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As a human please help those who needed. No matter human or animals or plants all around the world
February 13, 2017

As a human please help those who needed. No matter human or animals or plants all around the world….. We should help those who need our help. Look at those people who suffer, who are looking for help and some are waiting for the time to die, unable to do anything. What can we do???

I am always thinking ‘Does money really help them??’ Those victims of natural disaster and human made disaster, They are homeless. They loss their family members. Sometimes when I read the newspaper which came across to these kind of news, I really feel bad at the same time feeling really lucky staying in Malaysia without any disaster, peaceful, especially multi-racial. Although I am disappointed with those people around me who do not appreciate the ADVANTAGES in Malaysia. MOney is nothing to me. PEACE is important for me. I personally think, I know I might wrong, I think that those who are needed, they need care and love more rather than money…… This is only my point of view. Just imagine, you give them money and they are holding the money , what can they buy?? they had lost everything and they are under depression, they need are care and counseling to bring back their spirit to live.

In Malaysia too, sometimes I could see disable people begging for penny, I really feel bad, why they are not given a chance to work?? Just because they are disable?? Some of them did not choose to be in this way, they were born to be in this way.. WHY??!!! That does not make any senses!!! I really feel pity for them…. But I really cannot find a better way to help them. I am still young and I don’t have any position and I am still a student. Why those people who have money and position and name do not think the way to help them???

For ANIMAL, just because the animal has disease that can spread to human. We, as a human go and kill them. Why human don’t think a way of solution???WHY NOT Create the medicine and vaccine, no only for human but also can cure the animals which spread diseases?? Let think in this way, Will people kill a person who was infected by the diseases such as ‘Bird Flu’ ?? What will human do?? Of course bring that patient to the hospital and try the best to cure. Now… What if an animal was found infected by some deadly and can spread disease?? JUST KILL IT!!!! Please treat them equally.

For PLANT.… Some Human cut down trees to build houses and building… HOw about those animals who are living there?? It is like a Disaster that had taken place and destroy all the houses…Some Human tend to pretend that they pity those victims of earthquake and etc. but what about those animals that lost their habitat??

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    1. amazing!!!! i really liked this…

    2. I can relate. Seeing beggars on the street especially children, somehow makes me enraged because the parents aren’t doing anything to help their children so they won;t be begging. I don’t give to street children actually. I discourage them from begging by not giving and going home so they can be given care by their parents.

      As to animals, I hate those people who kill dogs to be eaten, They are supposed to be pets or guardians of our house from thieves. Why butcher them and eat them?

      As to those plants, why cut them. In the long run, cutting those trees will cause landslides and floods, not only habitats of birds and some animals.

      Some people doesn’t have conscience anymore.


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