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What is Ardor Who Dares to Challenge Ethereum?
September 10, 2018

What is Ardor? Ardor is a blockchain service platform that allows people to develop their own sub-chain systems using NXT’s blockchain technology.


Project Functions:

1.open platform
Ardor opens a blockchain development platform for all organizations and individuals. All of them can develop their own chains on the system, and the high threshold of blockchain will disappear.

2.strong scalability
Ardro can manage the scalability of the system by managing the blockchain capacity by separating it from the data without compromising security.

3.cross-chain trading
The Ardor system is able to exchange sub-chain tokens on any sub-chain, allowing sub-chains to interact with one another and opens up many opportunities for collaboration, allowing for cross-chain asset transactions in the future.

4.anonymous voting
Ardor has created a secure, anonymous voting system that leverages a distributed voting system to achieve community governance, which will greatly enhance the community’s value proposition and maintain system stability.

5.smart trading
Before executing a transaction, the user can set multiple conditions including the minimum number of votes and the amount of time set, and Ardor will use the smart contract to facilitate the transaction.


Project Features:
1.the transaction speed is fast
The Ardor system can control the size of the block by separating the data. Use sub-chains that create small data to speed up data packaging and complete transactions quickly. It is understood that each block containing all sub-chain transactions is processed in about 60 seconds, which shortens the transaction time.

2.strong scalability
The Ardor system can improve the number of sub-chains, reduce the size of the blockchain, and improve the scalability of the entire blockchain by trimming the sub-chain transaction data.

3.data security
Founded by Jelurida, the Nxt core development team, Ardor has years of security and stability.


Investment Advice

1.the team is strong
The team members are the core members of the NXT project. They have many years of experience in project development, and have the technical strength to ensure that the technical difficulties of the project can be broken through, which ensures the safety and stability of the project.

2.the market is broad

After the project is completed, it has a wide application space. At present, the project has introduced some projects in the ecosystem. If it can be widely used and allowed to be used by more organizations and individuals in the future, profit margins can be guaranteed and the ardor price will soar.

3.strong technical reserves

The NXT project provides Ardor with a strong technical reserve to ensure the security and stability of the Ardor system, while providing a large number of nodes to use, making the Ardor project no worries.

1.Strong competitors
At present, many projects are developing platform services that provide blockchain. Ardor has more competitors than one, such as ETH (ethereum coin), EOS, ADA, etc., all of which use smart contracts to create blockchain applications, so the prospects of Ardor project are unclear.

2.The lack of project’s consensus mechanism
The current value consensus of the project needs to be strengthened, the construction of the community needs to be improved, the project visibility is low, and the publicity is not in place.

You can pay attention to the ardor coin news if you want to get the latest news about Ardor, but I don’t think ardor has a good investment value.


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