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Work Through the Bullets and Pray

Working right through all of the bullets. Some may wonder whatever does she mean? Well some are like bullets. It’s as if they’re shutting out from a gun. They’re so annoying it’s like they’re deadly. Gosh. Ever heard of some folks being so bothersome? Well there’s a lot who are but some are more than others. As soon as the dust has settles down, here they come once again, oh my goodness. Like trouble in a bottle. More toxic than any alcohol made. More annoying than any child tapping their teacher all day long.

Just seeing some of their names may cause the eyes to become large. Imagine if only having a connect with the individuals online and wondering what are the individuals like in person. It’s as if there’s running virtually. When their name appears, screaming, like a bomb waiting to go off. How can any persons be so annoying? Wait. Not only online. Offline there’s some family members who can be annoying but there’s one who is like a constant torn in my side. Gosh, gosh, gosh.

I’m running away there will be no note. Just going. Bye, bye, bye! “My goodness” is greatly appreciated Father in Heaven. I’m happy to have at least some within. Some of the folks have no thinking power. Almost “Beauty With no Brains.” Duh, duh, huh? For real. How? 1+1= 4 that’s just what some are like. Leave me= Tanikka Paulk alone. No breaks. No stopping. Just continuous foolishness. No matter how much proof there is. They’re insisting on making their way through in on Tanikka Paulk bussiness.

Any other person would have lost their composure by now. Some profanity and some punches if in person. Some would have given what some may call a good beat down. For real. Have to be kidding. “Move on” to something else and they’re still on the same things. Try to be productive and here comes some of their antics. Almost like children but even children will settle down. They’ll make the police quit. My name is Tanikka Paulk please explain how a person could think that they can take a name and their name is online?

Not to mention there’s videos of myself and how can individuals try to take on my identity? Become notorious. The most patient person would throw out the middle finger. Bleep, bleep, bleep. Even the Minister, Pastors, Bishops would want to give some of the folks some choice words not meaning Amen either. Factory restore. Just have to be on some dust. Imagine blocking the persons and no matter how many times they’re “blocked.” Here they are once again.

Consider harassment right? “My phone, My work, My name.” The prison guards might quit after they’ve had some contact with some of the individuals. When a person is trying to get away virtually. That’s an indication that they’re some terrible individuals. They’re being controlled by networks and so fourth but even without the networks they’re like the bullet. They’ll make a separate hell for some of the individuals.

Like a disease with not only cure but no way to survive. How can individuals be so, so, so annoying? A good power down of my device is a great way to “generate some peace.” The names are annoying because of they’re annoying actions. Just to think some of the individuals migrated to different locations and it’s like they’re nearby somewhere. Probably getting no rest because they’re waiting to get back on their job and what’s their job? Annoying Tanikka Paulk.

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“Keep Moving no how Many Lies Told. That’s What I’m Doing.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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    1. You seem very annoyed. I feel like that at times, or is it me just being stressed out about everything or everybody. I have no advice because i think we really know how to handle our own problems with out some one telling us how to. But take a deep breath and be who u are no matter what. And Lots of Prayer.


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