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Plan Your Event and Keep Plan B Ready
workplace-Plan Your Event and Keep Plan B Ready


Have it happen

One has difficulty doing things when the event is not planned. Oh, right! We can just go along with the flow and hope things pan out right. But for the fastidious, the slightest chance of an error creeping into the equation is abominable. For most businesses, the plan works the way forward to success.


Avoid failure

Cats can be kings, in their own time. When one considers the amount of planning needed to arrange a party for the kids, the very thought of failure due to the incompetence of another is sickening but, in many cases, unavoidable. Or is it?


Plan B in hand

Take the case of the ordinary businessman. He plans his activity and most of the events are arranged well. But Does he have a contingency plan? Does plan B go into operation soon as plan A fails? If the furniture supplier fails to kick through with the chairs, will plan B show an alternate place to seat the kids?


Check your options

Reliable suppliers abound; one must look for them. They provide alternate scenarios if the original plan of action fails. To use it, you must be aware of the circumstances when the plan is failing. When the fish is not biting in my part of the lake, I move either upstream or downstream. This ensures a good catch all the time. However, if your net gets torn and the fish begin to escape through the hole, what do you do?


Change is needed

The second net scenario is not always on the cards. So is mending the net. So, what to do now? We go play ball! One need not be stuck on one event alone when it cannot be done. One merely alters the schedule. But, this may not be possible with all events. Only when you pass time in leisure activity, you can change the schedule as you please.

In fact, over 80% of the successful business people abandon things that have become stuck. It is like the water flowing down the street. It goes around the obstacles but does not wait.


Final call on the matter

However, most things depend a lot on luck. And luck happens when your social circle has plenty of forward thinking people.

So, please don’t rain on my picnic!


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Festivals from around the World: Social Impact
diya-570087_1920Traditional Indian Offerings

                Christian festivals

a.             Christmas: On December the 25th every year, Christians from around the world celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ. The celebrations usually last until New Year, which is 1st of January the next year.

b.            Easter: Feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ celebrated on the Sunday after Palm Sunday.

c.             Sabbath: Holy days when Christians go to church and abstain from work. This is on Sunday every week.

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Impact of Festivals on Social Strata: Festival from Around the World

Social impact of festivals and celebrations

Society depends on festivals; culture has a big cauldron called customs of which festivals is an important ingredient. However, there is a link between two things always. One is that of celebration with weather. The other is celebration to commemorate achievements and important events that have transpired. Festival is the time when people share sweets and gifts.

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Are we all at sea or are we headed for the sun?
Are we all at sea or are we headed for the sun?Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Our population will reach 9 or 10 billion by 2050. With increasing levels of pollution, dwindling forest cover and population bulging at its seam, the future does not seem bright. Add the expansive all-protective internet that makes couch potatoes out of all of us, health issues too seem to be hitting the list of immediate concern for humanity.


With all this in mind, it does seem that something new is called for from us. Something that will take care of pollution and provide area where we may continue expanding our population without limits. We need something that will provide clean energy and does not pollute the environment. Is all this even possible? Do we have the right to continue dreaming about all this while destroying nature and exhausting the natural resources?

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Breaking the trend
giraffe-657773_1280S lEAP ON MY BEAUTY

Yet, if we think of walking, we do spend a good deal of our life doing just that. Surprisingly, we walk 111,000 miles in our lifespan of 70 years. This assumes that you walk an average of 7,777 steps a day. This works out to 5,432 steps in the busy session, say morning and the rest in the evening.

With the expansive reach of the internet, we can get just about anything with the mere press of a button. So, is all this walking needed? We are breaking a trend; we are walking less. Nevertheless, compared to the amount of time we spend sleeping, this only takes about one-twentieth of the time.

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Flowers in the garden
spring-800240_1920Pot flower

Some of the best things happen every morning in my garden. The garden itself is not too big. You can hop-step-and-jump from the front door to the gate leading to the road without any trouble, or seeing anything of the garden. But then, if there is grass and at least one flowering plant, we must call that as a garden.

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Why cats meow
July 2, 2016
tiger-164905_1280Biiiiig Cat

My mornings invariably begin like yours, with the newspaper and morning coffee. My cat does not meow! It maintains a stoic silence and does not communicate until breakfast time. Then it keeps hitting all the legs it can see, mine, my brother’s, the table leg, the chair leg, and then it meows.

I really do not know cat language so I don’t know what it is talking about. Maybe there is a leg missing or something, or is it telling me about the rat it saw last night? Before you begin to wonder why I am so interested in the cat’s meow, let me explain. 

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