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Impact of Festivals on Social Strata: Festival from Around the World

Social impact of festivals and celebrations

Society depends on festivals; culture has a big cauldron called customs of which festivals is an important ingredient. However, there is a link between two things always. One is that of celebration with weather. The other is celebration to commemorate achievements and important events that have transpired. Festival is the time when people share sweets and gifts.


Festival groups

Festivals may broadly be classified into two categories.

a)            Seasonal festival

b)           Celebration

Seasonal festivals comprise of religious and social events that occur at fixed times of the year. The onset of rains, the onset of summer or winter are all seasonal occasions. Celebrations are based more on the culture of the people. They highlight certain aspects of their lives that they want to share with everyone. At festivals, food festivals and cultural extravaganzas are conducted to show some special skill of people of that locality.

Man marks passage of time

The major impact of festivals on society is that of progress. It marks changes and achievements, it keeps reminding men and women that they have achieved a lot and are on their way to a lot more.


Religious festivals

Commemoration of gods, reigniting old beliefs and honoring old traditions are part of all religious festivals.


a)            Buddhist festivals

a.             Vesak: This festival celebrates the birthday of Buddha. It occurs on the first full moon of May.

b.            Buddhist New Year: This is a three-day celebration beginning from full moon of April.

c.             Uposatha: Celebrations of holy days in each month – new moon, quarter moons and full moons. Buddhists undertake fasts on these holy days.

Creating a milestone, festivals help to inspire man in his daily life. People look forward to this, as a break from routine.

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    1. @vivian sudhir Celebrations bind people together – occasions to forget everything and spend time happily. Celebrations are needed provided they are done keeping in mind one’s spending power. Some go overboard – even taking loans for this purpose.

      • It is sad when celebrations become a social status symbol instead of being an occasion for merriment. I like festivals for the richness of culture we experience through mingling and sharing.

    2. In the Philippines, every province has their own festivity to celebrate. The community worked together to achieve the same goal. The local people gathered together and be proud of what their province can offer to visitors from different provinces or tourist from different places. You can’t imagine how they are so happy and big smiles worn during their celebration of festivity.

      The great impact for the local people is to give hope from them. A good venue to encourage tourist to visit their province. It is a way of passive inflow of income to the local people. It is also a promotion strategy to be known in nearby provinces or even across the border.

      • @shavkat this helps foster better understanding among people from different regions. It is nice when we can eat sweets and savories from different regions.When we share the feelings of people who are proud of their achievement, we too want to do something good.


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