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A Free Bird Of Space

I have always been a free bird. I have always loved the free sky, where I could spread my wings and scale the horizon. The seas greatly envied me when they saw me in flight. They would deliberately raise their waves in jealousy, but I was not to be stirred by all this. The winds were friendlier, though at times they would try to drive me off my course. The seas and the winds have been good friends for a very long time. But I was the winds’ new friend. They loved how I glided upon them in ecstasy, which in turn made them ecstatic. But to not let their friendship with the seas go to waste, they would divert me often. Even though they did that, they apologized and I humbled. I knew the reason they did that. And they were happier to know that I did not mind at all.
“I am a free bird of space, O winds! Be my guide. Drive me where you want to and I would not mind at all. Hear that I have no nest to return to, no younglings to feed, no tired listeners to sing to, no friends to meet. But I have you all, my omnipresent friends. And that’s all I need. Guide me, O mighty winds! Please, guide me with your whispers, or shoutings.”
The winds would say, “O free bird of space, our dearest friend! Your wings are on the flight of our hope. Your gliding is our dream come true. We can see how you fly upon our whispers! And we can really feel how you struggle upon our shoutings. But our jealous friends, the seas, neither see nor feel. They know not the ecstasy of your flight, nor the thrill of your wanderings, nor the happiness that you bring to all. We have obligations with the seas, that we try to deviate you of your course. But hear that we will never let you in the harm’s way. We will be you shield if needs be. We will be your guide and your followers. We will keep you safe. So please, come with us and see your landscape of your dreams.”
“The landscape of my dreams, which I have always dreamed to see, where I would dip and drink in the holiest of the waters. And feed of the sweetest of the fruits. And lie upon the cushion of the softest grass. It’s a hope that I never see fulfilled. It’s a dream that never turns real. Oh how I yearn for the landscape of my dreams. And how I long to scale upon it with you. And how I long to sing to our friendship, and sleep in the repose of your gentle rolls.”
“Your dreams are our dreams,” the winds said. “And we hope to fulfill them altogether. And listen to your lovely song of peace and see you sleep upon the midnight breeze. So we will see the landscape together, that’s a promise for us to keep. Let’s go, O free bird of space. Let’s us all find the landscape of your dreams.”


*image courtesy¬†: “Free Bird” from AOC-08 (Andr√©s) of deviantart.com

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