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Writing for TV or Movie Series
April 15, 2017

I have this inner wish to write for TV or some Hollywood movie. And the reason behind it is that movie series are good for the writers. You can see that TV scripts are not easy to write. You have to hustle and work harder in such case. You can find that writing TV scripts may not be easy as there are many people out there who are competing for the same. I have found that there is also lot of networking and the references that go along with the writing. It may not be easy and also lot of people struggle to do it. But it’s worth doing. I mean look at the money that many writers are making just by writing few TV series scripts. You just want to get job that pays something like that. After a while you’d be able to write only for money which may change a lot of things around you.

Why It’s hard?

I think it’s not the writing part that is hard for some. There are some people who want to write for money. But thing is that it’s hard to land your first project. You just can’t get that break easily. You have to sell some books. You have to work harder on getting initial few TV and Movie contracts. And all of this process involves many small things along the way. It is then things can be good if you know when you see some money in your bank account. Till then it’s not going to be an easy task. You just have to work harder for this. In time things can be good but you have to work harder for the same.

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Most people don’t understand that success is all about networking. You have to get in touch with right set of people. That is how you make money. If you have no people around you. But you are talented then you need them to promote you. Many people avoid that part and end up in more of issues. So try the networking and get in touch with people. Work harder on this part and surely things can change for you. You may find that networking has changed the life for many people. But for this you have to work hard on making one connection a day. And then go ahead with that set of references.

Writing Changes

What works on TV may not work for movie. Because when it comes to movie, you have to end things if they are made one off. If you have created writing for TV, then you have to make more cliff hanger than movies. You can find that characters are also harder to develop on TV script because you have to build soft spots and hard spots on them. In case of movie, they are lot easier to develop. And for this reason I think many people start with TV and then venture into the movie. But in case of making money, TV scrpts are easier and good enough. I think it would be worth writing for TV most of the time.

That being said, writing is not easy. It takes a lot of work. And you have to focus on small things.

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