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As Christians we are to love God because doing so is essential
December 20, 2017

Loving God or to love God seems to be a simple command, yet it is challenging. We try our very best to love God completely but there are moments when we fail to do so. It is only when we have God’s Spirit in our hearts working then we will become faithful to his commands. God is at work every day in us making us perfect in his love. We should never be afraid to ask him for help is to be more faithful in his love.

Our humanness causes us to look for love all over the place. This should not be as love is always close to us in the person of God himself. When we seek love elsewhere we are bound to be confused. But love in the Lord is clear and real and can be shared with everyone even our enemies. If we do not love God then we cannot truly be able to love and sacrifice for others. Love is more than a feeling, it involves actions that flows from our connection with God.

Though many say we cannot see God, as Christians we are to see God in our fellow brothers and sisters. We must embody compassion and empathy so we can connect with others in love. Many people expect Christians to perform or live grandiosely and miraculously, but miracles can be as small as kindness, compassion and forgiveness. That’s how we show love, that how we show we are sharing God’s love. This is the faithful testimony we show use to evangelize. By loving others we show that God is not dead but truly alive.

On our own we fail to love God. But accepting him as our Almighty and opening ourselves to receive his love will surely change our attitude. His word in the scripture remind us all the time that his love will never stop.

He makes sacrifice for us slowly can’t we make sacrifice for him? We need to stop thinking of sacrifice as hardship, but a delight that comes from God with the purpose to bring us closer to him in love. God calls us to receive his love so we can pass it on to others who are in need of love and understanding of the sacrifice which God makes for us.

We learn how to love from Jesus whose ministry was filled with love. The disciples witnessed Jesus’ love first hand and were given the command to pass on such teachings and actions to their followers, meaning us. Th Holy Scriptures, since the beginning of time is filled with the love of God. We then are to study and take what we have learned and turn them into action by living our God’s love in our spoken words and being good examples to each other.

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    1. This is very good!

    2. This is a nice blog Nikita, I can really feel that you are really devoted to God I hope and I pray that God continually bless you in doing this kind of mission of helping other people, believers or non believer of Christ.

      You are right!Christianity, cannot be explain only by words but by actions that we shown to others 🙂

      Thank you for making this of blog please continue giving the wisdom that comes from God 🙂

    3. This is powerful. And nicely explained


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