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Instant Pot IP-LUX60 Product Review
February 4, 2018

If you’re anything like our family then you’re probably far too busy when you come home from work to even think about cooking. It’s either that, or you’re just too tired to do anything when you get home.

So, what do you do? Buy ready meals, dine out or get take-away? All of these options are expensive, and in the case of the ready meals probably have little to no nutrients left after being nuked in the microwave.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, you have at least two options, suck it up and start cooking when you’ve finished work, or buy a slow cooker and set it running before you go to work.

There are many slow cookers available, and if you’re unfamiliar with what they are, they basically give you the chance to throw in all the veg, meat, spices and stock you require in one pot and switch on to slow cook for a set amount of time (usually throughout the day).

Personally, we looked at various models available, and after doing our research we chose the Instant Pot IP-LUX60. A 6 litre pot which is not only a slow cooker but also a pressure cooker (useful for if you decided to cook quickly in the evening instead). The IP-LUX60 is a 6-in-1 multi-functional cooker which can saute, slow cook, cook rice, steam and warm all  in one.

It has three temperatures, low, medium and high, and the slow cook function comes with an automatic keep warm feature, meaning that if the time finishes whilst you’re still out your dinner will stay warm.

It has a large, easy to use control panel with ten built-in Smart Programs, automatic keep-warm, and 3 temperatures for saute/browning and slow cook. It can also delay cooking time up to 24-Hours.

It is highly energy efficient and comes with 3-ply bottom stainless steel cooking pot, stainless steel steam rack, instructions, recipe book and cooking time tables.

Basic operation is simple, chop up your desired veg and meat, add in your spices and stock (or sauce), and start the desired program – setting the hours as necessary.

We purchased the V2 model back in June 2015 for £99.00, however they now have a V3 model which has egg cooking, cake programs, and the ability to disable the auto keep warm and audible alarms, all for the lower price of £79.99

There is also the Instant Pot IP-DUO 7-in-1 which is very similar in design and use, and sells on Amazon US for $99.99. This model has 14 programs in total consisting of soup, meat/stew, bean/chili, poultry, sauté/simmer, rice, multigrain, porridge, steam, slow cook, keep warm, yogurt, manual, and pressure cook.

If you’re looking to make your life a little easier after work, then I can highly recommend purchasing one of these slow cookers. I can only really comment on the IP-LUX60, as this is the one we purchased, but the overall model range appears to be of high quality, and easy to use.

Check out the full features of each:-

All of these slow cookers do not come with the glass lid as standard, which is useful for the slow cook feature. The standard lid is more for pressure cooking, and the rubber seal and steam valves could become worn through slow cook use. However, the Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid is available to buy here from Amazon.com for $16.99, or here from Amazon.co.uk for £12.99.

If you are also looking for more specific slow cook recipes for people with certain dietary needs you could try:-

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