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Why cats meow
July 2, 2016
tiger-164905_1280Biiiiig Cat

My mornings invariably begin like yours, with the newspaper and morning coffee. My cat does not meow! It maintains a stoic silence and does not communicate until breakfast time. Then it keeps hitting all the legs it can see, mine, my brother’s, the table leg, the chair leg, and then it meows.

I really do not know cat language so I don’t know what it is talking about. Maybe there is a leg missing or something, or is it telling me about the rat it saw last night? Before you begin to wonder why I am so interested in the cat’s meow, let me explain. 

The cat is renowned for its supreme laziness. And does not bite, at least, not the domesticated ones. This rules out the possibility that it is a warning signal. Take dogs for instance, they always bark before they bite. Or am I wrong?  I have heard ‘biting dogs do not bark’. 

Coming back to cats, since they do meow and not bite anyone, I think they are trying to communicate. This logical conclusion puts my mind at rest. Since they are only trying to say something, their intention must be peaceful. I don’t think they want to go shopping. I mean, I have never seen a cat with a shopping bag, not at the supermarket anyway.

So, why did the cat meow? I have spent some nights wondering if they are alien spies. You know, sort of in disguise, undercover agents who report everything at a different frequency to the aliens who are listening. The messages sound like ‘meow, meow’ and since it does not make sense, we give the cat milk.


Maybe the cat does not drink milk. Maybe it is a subterfuge to make us believe that the ‘meow’ actually means ‘milk’. Do you believe it? Welcome to my morning.cat-451377_1920

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    1. All I know, cats meow because they are so hungry. I have a cat that keeps making this sound whenever she feels hungry. It is also like a dog that barks when its tummy aching. Well, God created all the creatures here on earth with its role.

    2. I love this animals I wish I could enough money to buy one and set it free

    3. @Vivian Sudhir A stray cat visits us and we never hear it meow. He comes twice – once in the morning for his milk and once at lunch time when we feed him.

      • Nothing like a house cat! They may not be attached to you like dogs but their antics help to cheer us up.

        • @Vivian Sudhir
          Cats never stay in one place. I do not like that idea although one stray lived with us for 3 years.

    4. It depends on the situation why the cat meows. Meowing is a form of cat’s way of communicating with its master, with its fellow cats. They meow for several reasons. As far as I know, I may base it on my experience. And these are they as follows when:

      1. They want to ask for food.
      2. They are mating.
      3. They are hurt.

      But in reality, we have a lot of domesticated cats at home. They are stray cats who stayed at the house for their foods. And we are compelled to adopt them. As of now, we have three of them. They seldom make any noise. They are reserved type of feline creature.

      We couldn’t sleep at night when it is their mating period. They are too noisy. We keep on shouting them to keep quite, but they still continue. So we drive them out from the house and they do their thing there. I don’t know if they comfortable there.

      • Yes, they do make terrible noises when they mate. But in the ordinary situation, they make very adorable meows. A house with cats is always lively. Are they females? You can get plenty of kittens then.

        • Why are they noisy and they are displaying a violent reaction? I notice that it is the female cat who is reacting, who is fighting back the male. I try to observe on how they are doing their act on the way they behave. I would take a video next time when I happen to be around when they mate.

          Is there another animal besides cat that is too violent and very noisy when they are mating? Only the cats for we are raising them. What about the tigers for they belong to the feline family? Well, I don’t think if they do for they never meow. Don’t they? Only animals that meow are creating loud noise when they are mating. Aren’t?

          This would be our homework to search for another animal that makes us irritable when they are doing their thing. They are producing sounds of violence when they do that. Would it be agreeable? I am just curious if there are.

          • I think it is like this. When the animal belongs to our group, we do not hear the noise or the noise is pleasant. But when they are in the opposite group, the noise makes us angry and we get violent.
            So, when we hear the noise, we turn in our sleep and ‘get rid’ of that group. That is a mild explanation.
            I too would like to hear if there are any other species that make noise.

    5. Reading a cats language or even a babies language is always difficult and maybe frustrating at first but eventually by paying attention you will catch on to what it wants, you will learn what certain tones of meows mean just like a baby or any other animal.


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