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13 ways I make money online

So this is going to be a quick list of the ways I make some extra money online.  I won’t like and pretend to make £1000s because I don’t but I am part of the make £10 a day challenge on Moneysavingexpert.com and I usually make it which amounts to around £300 a month.

  1. Swagbucks – this one probably won’t be a new one to anyway it’s a paid to do site where you can answer surveys, polls, and complete tasks for cash. I like this one because you can download a few video players on your mobile and leave them running for extra swagbucks. Depending on the time you are willing to put in you can make around $30-$50 a month on here I usually only make around $5-$10.
  2. Receipt Hog – By no means a bit money spinner, this one pays in point for snapping pictures if your receipts. When you get to 1000 points you can cash out for a £3 amazon voucher. You can get one a month.
  3. Spare5 – This one is a bit more fun that some of the other paid to do tasks as you are actually completing micro jobs and they can be quite interesting. Earrings vary as the work does.
  4. One pulse – This is one of my favourite phone apps it’s a slow started but stick with it. You answer short multiple choice quizzes for points or money. Do the ones that are just for points as well as it helps you level up and then you get paid more for the paid ones. Once you are at a good level people earn around £5 a week on this one. I am only at about £5 every 3 weeks at the moment.
  5. Attapoll – Another app where you answer surveys for cash. Slow so far I haven’t reached payout but others I know make about £5 a month on here.
  6. Enlightenly – Phone app where you answer questions for points. Slow but once you reach £2.50 you get a £2.50 bonus and then once you reach another £2.50 you get a £7.50 bonus so definitely worth hanging on for that but it might take a few months.
  7. – New app great so far. You get between 10p and £1 per quiz and they put the money straight in your paypal after each one, no minimum pay out it’s fabulous. I’ve only had it a week and made about £2.50 so far.
  8. Panelapp – Phone app that earns you points by tracking your location. You can earn extra points by answering surveys about why you were at certain locations. Slow earning but you don’t have to do anything so worth it. Payout is about £2-£4 a month.
  9. Rabadaba – Social media app where your likes are converted to points 1,000,000 points is £10 – I haven’t reached pay out yet and I think they site might be on it’s way down so hold fire on this one.
  10. Wowapp – Like waatsapp but you get paid to use it. Very small amounts would only be worth it if you have lots of friends on it. I haven’t reached payout yet.
  11. MintVine – Like Swagbucks, surveys, offers, and tasks for money.
  12. Snatch – Snatch is a game for your phone like pokemon go where you snatch parcels instead of pokemon. Each parcel either has points, money, or prizes in it. I have only won £2 but I have made another £30 selling prizes I have won on ebay.
  13. Litracybase – This site here, I won’t explain it to you but it seems very good so far although I haven’t reached payout yet.

Do you have any good sites you think I should try ?


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    1. It is only myLot and Literacybase that I am earning from now (online). Those you mentioned are not available here in our country.

    2. Thank you for sharing the big list of sites. Couple of them are not available in our country as well. Will try to explore them once.

      • That’s a shame that they are not available for you. I often find a lot fo good sites that are only available in the US or worse still great apps that are only available on Android and I have an I phone it is frustrating.

    3. Nice list of sites there. What is the name of the site at #7 in your list?

      CitizenMe is another good mobile app for surveys. Another good thing is that they do instant payments.

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