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Breaking the trend
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Yet, if we think of walking, we do spend a good deal of our life doing just that. Surprisingly, we walk 111,000 miles in our lifespan of 70 years. This assumes that you walk an average of 7,777 steps a day. This works out to 5,432 steps in the busy session, say morning and the rest in the evening.

With the expansive reach of the internet, we can get just about anything with the mere press of a button. So, is all this walking needed? We are breaking a trend; we are walking less. Nevertheless, compared to the amount of time we spend sleeping, this only takes about one-twentieth of the time.

We sleep for one-third of our lives. Giraffe sleeps for 2 hours a day, horses and donkeys sleep for three hours, goat and sheep sleep for four hours. The big sleepers are the chimpanzee and hedgehog (10 hours), fox and beaver (11 hours), the gorilla (12 hours), the mouse, rat and wolf (13 hours), the hamster (14 hours) and the cat, chipmunk and squirrel (15 hours) (source: Distractify.com, January 07, 2015).

So, if you sleep a little less or more, you may not be breaking a trend; you may be merely adopting a different lifestyle. Think about the amount you eat. This is about 34 tons that you eat in about 67 minutes a day. That is 3.67 years in all or about one-nineteenth of your life. Since we all do it the same way, we do not break any trends.

What about our shit? We spend 1.509 years in the bathroom, which is about 550 days and 91 days on the toilet. Only you know whether you are breaking any trends.

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    1. totaly nice post and well posted, i agree that this trend is gone nwo with online stores and shops and fast shippment too. that is our trend today

    2. and i guess in the future some one will break this online trend and do their ear trend also, that is life, is not that true gals and guys


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