow and happiness. LiteracyBase goes off in the Internet circulation due to indeterminate reason. The admin doesn’t make any statement for its closure. Even myself, I am surprised upon learning from other forum I am working with of the untimely shutting down of this site.

Those who have huge pending cash out to make are ranting and even making a statement that LiteracyBase becomes a scam. With this, it spreads like a wild fire in the big forest. We couldn’t blame them for it’s their right and they’re entitled for their legitimate works.

Possible Causes

Usually a website suffers closure may be due to the following reasons:

1. Mismanagement. This is usually permanent. The site owner had squandered the earnings from the ads and had used them to another investment.

2. Abuses of the users. Users tend to abuse the site for lack of strict rules and regulations. It has no control on those users who spam the site. Posts are irrelevant.

3. Scam. Due to fast increase of new members who are paying their registration for an instant making money. Paying some members a juicy sum of money invite others who have been allured of such payment result to upsurge of membership by leaps and bounds, the site decided to close the site.

4. Copyright Infringement. This could be permanent in nature. Many bloggers, online writers or site owners that their articles, posts have copied and pasted to other sites without permission or proper attribution. A copyright violation is filed against them and they’re ordered by the court to shut down and pay the required payment for indemnity.

5. Failure to renew Domain subscription. This is temporary. It could be remedied and the site would be back to function or circulate normally when the subscription for renewal of domain name is paid.

6. Migration to a better webhosting. This won’t take long. It may take a day or so. Actually this is announced by the website owner/admin.

Anyway some of them may temporary in nature. Well we cannot guess what’s the cause or causes of Literacy Base site.

Now Literacy Base Is Here

As I mentioned earlier, varied feelings of sadness, happiness or even disgust are unavoidable. Anyway, there’s nothing to worry anymore. Everything would be back to normal. Pending payments would settled the soonest possible time.

Credits are due to those who comment to forums, create a new post or thread. They are automatically updated in their outstanding balance in their respective account. I have noticed in my own account for I have just come back.

Welcome back, Literacy Base!

image: Robtoto/pixabay/PublicDomain

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Who Is the True Giver? Are You One of Them?

Who Is the True Giver?

This question may be answered objectively or subjectively depending on the situation or outlook of an individual. Are you amendable for that?

Let’s illustrate this in three different angle, depicting by three different persons. This would be well appreciated and understood if it is presented that way. We may have the clear point of view to analyze which among them is a true giver based on their actions. You may also put yourself on their shoes if it were in your case.

So this will be a case of a rich person, of an ordinary man, and a mouth-to-hand individual. It’s up to you where you prefer to side. You are entitled for your choice or decision to make.

Let’s take the different life’s situation like for example a rich person. He has, of course, lots of money in bank, in business and in every undertaking he has had. He gives or donates to the orphanage, to the charity with his name being publicly displayed. He earns what he gives like a recognition, like an accolade given by such institution. In so doing, he is happy. He is elated but in reality he is not happy. It is because what he gives, what he donates is already an excess of his wealth, of his possession. Though his intention is to help those who are needy, who are poor, and who are least privilege in life.

Here’s another situation. This man is earning an average income from his job. Whenever he sees someone who is begging in public, he gives what he has extra from his pocket. He is an occasional giver. It is his pleasure once he has done something for the poor, for the needy and he never earns anything from such benevolent actions. He feels something relief once he gives. It is more enough for him once he gives. His happiness is just enough for his good deeds.

And the last situation is trying hard person who has no permanent job or sufficient income to support himself, his family. He sometimes couldn’t eat a single meal for he prefer his family not to starve. It is too insulting for himself to give what he has in his pocket for it is not even enough to feed his family. But there is an occasion what he has in his possession he willingly gives it to the beggar who hasn’t even eaten the whole day. He went home with nothing to give to his wife. He told his wife of what he had done. His wife understood him. She was even assured by his wife that they have still something to eat for the day.

Which among those three person has demonstrated the true value of “it is more blessed to give than to receive”? Are they in our present society or in the community where we live in? Or are you one of them?

image credits: beggar by 3dman_eu, Pixabay, Public Domain

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Quo Vadis, LiteracyBase? Its Ups and Downs

Quo Vadis, LB?

I have been staying away for awhile from this site due to processing my retirement since I have already reach the age of 65 as compulsory retirement age for a government employee.

With such busy activity I have had, I haven’t give an inch to visit this site and give any reaction or comment to the latest posts here. My latest post as far as I could remember is “The Truth Has Set Me Free”  which was written 2 months ago (April 20, 2017).

My first post is “The Elections That Never Were” which was written on July 24, 2016. This simply tells me that I would be a year member of this site next month, July 2017. I couldn’t barely notice it that is how fast.

Anyway, I have found something worth joining this site, writing articles for my users to comment, to react. I would also say that I have been paid for such writing activity I have had here. So far I haven’t experienced for being unpaid. At least, I have a good impression for this site as far as payment is concerned and also the manner on approving my various posts to be “live” (published online).

Something Awry

Upon returning for 2 months of inactivity, I had read recently some discomforts which my fellow members are clamoring about, particularly the unresponsive attitude of the LB team members particularly @support whom before I have known was very responsive and helpful as far as LB related problems are concerned.

Well, we don’t have anything to do but to give them the benefit of reconsidering their particular activities in life. We know that they have also business to handle, a family to take care, and anything for their personal concern so to speak.

Internet business particularly this one, writing content, post, review or whatever for a corresponding pay is generally depending on the ads generated from every visit, post, social media sharing which every member is doing. When this site will eventually meet its downfall or natural death it is understandable when the income generating activities are dwindling due to various factors, unseen or visible.

Anyway, that is how I notice as I come back here. We should put ourselves on their own shoes too. Let’s sympathize them. Let’s that everything would go on smooth sailing. All is well. So be it.

image credit: dollar-geralt-public domain-pixabay

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‘The Truth Has Set Me Free’
April 20, 2017

Yes, you have read it right as the what the Bible said in John 8:32, “the truth will set you free”.

Thirty-seven years ago today, I went down to the water of baptism and had been confirmed as member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by an American missionary who is assigned to our place. It is the Filipino missionary who baptized me.

It took me 4 years to be converted to the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I didn’t personally hide myself to a pair of missionaries who went door to door to do the teaching of the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel. It did happen that the first missionaries were transferred and they were replaced by another missionaries who had no idea where I lived.

Anyway, how the truth has set me free? My late parents had no objection for my baptism for I respected them. My mother told me that she hadn’t found wrong with the teachings of the Mormons. So, I decided to be baptized on April 20, 1980. A month later, I received my ordination to the office of the Priest and I was authorized to baptize my wife who was converted in June, 1980 after undergoing the basic teachings on the Gospel.

After that all of my 6 children had joined the Church for I baptized them. Our youngest son who is my junior had served a mission for 2 years. We exemplify the lives of faithful saints for that we’re sealed as a family in the temple of God. Thus, we keep the faith that our family could be together forever.

For those who couldn’t understand our faith, that is okay for I do respect theirs too. The Gospel truth that keeps on ringing to our ears is the 3-fold missions of the Church, that is, to proclaim the Gospel all over the world through the missionary work, to perfect the saints by studying the scriptures, exemplifying them to our lives, and to redeem the dead through a vicarious work performed inside the temple.

You may share your spiritual experience on the spiritual truth of what you believe for I know every religious denominations have their own truth. I know that everyone has the religion freedom. As an LDS (Latter-day Saints), we do respect it.  God bless.

image: Family – geralt  pixabay/public domain

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What Appropriate Fitness Program for Senior Citizen
April 20, 2017


Is there a best fitness program for senior citizen like me?

I have just retired from government service last October 2016. Now I am a “freeman”, meaning I have no routine job to do for I have satisfied my 25 years in service in the Department of Education. I had been to 6 elementary schools as a school head. I had handled various types of teachers as well as pupils, parents and other stakeholders of the school.

Now, all those things had made me of what I am now enjoying the fruits of my labors, the so-called retirement. Now, I am free. I don’t have an employer to serve anymore. I want to enjoy my life to the fullest.

I want to have a “running condition” kind of life. What I mean is a happy, contented, and a healthy lifestyle. And one of the factors that could contribute to it is a healthy heart. I want to have a very good exercise. I have already started an early morning brisk walking.

Everyday, I walk around 8 kilometers around our small city by passing the least traffic city streets. Thirty minutes in the morning and another 30 minutes in the late afternoon. I check the number of calories. So far my mobile phone app has registered 461 calories. Is that alright? I am very sorry for I don’t know how to interpret that data.

By the way, I am very particular with my food intake. For breakfast, I eat a cup of oatmeal mixed with a milk powder. For my lunch, a cup of rice with a fish in a vegetable, and a glass of concentrated apple juice are enough for me. And a soft diet follows as my dinner.

Sometimes, I eat a piece or 2 pieces of banana after every meal. Recently I have checked my weight. I lost 2.5 kilos from 70 kilos. I am hoping that I could bring it to 60 kilos.

What else could I have being 65 of age could handle the kind of exercise?

image: walking stick  stevepb – pixabay/public domain

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The Unexpected Fate of TinyCent
December 11, 2016
The Unexpected Fate of TinyCent

TinyCent didn’t make it. It had met its untimely death for its account was suspended by its hosting provider. For all we know, there were lots of issues which Tiny had to face and many cash outs to pay.

I am one of the members in TinyCent who writes for a blog post and earns a penny. In the early online writing participation, I found it interesting and enjoyable to write and submit blogs of various themes and topics and share them to my social media connections.

My traffic or page views and readership were amazing for I got a better traffic then. In a matter of a week I was able to make my first cash out and I was rightly paid through my PayPal account. This gave an impression then that TinyCent is good and it is a legit online writing site for that matter.

I kept on writing and writing. A time had come that I had amassed another required number of views that lead me to qualify to make a second round of cash out. I applied for it. I waited but no action. I presumed it could be due to the numerous of cash outs made by the members. Probably I came late than the others. I waited and waited but to no avail.

Recently my request had finally went down the drain as the TinyCent itself couldn’t make it. Its account was suspended for no apparent reason being relayed to us as member. The prompt that I received says that TinyCent account was suspended by its hosting provider.

This simply shows that the cash out I made couldn’t be paid anymore. Sad to know that. Well, what can we do than to accept TinyCent’s fate.

Anyway, I have to thank TinyCent for the payment I had received in my first cash out and also I am grateful for that shortlived online writing job with TinyCent. I know nobody is perfect. Everyone is subject to weakness and infirmities beyond his control.

We join other members to express their sympathy for the fate which TinyCent had met. Let’s charge this to our experience. We can’t do nothing except bidding TinyCent goodbye.

What a Lesson We learned!

Blog-sharing revenue site like TinyCent is a very promising one. It started sometime in 2016 and with an influx of new comers or members. Posts everyday are piling up on various topics from family to economy, from do it yourself project to electronic tutorials on programming, among others.

Others are writing that TinyCent is a blessing for them. They have a good resources to earn a penny. They praise TinyCent profusedly. They are so grateful for what TinyCent has provided them to be a part of the revenue sharing. Others are showing their proofs of payment they received from TinyCent.

However the unexpected went center stage. No members or users have been spared or saved from the result of the TinyCent’s fate of being suspended from Net circulation. Now those who generously praising TinyCent have become the greatest enemy. They have forgotten to be grateful for the TinyCent’s help for them.

The best becomes the worst. That is the ups and downs of life anyway.

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Keeping Marriage to Last Forever
wedding-Keeping Marriage to Last Forever

When we first exchanged our “I Dos” 44 years ago, we kept in mind that our marriage would last till death. The officiating city judge told us that our vow was binding “till death do we part”. That’s it. We were 21 years old at that time and we were still studying in college.

The first year, the second year until the 7th year of our married life was full of challenges in various extent. We had even a time that we’d been separated for several months and later we were able to reconcile and started all over again. It was the greatest trial we ever had in our marital relationship.

At the 8th year of our marriage, everything had changed. We had found the secret of making our marriage stays as inspiring and loving all the time even as of this posting time. We had found the truth that marriage is ordained of God, that everyone of us has the spiritual responsibility for our children by letting them grow up according to the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

We had a second chance to spiritually exchange “I Do” when we were sealed in the Temple of God. In 1980, we had made a rightful decision to be baptized at the true Church of Jesus Christ. We had kept our baptism covenant faithfully. We had accepted the challenge to be sealed for time and eternity. And that our marriage could last forever if we do keep our marriage covenant.

Take It or Leave It

You may not understand this for this is our faith. This is our belief and this is what we have covenanted it. Anyway, the simple reasons why we keep our marriage vow to last this 44 years so far are as follows as what we have covenanted:

1. We take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. In so doing, we call ourselves as Christians.
2. We always remember Him in everyday we do. He is our example. We accept Him as our personal Savior, Redeemer. His death on the cross made us to free from the bondage of sin.
3. We keep God’s commandments by knowing them and doing them in spite of our weaknesses. His commandments are our yardsticks on how faithful we are, on how true we are with our baptism covenant.
4. We endure to the end by overcoming any temptations in any form, by relying to the Lord for our infirmities, by praying everyday, among others.

These are the spiritual principles of TAKE. These are the basis on how we prove our faith to our Heavenly Father and to His Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

As part of our spiritual obligations to stay faithful to the Church, we have three things to do to make ourselves approved before the Lord. First is to bring those people back to the fold of God through missionary work. Second is to perfect ourselves by studying the Gospel of Jesus, the Scriptures. And the third is to help the dead attain their salvation through the sacred ordinances inside the Temple.

Aside from such spiritual insights, I still keep courting my wife everyday just like before. We are still trusting each other. We give due to respect to any decision we have made. We maintain the attitude of forgiving as we have to understand that we are not perfect.

And lastly, we do believe that our family could be together forever. My family members were sealed to us in a sacred temple ordinances performed by the priesthood who has the authority to do it in behalf of the Lord.

image by Toanmda/Pixabay/Public Domain

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Utter Ungratefulness or Lack of Gratitude
November 20, 2016
protesters-Utter Ungratefulness or Lack of Gratitude

“Gratitude is one of the great human accomplishments and ingratitude one of the great human failings,” says Rex E. Lee in his speech delivered at the Brigham Young University sometime in 1994.

He was talking about the insufficient of gratitude to those who would be benefited from the USA government humanitarian efforts of helping those who are sick by providing them the needed vaccines for the epidemic. Why he said that those recipients of the vaccines would sue the US government if they won’t be treated of their sickness. He pointed out that they lack the gratitude to give thanks the government in return.

He said doing the “Good Samaritan generosity” would put you in hot water or you would end up in jail. It is too disgusting and ingrateful indeed. Isn’t it? The intention is good but those who are dissatisfied. Are they happy? Wouldn’t they complain?


In the Philippine Setting

In similar situation, this is what actually happening in the Philippines on the non-publicized burial of President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Those who went down to the streets to dramatize their opposition to the said burial are not all victims of Marcos regime’s atrocities. Some of them were exploited.

For 20 years when Marcos was the President of the Philippines, there were a lot of great improvement in the Philippines especially the raising of the standard of living of the People. Economically speaking, the value of peso at that time is 1 is to 1. That is one peso to a dollar. Now it is roughly Php48 to a dollar.

I remember the title which the status of the country before. It is so named as New Society. Infrastructure projects have covered the entire Philippines from Aparri to Jolo. Teachers and government employees were benefited much due to the increase of their salaries, added bonuses and other monetary benefits. And there are so many I couldn’t mention them here. But look what had happened? Just a snap of a finger or a wink of eye, Marcos has become the traitor, the thief and his government regime has been deleted in the history books distributed in the Philippine schools.

Now by a mere burial of the President Marcos has need to be opposed, need to be curtailed. This is really indeed the true spirit of ungratefulness. I may use the analogy of Jesus’ ministry here on earth. While He was doing his preaching all over the places where He visited many people were converted. He had done series of miracles. But those people who believed in Him and also those people who shouted to crucify Him. That is why, ungratefulness is the sin of all ages.

The lack of gratitude is never exemplified. The hatred has overcome the attitude of those who advocate the staunch of disallowing Marcos’ burial. Now they’ve not stopped it. What are they going to do is to exhume it? There they would be violating some health code for that matter. It would be another problem for them and they have to face the court for that.


Now, Are They Ungrateful?

I may borrow the statement of LDS second counselor in the First Presidency, President Marion G. Romney from his talk, “Gratitude and Thanksgiving” in which he cited the meaning of “ungrateful man”. He quoted, “an ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from.” (Timothy Dexter, The New Dictionary of Thoughts, Garden City, N.Y.: Standard Book Co., 1961, p. 308.)

I may repeat this is what actually is happening in the Philippines. There are “ungrateful” groups of people. The highest court itself has hinted that their decision for allowing the burial of Marcos is geared towards “national healing and reconciliation”. Those who are nurturing grudges and cursing in their hearts won’t be living for peace if they don’t give peace a chance to rule themselves. For what they sow is what they reap. Well, if they want it, they can have it for love begets love. So be it.

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‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’
November 19, 2016
'Let The Dead Bury The Dead'

Let’s contemplate on this 60th verse of the Book of Luke of the king James Version which deals on the case of a disciple who was worried about the burial of his member of the family. Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury the dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God…” Jesus as what the interpretation of this – the dead are those who have sinned and they should be responsible to save themselves. Jesus has invited the said disciple to follow Him and to do the Lord’s work by doing the missionary work by converting those sinners.

We know there is a big difference if we connect this with the controversial burial of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos of the Philippines. Anyway let’s again contemplate on the interment of the dead body of President Marcos, which had been preserved for more than two decades already since he was ousted from his presidency by the People’s Power in 1986 and was forced to exile himself to Hawaii where he died there. His surviving family later brought the President’s demise to Batac, Ilocos Norte, his hometown in the Philippines.

In the said hometown, President Marcos’ dead body was preserved by his family, pending his interment at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani (LNMB) as interpreted as Heroes’ Cemetery. In the desperate situation of his family, they interceded the Supreme Court (SC) to permit them to bury the mummified body of Marcos. After several deliberations and oral argumentations conducted, the highest court came up with a decision based on the merits of allowing the burial by legal means, among others.

The Marcos’ family desperate appeal was heard by the SC and handed the decision in their favor of by 9-5-1 decision. Nine had concurred. Five dissented. And one abstained. The court’s decision stirred those who are against Marcos’ internment in LNMB, especially those who were the Martial Law victims. They were the one who staged a rally before the SC while the hearing of series of oral arguments were conducted.

No Fanfare Burial

Now lately the said court’s decision as observed by a veteran lawyer wasn’t final and executory. It should have final resolution from the Supreme Court to give the go signal for the burial. Sad to note, however, it was learned recently that Marcos’ dead body is buried while President Rody Duterte is out of the country to attend the APEC summit. It is overheard from the radio that proper security was provided by the police. The burial took at 12 noon with a military honor, among others.

For Marcos antagonists, that “sneaky” Marcos burial was “surreal”, “Once a thief is always a thief till his burial”, “No dignity in this burial”, among others. That is but natural. We couldn’t expect something good from those who have unforgiving attitude of those victims and those who support those Marcos’s regime victims.

Now it’s done. Then what?

One of the notable decision of the Supreme Court is “national healing and reconciliation”. Now, the dead is buried. What comes next? It is, therefore, time to bury the “dead” which Jesus has come here on earth and has called fishermen as “fishers of men” to preach the truth, the gospel towards salvation, towards the attainment of eternal life.

As time goes on, those things about the misdeeds of ex-president Marcos would be “buried” to oblivion. The Filipino knows Marcos is “no hero” because as what they claimed that He is a traitor, a thief or anything that discredited him. But he has been the President of the Philippines. He has accomplished for the Philippines. Only his successors failed to perpetuate them for the reasons they only knew.

It’s time to forgive and forget. Again let’s contemplate on this controversial word of “unforgiving” according to the Bible. “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” (Matthew 6:14 -15, NIV)

“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37) I don’t have to explain those verses for they are self-explanatory to avoid misinterpretation.

If we want peace, let’s settle it first within us. If we couldn’t, we couldn’t also get it from others.

image by bernswalez, Pixabay/Public Domain

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