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Will OriginTrail be the Killer Application in the Supply Chain?
September 8, 2018

A 2017 study showed that 70% of the wines sold in China are fake. This fake wine is sold at a high price, with a premium of 1000%. Another survey by the Wall Street Journal found that more than one-third of the fish sold in the United States were mislabeled.


There is currently no solution to provide this information to consumers. Because the data sources in the supply chain are different, the data is often scattered, making it difficult to track and monitor. OriginTrail (trac) is designed to make this data easier to manage but does not slow down the process.


What is trac? OriginTrail (TRAC) is the first supply chain solution based on digital cryptocurrency. Its token is TRAC, a kind of ERC20 Token, so you can store it in MyEtherWallet or other wallet that supports Ethereum.


Functions of OriginTrail:

Excitation node execution

Discover and connect fuctions

Supply chain consensus check

Data quality check

Data copy check

Data storage and management

Filter and provide supply chain data

Voting rights of token holders


Performance of OriginTrail:

At present, the OriginTrail project has won many awards such as the Wal-Mart China Food Safety Innovation Award and the Food + Urban People’s Choice Award. And on January 14, 2018, it officially announced its participation in the world’s largest open source blockchain program, EEA, whose main purpose is to provide data integrity and transparency to the global supply chain.


From the Origin chart, we can see that the OriginTrail price soared at the beginning of its releaase, and then it has been in a downward trend, and there is no sign of recovery. The lack of big deals is an important factor hindering the current price increase. it doesn’t trade on large exchanges like Binance or Bittrex, and it doesn’t even have any coin combinations on the exchange, which I think this project is a “medium” level at this point.

However, If the project is implemented and widely adopted, it will become one of the cryptocurrency projects that will have an impact on the industry. Supply chain management can be said to be the most competitive in the field of cryptocurrency projects, and Origin Trail are likely to be a “killer application.” in this industry as the trac market¬†is big.

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