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Quo Vadis, LiteracyBase? Its Ups and Downs

Quo Vadis, LB?

I have been staying away for awhile from this site due to processing my retirement since I have already reach the age of 65 as compulsory retirement age for a government employee.

With such busy activity I have had, I haven’t give an inch to visit this site and give any reaction or comment to the latest posts here. My latest post as far as I could remember is “The Truth Has Set Me Free”  which was written 2 months ago (April 20, 2017).

My first post is “The Elections That Never Were” which was written on July 24, 2016. This simply tells me that I would be a year member of this site next month, July 2017. I couldn’t barely notice it that is how fast.

Anyway, I have found something worth joining this site, writing articles for my users to comment, to react. I would also say that I have been paid for such writing activity I have had here. So far I haven’t experienced for being unpaid. At least, I have a good impression for this site as far as payment is concerned and also the manner on approving my various posts to be “live” (published online).

Something Awry

Upon returning for 2 months of inactivity, I had read recently some discomforts which my fellow members are clamoring about, particularly the unresponsive attitude of the LB team members particularly @support whom before I have known was very responsive and helpful as far as LB related problems are concerned.

Well, we don’t have anything to do but to give them the benefit of reconsidering their particular activities in life. We know that they have also business to handle, a family to take care, and anything for their personal concern so to speak.

Internet business particularly this one, writing content, post, review or whatever for a corresponding pay is generally depending on the ads generated from every visit, post, social media sharing which every member is doing. When this site will eventually meet its downfall or natural death it is understandable when the income generating activities are dwindling due to various factors, unseen or visible.

Anyway, that is how I notice as I come back here. We should put ourselves on their own shoes too. Let’s sympathize them. Let’s that everything would go on smooth sailing. All is well. So be it.

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    1. The site is dead, don’t anymore write a post here, they no longer pay.Let us not anymore waste our time and energy.

    2. I am very sorry to hear this. I have no idea that this site would be closing down for I have been inactive for almost 2 months. Anyway, thank you so much for the update that you have given me, @lovern.

    3. lol dam this sucks I just started lol

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