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A reason why People Don’t Listen
April 2, 2017

Imagine this scene;  a lawyer is explaining to a client that his mortgage payments are much too high, and they can renegotiate with the bank to drop the payments and extend the time.

The Client, before he speaks, is blasted by a guy who never graduated All Age School.   The guy is telling him, “No, man you can make that easy!”

The Client listens to the guy, not the lawyer.

Now, it may sound amazing, but it is ‘set’.   It is set that the Client is to lose the property.  He is to lose it and know that he lost it.  Know that he was given a door in the wall but closed it.   This is because that Client is not to prosper.   He made his money illegally, so must lose it.  And must lose it, not by the police slapping him with money laundering charges, or proceeds of crime charges, so that he can look ‘outside’ of himself.

He must lose the property himself.

And he does.

He can not make the mortgage, the bank takes the property, auctions it off.   Whether he can sit and consider that he ‘should of’ listened to the lawyer or forgets he had the door isn’t important.  The fact the words were said, the choice was made is the point.

You can name it Karma.

Sometimes you have to wonder why no one listened to the person who has the knowledge.  Whether it is a lawyer, or a member of the group, or a tenant in a building, why, when that person stepped up with the right advice, it was ignored.

The advice from the ‘expert’ is ignored and advice taken from people who haven’t a clue.

For example, at the dorm they took out the washing machine which was free to use and replaced it by one which required the purchase of a token.

With twenty five females, it is likely five or so would wash by hand instead of purchase a token.  But!  The token is sold by someone who is unavailable, and the helper, who isn’t honest, and not supervised, comes and goes as she pleases, and hides when she can, so that it is very difficult to purchase that token even if you had a pot of money to spend.

So twenty five women don’t bother to buy tokens on any regular basis. They may buy them once a month for the sheets or a large load, if they can find the helper or get the token.  Every week maybe five women use the token for the machine.  Twenty women wash by hand.

And the owner of the place wonders why the water bill is so high?

One of the tenants explained the difficulty in getting tokens and saying that the water used to wash by hand is usually six times more than in the machine.   A gal in the office, (where the conversation is taking place) disagrees.

So the token washing machine stays, the women wash by hand, the water bill goes through the roof.  Duh.

Why didn’t anyone listen to the tenant?  The owners of the dorm are supposed to lose a lot of money.  There is a reason for it, but that will be uncovered in time.  The Karma is that they will lose a great deal of money until such time as something happens.  That will be revealed in time.

However, the point is that the tenant spoke, no one listened, and the ‘flag’ was raised.  The owners can never say they were not told or unaware.

Some people are fated to fail.   They are supposed to fail, but not by some outside force.  They are to make the wrong choices.   They are to get the right advice and discard it.  In this way there can be no complaint; “You never told me!”   “I was never warned!”

So when people don’t listen to you, take it as a message that the people you are trying to help are doomed.


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