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Are we all at sea or are we headed for the sun?
Are we all at sea or are we headed for the sun?Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Our population will reach 9 or 10 billion by 2050. With increasing levels of pollution, dwindling forest cover and population bulging at its seam, the future does not seem bright. Add the expansive all-protective internet that makes couch potatoes out of all of us, health issues too seem to be hitting the list of immediate concern for humanity.


With all this in mind, it does seem that something new is called for from us. Something that will take care of pollution and provide area where we may continue expanding our population without limits. We need something that will provide clean energy and does not pollute the environment. Is all this even possible? Do we have the right to continue dreaming about all this while destroying nature and exhausting the natural resources?


Yes, we have the right. But, we have something more, the power from the ocean. First, think of the huge resource in front of us. Think of the 80% of the earth surface covered with water bodies. But first, a look at the nations who impact the environment negatively. The first list is compiled taking the resources of the nation into consideration. Singapore, Qatar, Japan, Kuwait and Korea top the list (Source: care2.com/greenliving/top-10-countries-ruining-the-planet).  When we consider factors like forest conservation, water pollution, threat to animal, bird and other eco-species, Brazil tops the list. USA comes next, followed by China, Indonesia and Japan. The top green nations are Germany, Tuvala and Norway.


Now, let us see what we can do about it. Research is taking place in the fields of nuclear fusion and Anti-particle technology. In the meantime, wind power and solar energy farms will be our best bet. Biofuel from algae and geothermal energy are the other two alternate sources.


This leads to the logical question – “Are undersea dwellings possible? If yes, how soon can we expect them?” No prizes for guessing here.

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    1. cely said on July 3, 2016

      Wow, and finally, I see your post published. I am your fan in your writing.I appreciate your versatility. Regarding this post, unless God wants to reduce the worldly people, it may not reach to 50 billion.Of course, my friend, very impossible to dwell under the sea,unless build a very strong foundation that costs billion dollars, but I want to live on land for I can see the beauty of the world and breath the air God given us.Congrats.

      • Thanks Cely. I followed your advice and went and got some old posts from Wiki. I know you are thinking that construction will be of mortar and concrete. I think it will be all anti-particle displacement…it is simple, we need to figure it out. Yes, we can breathe air underneath the sea too. There will be plenty of life by way of fish and other marine creatures. There are lots of technical things you can do down there Cely.

    2. Rather than looking for more resources if we conserve what is already there that would be more than enough. Looking at how an individual goes about wasting be it water, energy, money or whatever it just takes a moment to set back the clock if only that waste is contained.

      • True bestwriter, if only all of us would do that! Maybe in the future, we will have an effective monitoring system that will record how much we waste. After all, what we haven’t done remains in our memory for use perhaps in our next life.

    3. Nature has a way of balancing itself.
      If memory serves, we are near to 100 years of Spanish Flu.
      If the same flu bug hits the world, the population will be lower by 10% to 20%.
      There is no doubt that an epidemic is just ahead of us, but we do not know what kind and how it will kill or who will die.

    4. Not sure here too. After Ebola and Zika a new threat could spring a surprise. But we don’t know what form it will take.

    5. If things are getting worse, I hope the aspiring scientists could find the way to dwell under the sea; then that would be inspiring and we can look forward to meeting the goddess in the sea. I guess mermaids can be our friends and be mutated in their own kinds. I am sorry it is a part of imagination. However, it could be possible.

      • Yes indeed. Meeting and befriending mermaids and other exotic marine creatures will make things exciting. We can build a temple for the goddess once we get together there under the sea.

    6. cely said on July 5, 2016

      @Vivian Sudhir, How nice to have power so I can build a mansion under the sea hehehehe.Then, I will always catch fish.LOL.

      • Yes, I will catch mermaids. I believe they have hypnotic powers. So, I must not listen to their songs. After all, the trip to mars has gathered speed. Soon, we will have underwater dromes. See you there Cely.

        • cely said on July 7, 2016

          @Vivian Sudhir, yes see you there hehehe.How nice to stay under water so cool and amazing.The heart beat might be different it could be slower, so no more hyper to those hyper hehehe.I am happy to know you got your article there in wiki,I also plan to get mine.They are plentiful. What I cannot get almost 700 articles are in the site Triond.


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