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Why every athlete needs to look up to phelps
October 26, 2017
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Yes, if anybody needs a role model to emulate in their sports career, it has to be phelps. There are many athletes who spend their whole lifetime trying and trying to get a medal, and when they finally get it does not matter which color it is. They leave the scene happily and never return again. And even those who won gold medals never emulate the performance they achieved four years ago and those who did are a rare breed and on top of that breeds is Michael Phelps. Clearly this guy is a shark in pool as well as in winning medals. He just takes out gold medals as if he is going to a store and buying a chocolate bar. For example in beijing olympics, he won eight gold medals which about 100 + nations failed to do it. With each medal he won, the hunger never got satiated. In fact he got more aggressive to win the next one and that’s just what every athlete should look. In london olympics, he again came back and won a handful of gold medals and couple of other medals. This showed how his hunger and capability never got decreased over the period. The utter dominance he used to exhibit was astonishing. There was no one who could come near him. It was like the swimmers were competing for second and third position when he was on pool. After london olympics, this guy retired and was done with swimming. After two years, just before the rio olympics he decided to come back. And what a comeback it was. There was absolutely no rust. He came, saw and conquered it. His rival swimmers who sweated it out all 4 years before the olympics were left spectators to his amazing display of grit, gumption, hunger and capability in the pool.

I think that this is what every athlete should try to emulate. It is not capability of phelps we are talking about. It is his sheer insatiable hunger, confidence, grit, gumption that makes him a true champion and par above than others. We indians are happy if one gets a medal in one olympic and completes falters on the another olympics. The athletes who won a gold medal can be called a achiever, but if one needs to be called a champion, he or she should win a medal in suceeding olympics without fail like phelps.

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