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Why I Tsu and You Should Too!
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What is Tsu

Joined a social network called Tsu, several months back. If you are good at recruiting family and friends to join the Tsunation, you might generate some fairly consistent income. However, even if you can’t get others to join, you can still earn passive income from your own activity.


Tsu is a new breed of social networking site, it is more a social payment platform where users keep ownership of their content and receive fair value for the views that their images, videos, gifs, and messages receive.” (Quote Source: Is the growth of Tsu on target? How many members does Tsu Have.)



If you are not familiar with this site, the set up, in the beginning was very similar to Facebook. The owners modified their system (Source: Social network Tsu upgrades platform to increase payments to users.) and added Channels and other features to make it easier to find content you might be interested in and to connect with others.  For a few months there were some disagreements and misunderstandings between this “new kid on the block” (the Tsu newbie social network) and the Giant (i.e. Facebook). But they ironed out their differences.


Meanwhile, since it appeared the site was not going to shut down while they were trying to reconcile with Facebook, and since Tsu allows you to create multiple accounts, I decided to do the same thing with this network that I did with Facebook.  I created my primary profile, used for friends and for sharing my home business and personal blog links; and then set up several business pages:  a foodie page, a page for online shoppers, and an entertainment page.


Does it take a lot of time and effort to maintain all those accounts?

Yes! It sure does!


However, to contrast and compare, when I sign in to each Tsu account, there is a “Bank” that shows my earnings. No such feature exists with Facebook. However, I will still maintain my Facebook accounts. Why? Because it was free to create my FB profile and pages and Facebook currently has 1.57 billion mobile users. (Statistics source: Top 20 Facebook Statistics – Updated July 2016 – Zephoria Inc.) Why wouldn’t I keep accounts at a site that affords that kind of exposure of my content to a global community? That’s worth money!

Tsu boasts a current membership of 5.1 million users. Not bad considering the site began October 2013.  The Tsu cash out of $100 has not been reached. I am a casual user as opposed to an “active user” and nowhere close to being able to receive a payout. Nevertheless, I plan to keep on keeping on at Tsu because it is a bona fide residual income stream.


Are you a Tsu member?




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    1. This is a great explanation of TSU. I have heard of it but have never checked it out. It sounds like a good place to earn passive income that is not easy to find. Thanks for the information about the site.

    2. However I got an update that Tsu has closed.

    3. Apparently, there was an official announcement about the site closing. I left long ago, as I could see it was on a downswing. It was an interesting concept and I met some lovely people there, though.

      • The Tsu revenu-share / original content concept was a good one. If only it had worked! I also really liked the fact that you could contribute to charity organizations with ease. Plus, there was also this group called MusicHistory101 that shared really cool stuff about music history. I will miss it. 🙁

    4. What is Tsu? Tsu is a social media network built, in my opinion, most similar to Facebook and was launched on October 14th, 2014. If you’ve ever used Facebook (who hasn’t?), then you’ll easily fit right in to working with Tsu, for the most part. Since launch, Tsu has welcomed stars like 50 Cent, NBA stars like Tyreke Evans and Kevin Durant, bands like Guns N Roses, NFL stars, singers and more (growing by the day).

      The main key difference when comparing the two networks is the fact that they pay their users a majority of revenue earned ( up to 90%) when users view pages and therefore, the advertisements. This key factor is, in my opinion, the reason why there was a big initial push with people sending their link everywhere and to everyone they could. This is a simplified summary of the “getting paid to socialize” concept, you can learn more about earning money in the “How do I earn money and get paid to be social?” section.

      If you are anything like me when I got my start on tsū (pronounced sue), you are likely skeptical and wondering what makes this social media network “tick” without joining.

      I found out about Tsu while I was on a family vacation to Moab, Utah when there was a massive viral push for the network on Google+. I remember sending myself a text “Research Tsu and join” to remind myself when we got back and I did just that after we got back.

      I couldn’t find much information about what the heck Tsu was and social media was flooded with “Join Tsu” links all over the freaking place with no real explanation of what the heck it was. I was frustrated as I am sure you are as well.

      I used Tsu for several weeks before writing this guide to offer my own educated input based on my research. So with that intro out of the way, let me go ahead and show you exactly what you are missing.


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